Parson acquitted


Big Brother Africa star Wendall Parson and his brother William, who were facing allegations of defrauding Alliance Insurance Pvt Ltd in a $23750 insurance scam were today discharged at the close of the State case after the court ruled the State had failed to prove a prima facie case against them.

Phillip Chidavaenzi

Magistrate Elijah Makomo said evidence placed before the court was not sufficient to convict the accused because the insurance cover notes supplied to them by Alliance were still valid at the time the accident occurred on March 16.


  1. Give him his money, why give him Insurance cover notes? Because you wanted his comprehensive fee, now that he crushed his vehicle and move for compensation you report the.matter to the police. With him acquitted it means he can sue you for defamation or just proceed pressing for compensation. Oops madzva nekupusa..

  2. Why issue him cover notes then when he claims you refuse to pay as you have done so many people before. With this case it makes us people know that alliance are not fair you take the money but have problems always there are many Accidents that you do not pay or or take 2 years to pay.

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