I do not recall when Komichi presented ballots: Zec official

ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (Zec) chief inspector Jane Chigiji yesterday told a Harare magistrate that she could not recall what transpired when MDC-T chief elections agent Morgan Komichi presented stray ballots to the commission.


Chigiji was speaking in the trial of Komichi who is accused of contravening the Electoral Act after he allegedly tampered with ballots allocated to Constable Mugove Chiginya for the July 15 special vote.

Speaking during cross–examination before magistrate Tendai Mahwe, Chigiji said she could not recall the exact day or date when Komichi presented the ballots.
When defence counsel Alec Muchadehama remarked to Chigiji that she was forgetful, the latter admitted that it was normal, “especially if you are in court”.

Chigiji said she had also forgotten the sitting arrangement in the room because she was not paying attention to detail.

Although she said Komichi sat facing the commission’s chairperson Justice Rita Makarau, other witnesses who testified earlier said the accused sat next to the chairperson.

At first Chigiji said when Komichi presented the ballots to the commission, the tamper-proof envelope was sealed before changing to say it was unsealed. Questioned about the change by Muchadehama, she attributed it to “a slip of the tongue”.

After saying Komichi spoke in Shona when he presented the issue to the commission, she again changed to say he was using English.

The trial continues today.

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  1. So what is she doing there because all of us who are not witnessing the matter, it means we dont’d KNOW. Wasting state resources indeed. Sanctions is the cause is her answer I suggest! GOD bless you mother of other sons and daughters like Komichi.


      What heaps of rubbish coming from a ZEC representative. Why not just acquit Komichi as it is getting crazy sanctions or no sanctions. God forbade lets pray for sanity. Depressed

  2. Chidavaenzi, you are peddling falsehoods. Everything said by the state witness points to a deepening of Komichi’s involvement in a poorly calculated fraud. You are misleading your readers and when the verdict of guilty is pronounced, you will want to shout favoritism. Shame on you dununu,

  3. Gukurahundi upbringing

    Inkomitshi; komiki

  4. @ Cde Guks, Hey Malume, rumour doing the rounds say your Party hatched the whole plan at some secret meeting in Jorburg. Is it true? What was Mtwakhazi Green Machine doing in SA when others were campaigning back home? See, the voters live in Zim NOT SA….Hey Madhodha, lingahlupi,.

  5. I feel pity for Komichi he is being tormented for simply speaking opposition politics. Unfortunately they cannot stop the revolution

  6. The paper is misleading the truth is that Komichi is gult and Ms Chigiji provided actual relavence

  7. kwaaaaa newsday z a vry funny paper. Hours spent in tha court 2 extract irrelevant material. My 2yr old son wl do bttr thn ths

  8. kushaya basa kwemapedzi economy ichifa siyayi komichi haana kukubetsarai kurigger vana Rita rigging makarau varipo mbahva nezhanu hondo yavapedo

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