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Murewa’s culture hub stands out


WHEN Murewa Culture Centre was established in 1984, its vision was to become a model of self-sustaining arts and culture centre — a benchmark for arts development in Zimbabwe.

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While a lot still has to be done to meet expectations of this long-term vision, activities at the centre so far have made it an outstanding rural arts hub.

The centre has hosted a number of arts activities in addition to the Jerusarema/Mbende festival which takes place at the venue annually.

From October 23 to 27, the centre hosts a number of cultural activities as part of Mashonaland East Cultural Festival.

Murewa Centre hosted the national launch of Culture Week festivities in May this year.

The launch presented exciting activities that lit the town with excitement.

Director of the centre Cuthbert Maziwa said artists and arts followers in the community were immensely benefiting from cultural facilities.

“We host many workshops for upcoming and established artists. Many other groups and individuals pursuing cultural activities come to the centre for interaction and performances,” Maziwa said.

“The centre has hosted a number of exhibitions and people from the community make use of our library.

“The Jerusarema/Mbende festival has been the most popular event at the centre over the past few years. It goes beyond being a dance because many other cultural activities take place during the festival.”

Women from Murewa community come with their traditional wares and food for display at the centre, while fashion designers also gather at the place to exhibit their outfits.

Maziwa said the centre is a springboard for artists in the community.
“There are many talented artists in the area. The centre provides them with a platform for exposure and training. We are happy that the community and some institutions in the country have been supportive. We are happy young people’s dreams are becoming true through this centre.

“The centre attracts local audience through the promotion of exhibitions by local artists, local drama and music groups as well as offering programmes to local schools.

“The multi-purpose hall is hired by groups and individuals for weddings, workshops, church ceremonies and private parties.”

The centre is strategically positioned near Murewa training centre.

It is within walking distance from the town of Murewa and a hotel, with facilities for conferences, making it an appropriate tourist attraction.

It boasts, chief among many other facilities, a library, a museum and an art gallery.

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