MDC-T suspends Gweru mayor, councillors

GWERU — The MDC-T has suspended Gweru mayor Hamutendi Kombayi and four other councillors for defying a party directive to elect its preferred candidate for the mayoral post.


MDC-T Midlands South provincial spokesperson James Tsuro confirmed the suspension of the five councillors, saying they had received their suspension letters from the national executive pending a disciplinary hearing set for next Monday. The other suspended councillors include deputy mayor Artwell Matyorauta, Tawanda Magidi (Ward 16), Farai Muza (Ward 17) and Moses Marecha (Ward 5).

Tsuro said most of the councillors received their suspension letters on Monday as they were away for an induction from October 4-7.
“It’s true, the mayor and four other councillors have been served with suspension letters and they will appear before a disciplinary committee next Monday,” Tsuro said.

The provincial executive had recommended the firing of 10 councillors after they defied the party directive to elect Ward 10 councillor and Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Central Region paralegal officer Charles Chikozho as mayor.

Kombayi said he had not yet seen the suspension letter when reached for comment.

“It’s news to me. I was away for an induction. I am yet to see the suspension letter,” Kombayi said.

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  1. Mthintandwendwe

    Shame; shame; shame on you MDC! Shame; shame; shame on you Tsvangirayi! If you could not control a handful of councillors, are you surprised you lost the election? To tell us that the turncoats were bribed for as little as USD500 is just as shameful. What kind of support base do you have? Hired idiots I guess!

  2. The reason why mdcteaboy lost the elections is that they wanted to impose candidates. They dont seem to learn. If they expel the councillors chances are that zpf will emerge victorious

  3. When you suspend your leading party card holders you also suspend their followers. When you expel, well, you also expel those who voted for them. So you become fewer and fewer until you are none!

  4. MDC-T are simply digging their grave and slowly burying themselves,If Kombayi’s father was still alive would they be doing this .Tsvangirai learn to control your zip and leave democracy alone.Wakaruza saka vakawinner voruza sewe?poor Tsvancry now you beleive in prophecy even though TB Joshua told you that you will never rule.Stp worsting your time you are not presidential material,but brothel master

    1. Some people need extensive lessons in Democracy so that they get to know it and appreciate it as we do in ZPF.

  5. That’s the best way forward if a member is disrespectful of the leadership he shd be chucked out otherwise tolerating such nonsense breeds gross indiscipline. Ignore negative comments such as those above, after all they have just fired Kereke for defying his leadership instructions not to contest the Bikita West constituency.

  6. Shuwa MDC-T yaparara. I am now beginning to believe that the word democracy in your name is a misnomer. Why do you want to impose leaders on the people?

  7. Chinja yawora ,same fanana neZPF rambai tione machinja hamuna democracy.

  8. Thats a good move musangano we can’t keep on allowing pple to act as if they own this party .The party directive was very clear and if you feel u have problems pple they need to follow the party procedure of airing your grievance . The problem with some of our members vave kuda kukwira chitima cheZANU PF chokukambura rifa rese renyika vanhu vachitambura .Mpfana Kombayi ngaarege kuita hwaBambo nokuti anesvimari haitidi mari yake and akasungukuka kukwira bhazi reZANU PF . Tinoti ngativakei musangano vamwe voita hwaMheri naJacob pachibhora isu tinoti kwete . Dzingai vese isu kuno kuMberengwa hatidaro nyangwe tirivarombo nokusahwunzigwa Budiriro neZANU PF

  9. MDC T are in a hole – they want to get out, but they keep digging like their lives depend on it. Poor MT – no clue about anything

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