Thieves blow off shop wall, steal US$30 000

Part of the destroyed building at Spar Supermarket at Marimba shopping centre

DARING thieves pounced on two shops under the nose of the police in Harare in the early hours yesterday and got away with more than $30 000 in cash, it has been learnt.


The thieves used explosives to break a safe in one of the grocery shops.

When NewsDay visited Marimba shopping centre in Belvedere, yesterday, police, whose satellite camp is adjacent to the shop — Marimba Spar — were milling around at the crime scene.

Debris from the explosion was strewn all over the first floor of the building where the safe was kept and a gaping hole was clearly visible on one of the outer walls of the building on the same floor.

Marimba Spar manager Emmanuel Majaji said the police informed them that they had not heard any sound out of the ordinary, but only a loud thud when the explosion ripped apart two walls inside the building and so they did not immediately attend to the scene.
Majaji narrated how the thieves could have gained access into the building.

“They could have broken into the offices through the roof and set up their explosives using torch cells which they left at the scene. The bolts on the doors of the office where the safe is kept were cut and this must be how they gained access into the room,” Majaji said.

“They connected the battery cells in a separate room with wires that led to the safe. As you can see, they took bags of mealie meal from the store and they must have put them on top of the explosives to muffle the sounds because no one outside was able to hear anything. Some people said they just heard a slight thud, but nothing serious enough to raise alarm.”

In a rush to escape the crime scene, the thieves left behind a screwdriver and a pick-head.

They also left behind a black jacket, a Zambian national identification document and a Zambian emergency travelling document.

The thieves also broke into ZimSpice, a condiments shop close to Marimba Spar and allegedly broke two safes, but the amount of money they stole from the shop could not be established as the shop was not open for business.


  1. The Zambian ID was probably left behind to throw the police off their trail. These guys are pros.
    I wonder what type explosives they used, and how they came into their possession.

    Such controlled explosion with such precision can most likely be done by someone with training, Police or military training maybe.

    1. taura zvako taps…..aya ma gunners aya…..

    2. Cde Taps. Lets not speculate, rather wait for the outcome of the investigations. Matopumha uroyi kare.

      1. Investigations. Hah ha ha. You crack me up, Changlong11 Zimbabwe has no judiciary system at all. It collapsed a long time ago. Drive on any road right now, and i bet you will be stopped by the same cops you are trying to protect, and will ask you for a bribe with no shame at all.

        The Anti corruption unit is probably the closest we can get to justice in Zimbabwe. If you have a pending court case (say the CID do catch these criminals) in Zimbabwe all you have to do is pay the investigating officer, pay the prosecutor and the judge. And you walk. Lo lawyer needed.

        Judiciary, that arm of government tanked a long time ago. And its beyond the control of government, these guys are bold and rotten to the core.

      2. ITS tru man, it needs someone with explosive experience to pull that off, military or police trained. no wonder the police next door did not suspect anything, it was used as the surveilance office before the raid,Zambian documents are there to throw off the police

  2. Belvedere Resident

    Batai vanhu, tangai nemapurisa, vakadya apa. Kumaraini kwangu chaiko vanodhakwa zvisingaite mapurisa iwaya. Just a thud should be enough to at least investigate panzvimbo pasina vanhu usiku.

    1. Belvedere Resident

      Plus zvidhinha zvakadonha ka apa, from first floor im sure they made sound more than a thud.

  3. batai vannnhhhhhu mapurisa

  4. see more pictures here, click the link below:

  5. Kana vashandi vanoda kuongororwa.

    1. zvikuru sei manager wacho nemuridzi weshop. map yacho yokupinda munemari vakaipiwa nani. akaviga mari yacho musungwa futi.batai vanhu imi.

  6. That’s the nature of our police. They spend much of their time chasing after vanhu vasina mhosva varidzi vemhosva vachiita madiro. Zimbabwe is the worst governed country.

  7. muffled sound,thud,these criminals are a threat to every citizen,they struck bucho, flyover,and in indusrial road, lets come together and whistleblow on these criminals

  8. Joel

    what has the police done? the logical question to answer here is: were there no people near by when this building was ‘bombed’? obviously explosives produce a loud bang and they were used before entry. so after the bang were there no people who rushed to that place?

    i dont see how we can blame the police here. however, i cannot rule out the possibility that the people who did this may be trained personnel. may be they are individuals who left the job some time and are now into crime. can we then blame the army or police for that?

    its too early to draw conclusions.

  9. This comes to the point that our laws are biased.If this was done towards elections, efforts were to be done for a political party to be nailed.At Chiadzwa diamond mines,these explosives are blasted by gwejas with connection to army personnel,but nothing is done.With world terrorism prevailing,the sell of such explosives as mine blasters should be done with maximum consideration to the populace security.

  10. i smell a rat in this story

    i dont understand it when the police say they were not prompted to do an investigation considering that there was a loud noise , which obviously could have been related to gunshot or explosive by any competent police man.

    i honestly think its an inner hand deal …

    1. There are always rats in al these stories. Big fat ones smiling all the way to the cheese bank

  11. i have question , they broke in to two shops not one , so where were the guards and the spar shop is just beside the police post , and you tell me that the cops didnt hear anything , where they asleep ? the stories are not adding up , if they heard the noise , what did they thnik it was someone popin maputi in spar

  12. mapurisa akadya.thats why they diddnt hear anything.see,hear no evil.

  13. Chokwadi chakanaka hamawe, mapurisa aya ndiwo akadya mari manje, mukaaongorora in the next few weeks if not days their lifestyle is going to change. MaSpar anemasecurity guards, ndiwo mamwe akadya futi. Mapurisa batai vanhu murove ndare vanotaura chete.

  14. inside job kuZRP uko nearmy. but a good job let us appreciate vehama…..

  15. Amasela aseHalale asekwenzile njalo lapha sizabonelela God never blesses a nation that regards other people who cant speak their language as a mistake and tries by all means to oppress the minority. ngama pol… kkkkkkk

  16. Don’t blame the officers who were adjacent because if I am not mistaken this is the first on its kind in Zimbabwe as a whole. Please guys if you lost your ID report to the police for the sack of tomorrow. Look how robbers do, they steal from you, commit a crime and leave your IDs on the place of crime trying to trick the authorities.

  17. Due to the empty promises given before elections as there were thinking being employed by their party they are doing what they know best. They did it during the 3rd Chimurenga now this is another chimurenga named Operation Chibhavha Ibasa. Before this country will be hell create employment not looting or introduction of dangerous policies. Whites support others in business but what the blacks know best is to destroy. kuvhala macambanhi anoshanda.

  18. I do agree with TAPS. The excecution was done professionally and by people who are trained in the use of explosives .
    Let us wait for the outcome of police investigations.

  19. next time bank your monies guys if its lots!

  20. @tamuka wht du u mean kana uchiti inside job kuzrp nekuarmy ……dofo go back to school

  21. What a poor supermarket retail ,which fails to install an intruder alarm ? Maguard are human beings they may sleep at anytime like you.

  22. Selling any form of explosives to the public should be banned especially firecrackers. We have had instances where house occupants are robbed & neighbours don’t even bother to investigate loud gunshot sounds because people will be busy exploding firecrackers during the festive season,an effective decoy for armed robbers.

  23. Explosives should be banned especially firecrackers. House occupants are being robbed & neighbours don’t even bother to investigate loud gunshot sounds because people will be busy exploding firecrackers during the festive season,an effective decoy for armed robbers.

  24. ndivo vakaputitsa imba kuchitungwiza vaakugona.

  25. That police post is so close to scene of crime the police could easily have head a well oiled door opening. They obviously know something. The Zambian documents should not mislead the police at all.

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