Mayor begs residents to improve Harare

HARARE mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has implored residents to change their perceptions and play their part in improving service delivery by reducing litter and traffic congestion.


Addressing delegates attending a Combined Harare Residents’ Association (CHRA)-organised national residents’ conference on service delivery yesterday, Manyenyeni said there was need for a “mindset change” to address problems affecting most local authorities.

“There are things that do not require funding, but mindset change. You don’t need funding not to drop litter and you don’t need the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to cross a red robot,” he said
“The bills that were cancelled are a result of a growing mindset of getting things for free which started with free farms, free tractors, free inputs, now no bills to pay.”

Manyenyeni promised to be an “accessible councillor and practical mayor” who would work with residents to address challenges facing the capital city.

Speaking at the same function, former Harare councillor Warship Dumba, who is the president of the Elected Councillors’ Association of Zimbabwe, said it would be difficult for the mayor and his team to convince residents to pay their bills given the precedent set by Zanu PF of slashing rates.

“It will be difficult for you to convince people to pay. People will wait for the next election in 2018 for government to say we slash your bills. It’s a serious challenge,” Dumba said.

On the demolition of houses built illegally in Harare, Manyenyeni said: “We are against illegal structures. We don’t want to erode urban planning. So all housing developments must conform to that.”
He, however, could not be drawn into commenting on what the city would do to the existing structures though government has already stated its intent to demolish the structures built illegally.

CHRA chairman Simbarashe Moyo said there was need for residents and the local authorities to work together for the good of the city. He said residents would mobilise to pay rates if services were provided and appropriately priced.

Meanwhile, Harare City Council, the Environmental Management Agency and the Zimbabwe Republic Police yesterday launched a joint anti-litter, anti-crime and anti-open fires campaign that seeks to urge residents to desist from such activities.

Officially opening the campaign, Manyenyeni urged companies that sell airtime to introduce a scratch-free airtime top-up card to avoid litter, and those in the business of selling beverages to provide bins.

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  1. The council spends most of its budget on employees and uses much less on services delivery. Its should be the other way round.

    In Namibia, Windhoek, probably the cleanest city i have been to in Africa. They have rubbish bins throughout the city (which are collected on time) and they start cleaning the city centre at 12 midnight when the city is deserted. Maybe take a trip there and learn from the Namibans before you start blaming residents.

    1. Taps, in Harare, the streets are full of vendors even at 01:00 am empowerment style, so they can’t start cleaning it that time kikikiki. Have you noticed that City of Harare workers seem to want to work over weekends. You rarely see a city council cleaner during the day but on weekends. Even when they dig a trench on Saturday and don’t finish they leave it for the next weekend.So the Mayor should start that to see that those employed work as they are employed not relax during working hours and then start to work for overtime. Also their are plent of used oil drums all over why cannot the city of Harare take a leaf from the Westaget shopping complex where there is a bin every 6 metres along Lorraine road, you will see very little dirty there. In Harare you eat a banana you walk up and down the street looking for a bin you cannot get on. Look at First Street, the pavements,that does not want the cooperation of residence it just need the council to start working on that. Unotyoka gumbo muna First Street.

  2. It is far more effective to charm the people than to condemn them for having “…a growing mindset of getting things for free which started with free farms, free tractors, free inputs, now no bills to pay.” Our people need relief, access to funds and land to be productive. Their productivity is what drives the economy and the taxable income is what keeps our national coffers overflowing. Taking a condescending tone does not help anybody.

  3. You should visit the Charge Office bus terminus and see the big bin burning in the mornings. What a sore. Very unhealthy as its a mixture of everything being burnt. The bin is rarely emptied thus becoming a health hazard.

  4. Veduwe inga tine nhamo. Mayor zvakawanda zvamungatange kuita to show us kuti muripanyanga and murikuziva why you are there. Ngadzirayi maPOTHOLE. Supervise your teams closely.
    Hatina kujaira zvemahara tesetese. Some of us are honest citizens asi we are paying water bills for nothing for five years now. We deserve bills to be reversed. Where is the water you are charging us for.
    I suggest devolution for councils. Macouncillor must be at their council offices kwaano representa. We want to see you there muchishanda kugadzirisa zvinhu. Taneta nema talk show.

  5. tendai chaminuka

    Which resident was there to swallow such insult from the Mayor and his deputy.A parliamentarian’s vehicle loan is written off,the Prime Minister negotiates to get his official residence at a give away price.Saka izvi zvinonzi chii

  6. Mr Mayor, you should not start by attacking us but you must also hear our side of the story. I believe Mr mayor needs to withdraw his statement coz its undiplomatic to say the kind of words he has said lest we also say the same that there is need for a change in the mindset of the city fathers that you do not take residents for granted. Some of the bills that were scrapped was because people like in Tafara and Mabvuku could not pay since they did not receive any services and it would be foolhardy to pay for non service.

  7. Perhaps the mayor should show us the city books to see how much the top executives are paid? Some of you will be shocked to learn just how much of your rates and other bills goes into the top executives pockets through ridiculous perks and super high salaries and how much goes into delivering a service to the ratepayers. Did you know that Masunda’s take home was more than what a top executive at Google HQ in California takes home?

  8. If water was whatsapp -the status wld be last seen april 2008 , then l told to change my mindset ahhhh ,uncle Ben next time find better words, deliver not to talk abt Zanu Pf

  9. The Mayor actually talked sense. You don’t need him to tell you where to throw your litter does he, but what he must make sure he does is at every parking bay there is a bin those things are cheap, he just skips paying some of the executive perks for a month and all Harare streets will have bins. Where is Harare’s rubbish dump, maybe that is why they have decided to polute the air by burning those big bins. In Gabs, those big bins are placed by he road side and are monitored and emptied everytime they are almost full so there is no liter. The people in Gaberone also know that there is a bin along the street which will be emptied. Now lets do this mayor, at every street in every township must have a big bin, all people in that street dump the rubbish in that bin and it should be emptied maybe say twice a day. Instead of investing in those mobile trucks you invest into those which can pick those big bins and make sure they work. It reduces your workforce, of course Zanupf’s employ programme may be affected but it reduces a lot of litter. Ask Mudzuri what he did in the little time he was allowed to fix Harare only for the bull in a china shop to start getting craze and broke everything.

  10. the mayor is dead right. we need to change the mindset.we dont need litter across all roads.we must behave responsible.independence does not mean free electricity.water and throwing rubbish everywhere.

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