Teachers demand $1 000 minimum pay

THE Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) wants government to pay a qualified teacher at least $1 000 per month in line with trends in the Southern African region.

By Dumisani Sibanda

In an interview yesterday ahead of commemorations of World Teachers’ Day today, Zimta chief executive officer Sifiso Ndlovu said there was “nothing much to celebrate”.

“What are we celebrating?” queried the Zimta chief executive officer. “In Zimbabwe we are merely celebrating the existence of the teaching profession itself. As you know, the profession is an important one as it is the mother of all other professions. But Zimbabwean teachers have over the years been reduced to paupers. That is why when we met Public Service minister Honourable (Nicholas) Goche yesterday (Thursday) we proposed the salary of a qualified teacher to be above the poverty datum line, to be at least about $1 000 per month including allowances.”

Ndlovu said the proposal was in line with what teachers in other countries get in the region with “more or less the same economic resource endowments like our country”.

He said Zimbabwean teachers wanted their salaries to be pegged at the level of those from South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

Ndlovu said Zimbabwean teachers were getting $290 per month without allowances and the figure rises to about $400 when other perks were included and consequently had lost the former glory that used to be associated with being a teacher.

“In the past a teacher would have a simple Mazda F1300 truck, but now a teacher cannot afford to buy a motorbike and even a bicycle,” he said. “A teacher would own a shop and if he was living in a rural area, have a sizeable herd of cattle, which was a sign of the value of teacher then. But all that is gone. But as we commemorate World Teachers’ Day tomorrow (today) we will be hoping that President (Robert) Mugabe will fulfil the promises he made about looking at the plight of civil servants. The meetings we have had with government officials on this are a step in the right direction.”

In his campaign in the run-up to the presidential elections, Mugabe, a teacher by profession, pledged to review upwards the salaries of civil servants.

In a solidarity message yesterday, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) said it was mindful of the plight of Zimbabwean teachers who were toiling under difficult conditions characterised by meagre salaries as well as ill-equipped classrooms.

“Previously, it used to be the wish of every child to be a teacher, but over the years this has changed as their status has been greatly eroded such that most teachers do not dream of driving a car, let alone owning a house. Like every worker, a teacher deserves to work in a decent environment,” ZCTU said.

“We call upon the government to seriously look into the plight of teachers and award teachers nothing less than the poverty datum line wages.”
The poverty datum line is about $550 per month.

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  1. inobvepi mari yose iyi. Tipeiwo maserious veduwe..

    1. taura zvako – zim teachers should stop trying to match regional standards as if takafanana

      the fact that the south african economy is 38 times bigger than zimbabwe so they can afford to pay higher wages . Dont just ask for the unpractical

    2. Musangomhanyira kuti hee in line with regional trends- Zim is still too young an economy to match those regional trends! Eff Regional Trends!!!

  2. We tired of reading this statements without actiong.just like last yr

  3. We tired of reading this statements without action.just like last yr.CSC shld fix the salary without involving the unions who rob us 10dollars per month.

  4. Issue is no action is possible to even effect a $100 pay rise for civil servants because the coffers are just as dry as they were last year and if not running lower than last year. Biti was being castigated all these years but what he was simply saying is Zim really isn’t generating much from taxes because fewer and fewer companies are operating and paying tax. Diamond money will remain in secrecy coz the chinese are responsible for those operations and they are not interested in sharing the profits with the general populace, they would rather greese a few goons knowing in the long run they make super profits.

  5. It is wishful thinkng that the gvt wil do smthng 4 trs .get this straight they want the services bt they dont want service providers . Nhai nehanda nakaguvi mudzimu unoera todya nhoko dzezvironda ,vatorwa vachidya mafuta ayo nyika

  6. @bw. Well said ,The economy at the moment cannot sustain these kinds of salaries.Surely we cannot compare our has been economy to those of Botswana and Namibia let alone RSA. Mind you i am not saying teachers must not get their dues,but under the circumstances that will be a tough call.

    1. Mukoma wangu ! Hongu mataura. Kusvika riini tichingoti “we cant compare our economy with” other countries ? Kubva ndichiri kutanga kushanda 1985 zvichingova ma excuses?

      Ayewa vakomana hazvigoni izvozvo. Lets be patriotic.

      Iye zvino vangani ma ministers ane vana vanodzidza muno mu Zimbabwe ? Where do they get the money?

  7. Will e new minister please put a stop to extra lessons and this incentive nonsense .poor parents are being fleeced by greedy tchrs with some grade one pupils being overloaded with unnecessary repetitive work for as much as $ 5 a wk. These out of school lessons are being carried out in unhealthy conditions.please minister show us u hv teeth

  8. Pane akambomanikidzwa kuendesa mwana wake kumaextra-lessons here? Iwe unofunga kuti kana teacher achitambira $400 anorarama nei. Extra-lessons will continue till tavakutambirawo mari inoraramisa. Maincentive akatobviswa maextra-lesson achatowedzera, kana kumaboarding kwatanga tisingaitise during the term taakuzoatanga. Teacher haangatengese madomasi kuti ararame.

    1. extra time is given to none performers. putting it simple, teachers who call for extra lessons only expose themselves as failures in the teaching profession, hence turn to blackmailing parents. they must be fired,for leaving them to do as they please as what is happening in the police force sets a very bad example. It is a pity that Zanu pf sees no evilabout this corrupt practice as it is also corrupt.

  9. Teacher Your reasoning is mercenary . U want to be paid by someone who also earns even less than $400.so u want me to say who forced u to be a teacher.u a greedy . U started with incentives then later extra lessons.and what’s wrong with kutengesa tomatoes.

  10. Rain cannot wash out a leopard’s spots and gunguwo ngange rigeze sei idema chete. ZPF will always be ZPF. You were crying even b4 GNU but maiti heee Biti, heee Mativenga, hee chii chii. Nothing will change as long as ZPF is in charge. You will get a rise for sure bt the question is how much will it be? You will be lucky to get even $37.37. Mirai zvenyu muone. Ini zii zvangu.

  11. cde Zvombo zvehondo

    ko ini ndaramba here kukupai mari yamuri kuda its yo sovereign right to demand such money,coz u deserve it but the only obstacle u might face right now its the issue yekuti munozo gona kuzvibata here tikakupai such money coz vamwe wenyu their end up wakurara pamusoro pema table muma beer halls wachitora vakadzi wevanhu

    1. Kana stress dzedu dzabva dzaenda

  12. $1000.00 pay is ideal and the teachers deserve it . But what I know is that over 70% of the tax revenue is being gobbled by salaries . I don`t think the remaining 30% can accommodate the pay rise. ichi ndicho chokwadi take or not but hapana mari

    1. Ngapatsvagiwe mhindu dzekuita nekuti mukuru wenyika ari kutaura kuti mari vanofanira kupiwa.

      Akapupura zvakare akati vari kukundwa kutambira ne ma garden boy ake ayo ari kutambira $545 pamwedzi.

      Ko idzo dzavanopa ma MP ne ma minister dzinobvepi?

      Ko dzeku compaigner dzakabuda wani?

  13. pa$1000 hamusunde. Rememba even basic comodities ar pegged to the salart of a tr. If u get that $1000 dnt be suprised a 2kg packet of suggar rising to $5

  14. Day dreaming. Where do you think the GVT will get it. It shows you are enemies of the state and Chikurubi is your place .

    1. Rigging is inversely proportional to economic stability……

  15. For the first time we have an organised voice for the teachers. $1000 is peanuts.

    If Mugabe can pay his farm workers $545…why cant the same be done to teachers..

    I am not a teacher. Neither am I a civil servant but for us to really watch and see our teachers being degraded is scandalous

    Are we not a sovereign state? Are we not masters of our own destiny?

    Lets respect our teachers ndapota. Imiwo mateachers, PLEASE I BEG DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN THAT.


    1. @onslo- you see while paying teachers USD 1000 is noble and maybe even fair the question is simply this: can you show us where the money is? Of course it would help if state revenue sources were well managed and known.

  16. I think we as doctors shld get more cos our salary is 291 or 281 around there without allowances with allowances we below 600
    so if teachers want $1000 then I guess doctors shld get at least 2500 and above
    am right?
    I just think u never hear drs complain those in the government services cos they looking for a brighter future ahead as in the pvt sector which is wrong I believe the gorvment shld pay enough for drs in the gov so as to stop them or nt give them a reason to go into pvt pratices and leaving gov institions

    1. Aah after 7 years of tertiary school they give you 600 bucks? I never even imagined that…i guess the pvt sector is the best option…gees

    2. If the lowest paid worker at a university earns more than doiuble a teacher’s salary why is it wrong for teachers to ask for a reasonable salary? Suddenly, we have all become economists and act as if we are privy to how much the Ministry of Finance can afford!

  17. Archibald Gumbo

    Now within a space of three months we have more people speaking for the government than we had during GNU. The President made a promise though I famously know him for reneging and breaking his promises than honouring them.

    We know the imperialists were defeated a long time ago and so vanquished in this recent election, therefore it’s in order to raise salaries exponentially. That will change peoples lives.

  18. What sakaries and packages are being availed to others like CIO and soldiers?

    Leaders of teachers unions please WAKE UP

  19. mombedzababavangu

    lately, a teacher can be considered more of a puppet than he is a pauper, as reported fairly for july 31

  20. ask yourselves this qeustion…..where is the money from diamonds going? who owns and controls these resources….is it you? or the government

  21. Emotions aside. Teachers unions must be realistic when negotiating with the gvt. They shld fight for a pay rise that is acheavable. Bit by bit. Say for instance, an increase by 150usd. So small an amnt of coz bt with pressure the gvt can give in as it can afford tht. Next time push for another increment say 200usd. These unions are apparently letting dwn the teachers in a clever way. I think they are conniving with the gvt. As long as they are making unrealitic goals the gvt will nt listen to them. Even if yeida kuwedzerawo gvt ndoo peinozowedzera 30usd coz ma Unions akhona haana figure rinoita.

  22. so gvt haina mari yekupa mateacher so mari ye indeginise, empower,employ icha wanakupi? nhaka tichasvotwa tikazvirega

  23. A grave train being driven by a dangerous driver Mugabe. That’s all I can say.

  24. Ko ngavangoenda ikoko kune ma thaza, handioni ichibuda muno muZimbabwe… kikiki, regional trends… is the financing also in line with regional trends…? #JustAsking

  25. Yah it wil be meaningful fo civil servants to hav succh an amount of salary,but loooking at how our economy is crippled I don’t see such money coming from anywhere

  26. Why do some people answer for the gvt, teachers need more than a $1000 a month period. Kanti lawa ama scandals every week there is a scandal millions are disappearing ama diamonds ayadlaliswa leli lizwe sure lizanuka phu

  27. trs unions shld be realistic. $1000 n more with the current eco state wher wil it come from?diamonds o chiadzwa de gvt n its mining pvt limiteds shld increase revenus to increase salaries to tchrs even w $200.

  28. Teachers you are not truly appreciated and the job you do is trivialised. Read the posts that are contemptuous of teachers, written in English that they were taught by some teacher out there. Take your knowledge and trade elsewhere and leave our fellow citizens who insult us to reap their mediocre standards from unqualified teachers who will not understand the derision teachers are subjected to. It is this mediocrity that keeps them docile and being subject to a clueless but ruthless govt…

  29. This Sifiso Ndlovu is a nasty negotiator. Negotiations are still in progress and he goes public damaging the process. This is truly amateurish. Teachers need a better negotiator than this self serving and praising idiot.

  30. Distant Obsever

    At least its better 2 demand $1000 u now know wat is yo value as teachers nd civil servants not that $500 u were demanding at first.

  31. kana waona zvisina mari regedza kaa muno inobvepi mari yacho ma industry kusina what production yamunounza munyika imi ma teacher musada kunetsa nhai ka $400 yamurikuwana yakatowandisa nxaaaa

  32. Not all teachers in SA are getting that amount.Kana zvanetsa just resign and start something else.Remember we have nurses,soldiers,police officers etc who also fall in the same bracket nema teachers.Inobvepi cash monie.

  33. mateacher munopinza marii kugvt per day???

  34. Guys, musatuke vanhu who are demanding their dues. Do you remember Biti akabvirotaura kare kuti the wage bill which gobbles more than 70% of govt revenue is unhealthy; mukati anopenga haasikuda nemari. He suggested kuti vanhu vasina basa muGovt who even do not qualify to be civil servants vasiye basa zvishandike; mukati anoda kumisa ma youth officer edu who are about 10 per ward, more than the combined extension workers vatomborinebasa. As long as there are no reforms in terms of reducing vashandi vehurumende, hapana mari yakawanda ichawedzerwa vanhu. A pay rise of as little as $50 have drastic effects to the fiscus. Makanyeperwa kuti Biti haasikuda nemari tisu tinokupai mari, makapusa nokutadza kuziva kuti Biti ndiye akakusvitsai pa $400 shoma iyoyo.

    1. @concerned- interesting observations..If the government were really serious they would be able to get the shortfall from people who are on its wage bill who have no business being there..like excess soldiers and policemen add to this the ghost workers. Of course USD 1 000 or ZAR 11 000 is a bit of a fairy tale. Even SA does not pay this much.

  35. $1000 iyo economy iri pa Auto-pilot? Regai tione kwazvinosvika, handiti maiti Biti haadi kukupai mari sekuti ndiye ange aine ma key e safe yehurumende. Anga akabatiswa front chete, varidzi vapinda manje … wait and see

  36. ma one

  37. soldiers,police etc are not in the same bracket with teachers .this came with zpf when teachers were seen as mdc sympathisers iwe mhepo.uri mhepo chaiyo if u dont know siyana nazvo

  38. let us rebuild zim, we all know that our country is under western sunctions, so where do you think the gvt can get this money every month times the number of parent demanding incerntive teachers. I got my education from starndard six teachers. Pliz teachers dont be agents m of the west

  39. mateacher ajaira vanofunga hativazive kuti mavorwisana ne gvt ye zanu pf.paye vakaura education vachida 2500 asi pakauya gpa vakadzoka ne voucher re $100.

  40. they are just being greedy. vakanganwa pa100 dollars pavakabviswa izvezvi nemaincentive vakupuhwa. tumaex jap twazara nemateacher. inosvika 1000 hayo asi mbijana mbijana

  41. The zanu pf bankruptcy is soon unraveling.

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