I missed flight from church — Mataz

HARARE magistrate Elijah Makomo yesterday cancelled the warrant of arrest he had issued against suspended Star FM programmes manager Tichafa Matambanadzo after the latter had defaulted a routine remand hearing.


The cancellation was done after Matambanadzo, who allegedly defrauded his former employer of $126 000, told the court through his lawyer Dumisani Mthombeni that he was in Kenya for a church conference and missed his flight back.

He also produced documents to confirm his story, leading to the cancellation of the warrant.

The DJ-cum-businessman notified the court that he was going to make an application for refusal of further remand if the State fails to furnish him with a trial date today.

For the State, Sharon Mashavira made an undertaking that the State will provide Matambanadzo — who is out of custody — with a trial date today.

Popularly known as Tich Mataz, the disc jockey–cum–businessman is facing allegations of defrauding his employer of over $126 000 through a scheme in which he allegedly converted advertising revenue to his personal use.

He was charged with fraud as defined under the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act and is on $300 bail.

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  1. Seeking divine intervention heh? The guy is a fraud expert for sure. Also left a mark in SA.
    Mukoma Tichafa, matambanadzo nyaya dzefraud idzi makore awanda. Should not have returned from Kenya where u were undergoing deliverance. Repent, uchafa nematambiro ako aya.

    1. He has not been proven guilty as yet so why should you label him a fraud expert.

      1. Ironically, that’s the mark of an expert. He is so smart that they won’t be able to nail him. Usadheere Tich asi nerimwe zuva gava richadambura musungo. Just wait and see.

    2. fake analyst

  2. Sanctions as well is the cause. ZimbabwE shield!

  3. ZBC in its current state can bleed up to 126,000 good dollars without them noticing…?? Something not quite right. Tich uchenjere – uchafira mahara.

    1. Its not ZBC but a Zimpapers run private radio station,Star-FM.

  4. Uyu munhu uyu haana kumira neMDC here pama elections?.

  5. Gukurahundi upbringing

    Bathi bem’ xosha eMzansi, waphindela futhi, bam’ xosha futhi – unenkani yetshongololo.

    Ba mokobile mo South Africa. Ga ba mobatle mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TICH anofanirwa kuratidza semunhu ari professional not involved in cases like this not kuita sa dj munya

  7. Missed a flight?….not very convincing. ngaatipewo ma serious. Problem with Tich is he is smoooooooooooth! You chat with him once you like right away, even the magistrate liked him.

    1. don unenge unofarira varume eeee….

  8. Anongoti maziromo tich. I hate
    him. He must rot in jail. Sikombela chete.

  9. Fraud is nothing new for Tich check out this link…

  10. Another radio personality deported from South Africa (Sapa, 24/10) – Tonderayi Nokutenda Katsande, a radio personality popularly known as Tee Kay, has received his marching orders from the department of home affairs. Related Stories Radio Metro’s Swazi manager deported. The department gave Katsande, former presenter at Radio Metro and Channel 0, until Friday to leave South Africa. “Katsande … is a Zimbabwean citizen who obtained South African ‘citizenship’ after fraudulently acquiring an identity document through an application for late registration for birth in May 1998,” the department said. According to the department, Katsande claimed to have been born in Nsikazi, Mpumalanga. “On the strength of the fraudulently acquired South African identity document, he was issued with a South African passport in July 1998. This passport was valid until July 2008.” He had a study permit in October 1992, valid until November 1993, to study in Johannesburg, the department said. “He contravened the Aliens Control Act … by fraudulently obtaining a South African identity document that, although issued by a lawful authority, he was not entitled to use. He also, without a valid permit, resided and took up employment in South Africa.” Last week, Katsande’s former colleague at Radio Metro, Phiwase Nxumalo, was deported to Swaziland after it was discovered she was in South Africa illegally. Two years ago, a former 5fm DJ and television presenter Tichafe Matambanadzo, better known as Tich Mataz, was deported to Zimbabwe. He was found to have fraudulently obtained his South African identity document. This means she is now legally in the country, but she has to apply for a permanent residence permit within 12 months – which could be refused because of her past – departmental spokesperson Manase Makweta was earlier reported as saying. The SABC’s assignment news editor in Nelspruit, Jabu Matsebula, was deported to Swaziland in May after home affairs refused to renew his work and residence permit, The Star reported earlier. The home affairs department condemned a prank played on Radio Metro on Tuesday morning during which Justice Ramohlala, also known as “Just Ice”, was “arrested” on air by fictitious immigration officials. “We respect the independence of Radio Metro and the media in general, but we find this action, moreover in its timing, very irresponsible and a mockery of the efforts the department is making to root out the acquisition of fraudulent South African documents by foreigners.” The department’s immigration officers conformed to a professional code of conduct and would not act so irresponsibly, the department said. “No case is too urgent to warrant such irresponsible conduct from our immigration officials,” said director-general Billy Masetlha. Radio Metro confirmed it was just a prank. The department was busy with a status scrutiny system whereby employers were approached and requested to furnish their personnel profiles to the department for scrutiny. Masetlha warned that employers could face criminal charges if they were found to knowingly employ illegal immigrants.



  12. Ko ndiye aitawo sei? Ko maheroes akavigwa pagomo asi akaba mamillions wani? Ko masimirembwa? Who we know kuti achanzi haana mhosva it was a mistake. Ukagona kuba iba. Mapurisa hatina munyika muno. Kucourt chero mari yako.

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