TelOne recovers $20 million

STATE-OWNED Telecommunications Company TelOne has so far recovered $20 million out of the targeted $50 million through a debt collection campaign which started in August this year.

Tarisai Mandizha

TelOne managing director Chipo Mutasa said the company was aiming to recover the remaining $30 million by year-end.

“We have recovered $20 million so far since we started the exercise of debt collection. Our debts are being collected from residents and part of the debts being collected are also from private businesses and the government,” Mutasa said.

Mutasa said the recently-announced $80 million debt relief to customers would not affect the $50 million target for the debt collection campaign.

“The $50 million is still our target and the $80 million bill relief was targeted for long-standing bills which backdated 2009 — which were deemed irrecoverable,” Mutasa said.

She said the long outstanding bills which backdated to 2009 totalled $100 million and the company decided to write off $80 million from the bill. Mutasa said for the remaining $20 million, consumers should now be able to settle their remaining balances.

Last week, TelOne announced a debt relief strategy of $80 million to its customers in view of cash flow challenges currently facing consumers across the market. The bill relief will be effected on October 2013 statements.

The debt relief strategy by TelOne follows a move by government to write off all city council bills which include the debt cancelling of rentals, unit tax, development levy, refuse charges, water and sewer fees, while Zesa Holdings announced a debt relief of $160 million per household.

In a statement by Telone, each residential account will be credited with $257,82, giving a total relief of $80 million to the market.

“In view of the cash-flow challenges currently facing our clients across the market, TelOne is pleased to announce a relief package granted to all its clients.”

TelOne, however, urged its customers to settle their remaining balances promptly to ensure uninterrupted services.


  1. Telone should have just written off the ridiculously high bills from 2009. Whilst they may certainly recover the money they have invoked customer resistance. I for one will pay my overcharged bill, but I do not want to see anything with a Telone label again.

    1. you not overcharged, but just irresponsible.

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  3. With a tongue in the cheek, I will settle my Telone debt. That seals our divorce. NEVER AGAIN SHALL I DO BUSINFSS WITH TELONE, NEVER!


    1. My debt is more than $1000 and crediting my account with $257.82 will not make a difference. There is no way I am going to clear the balance by year end especially considering that I am no longer employed, where will I get the US$700. I think Tel-One should just cancel all the debts like what other parastatal have done and we start on a fresh note and they will retain us as their customers.

      1. how can they retain an unemployed customer like you. This cheap politiking is going to run down Telone, and your zim economy as well. just pay for what you enjoyed for Telone to able to achieve a reliable and cheap public communication network. These private mobile networks are there to make super profits unike Telone

      2. you were just irresponsible with your telephone usage, and yo think crazy thinking will just push telone down the drain. just be a responsible citizen

    2. you are not fooling anybody. cellphone are never cheap. You are just an irresponsible comms users who could not manage his/her post-paid bill and ended up thinking that cellphones are cheap.

  5. I want t ask those in th know how.i was disconnected by tel one around 2009 whn i started having challenges payin my bills and thy hve continued t charge me monthly rental fo a line tht is nt in use t th extent tht my bill is nw almost a ths legal tht i should pay rent to a line that am not using?

    1. you are not honest my friend. a rental of $5.75 (tax incl) since Nov 2009 will only amount to just over $300.00. did you pay the remaining $700 of your usage. just be a responsible citizen

      1. a responsible citizen will prioritize other necessities over old bills in this environment

  6. anambwa vese vacommenta shiiit dai maisevenza kuTel*one u wld understand MxxxM

  7. writing off ,is a none starter considering the competition in the communication industry ,telone should be applauded for the 258 usd credit effort ,vakangoita write off ma bills it will be giving the other competitors an out right win .well done telone keep the good work up.

    1. ricky you a such responsible citizen

  8. Its a good thing by Tel one to write off some of the debts, but yy dnt they jst write off all of it like wat local authorities did? Can any1 chat with me objectively?

  9. everyone must understand kuti kana wapihwa service just be responsible ,BHADHARA.some of u made money using those services but u stil dont want to p

  10. Their ADSL is slow, service non-existent; does anything work in Zimbabwe?

  11. CYTRON has “tel one employee” written on his/her presumably large forehead.

    1. @realist- this guy is doing more disservice to telone than he will ever know with his poor penny twaddle juvenile attempt to defend indefensible bills at long as the switchover billing is not addressed this is going nowhere! What rate did the company use for their zimdollar balances???

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