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Mugabe urged to intervene in food aid politicisation


OPPOSITION political parties yesterday urged President Robert Mugabe to intervene and stop his Zanu PF officials from politicising food aid.


MDC-T national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa told NewsDay that members of his party, mostly those based in rural areas, had been denied government food aid because of their political affiliation.

“The reports are just painfully overwhelming. This morning alone (yesterday) I received calls from Gokwe, Mutoko, Hurungwe, Murewa and other areas from people complaining of Zanu PF actions of politicising food aid,” Chamisa said.

“It’s inhuman, they are behaving like the Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram (a Nigerian Islamic terrorist organisation that has targeted Christians and killed thousands) and we want that to stop. If that is their way of campaigning, it is a wrong strategy because they are starving people. We will make sure the issue is addressed and all people benefit. If they are going to starve people, they are not fit to govern this country. You and I are paying tax and our tax is used to buy food which should be given to all the people.”

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) spokesperson Blessing Vava said his party also received reports of partisan distribution of food handouts by top Zanu PF officials in rural areas where an estimated 2,2 million people were said to be urgently in need of food aid.

“The NCA is gravely disappointed by reports of Zanu PF’s partisan distribution of food aid. The fact that they are now the government means that it is their full responsibility to feed, to provide aid to those facing starvation and not those who are in Zanu PF alone. Food aid must be distributed equitably, and there must be a transparent process to make sure that those in need benefit,” Vava said.

“It’s not a party, but government programme. It’s quite disturbing to hear reports of chaos and partisanship distribution in some parts of the country.”

In a separate interview, MDC deputy national spokesperson Kurauone Chihwai said the Zanu PF stance was a reflection of the party’s greed and hostility towards opposing voices.

“That’s Zanu PF by nature. People know that, but these are things bought by the State using the taxpayer’s money and they should not abuse that for anything,” he said.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo dismissed the allegations as untrue.

“That’s nonsense. The President is not only President for Zanu PF. He is everyone’s President and he said food is for everyone,” Gumbo said.

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  1. While there is need to ensure that food aid is distributed equitably to all citizens, MDC should not hijack the opportunity to gain milleage and attention. The President is a people’s president and will never sideline his citizens irrespective of party divide.

  2. Nhaiwe unogara munyika ipi wakuzondishatirisa manje. Panoitwa mitsara yechikafu iyi councillor anotofamba achibvisa vanhu vaanoti ndeve opposition mu lyn vonyimwa chikafu. Chimwe chikafu chinosiiwa mu truck councillor, mapurisa na driver vozogovana pamwe pacho maguma guma ekumbare anenge akamira kutenga loot ya councillor iyi. Chinglo dnt tok nuinsance wazvinzwa. Dhemeti

  3. Kare taiti Zanu vanhu..vanhu izanu asi makore ano zanu yave yembavha.Thats why it struggles to win elections.Councillor should not be part of the distribution team becoz he is a political appointee.Leave the distribution of food to GMB officials and the police.Sabhuku should be present for the purpose of confirming kuti munhu anogara mubhuku rake. Period.Kwete system iri outdated irikushandiswa which has a hidden agenda.

  4. Cde Gumbo is a very respected leader but he must not rush to say “that’s nonsense.” This is truly happening, he mst investigate before disputing the truth. Vanhu vauraiwa nenzara kumusha. President Mugabe ndevedu tese wether zpf or mdc, ndivo president venyika saka vakaita zvavakaita izvozvo

  5. The blame lies squarely with the MDCs who fooled the rural people into thinking the MDCs would unseat ZanuPF military dictatorship. The rural voters risked life and limb to support useless parties which haven’t got a clue of how ZanuPF military dictatorship operates in Zimbabwe.
    It’s total madness to think parties of civilians would defeat the military backed by the police and militias.
    Mugabe told residents of Harare and Bulawayo to get help from MDCs whom they had voted for, not from ZanuPF government. ZanuPF is unable to starve or punish people in towns but they can do so for the rural folk.

  6. Mr Gumbo what you have to know is you will be in your office whilst those councillors especially in rural ares are distributing food dont say its untrue,the reports they report are false,they will say adya chamai vake,adya chamai vake(eveyryone must eat the food belongs to his/her mother)meaning that if you are an MDC or opposition supporter you should not eat food from Zanu.Please dont just said its untrue but you have to solve those issues.We are all zimbabweans no matter which party do i support.The fact is Zanu wins elections and if you want to convert those who lost treat them in good way.Mr President once said in UN Genal meeting in 2007,”Smith is responsible for the death of thousands of zimbabweans bt he walks free,eat free,we gave him back his humanity”,then if you gave people back their humanity lets do please lets do to our brothers and sisters who are starving over there.

  7. You can complain all you like, until you are blue in the face, as usual, they will do what is good for zpf and to hell with whatever anyone says. Thanks to Nikuv. It will be a long 5 years until the next election, which may be nikuved again. eish, sad.

  8. Kazhinji panonyorwa zvehuwori muhurumende tinonzwa kuchinzi musharukwa uyu haana chaari kutadza. Kusvikira rinhi kutiza mumvuri wake mukuru uyu?

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