Man kills family, buries them in shallow grave


POLICE in Marondera last Friday arrested a Mutoko man who allegedly fatally poisoned his 23-year-old wife Thinkmore Jackson and two-year-old stepdaughter Rujeko Masunga following an undisclosed domestic dispute and then buried their bodies in a shallow grave.


The suspect, Gift Godfrey Bonde of Chapanyama village in Mutoko, is alleged to have fled to Wedza after committing the heinous act sometime in July this year.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Bulisani Bhebhe said the matter only came to light after villagers came across the deceased’s partially buried remains.

“After the gruesome murder in which the suspect poisoned his wife and her daughter, he buried the bodies in a shallow grave and fled to Wedza with his belongings where he was arrested last week. The body was discovered by villagers who were alerted by dogs that were barking after seeing the partially buried body of Jackson,” Bhebhe said.

According to police, Bonde was customarily married to the now deceased and they had been staying together at Village 1B, Maryland Farm in Macheke since May this year.

Their marriage was, however, marred by domestic violence. It is believed that sometime in July this year, Bonde had an altercation with his wife over an undisclosed matter.

Following the alleged altercation, he sprinkled termic poison on the pair’s food, resulting in their death.


    • yah, and then the parliament says no death penalty for insane pple like him. the guy doesnt deserve another day on earth

  1. kana zvamubata zvinomuitisa zvazvinoda .if you are posessed they you have no choice.Kuoma misoro kwanyanya kuvakadzi ,kunyarara havachagoni our mothers used to keep quiet and they manage our stupid fathers now these young mothers talks too much look now .Kana wakada murombo gutsikanai nezvamuinazvo shouting at each other will never bring bread and butter to the that loving another .shame zvibatei vana marriage is not so easy like having sex no inhamo to face the challenge kana wada kuroorwa shinga .thats all about marriage .ask your mothers huwanikwa haisi nyore ,to all my sisters.

    • really i dont think that a woman being talkative justifies murder,i feel pity for your wife brother,i have a talkative wife but never o i feel violent torward her she has the right to express her mind just as i do.marriage can actually be sweet if our sisters dont marry men like you

  2. Our society is evolving. There is hardly any counselling offered to young married couples anymore. A lot elope with no notification to family. Maybe its its the stiff lobola payment being charged these days. It is said USD35 000 was paid to Bonna’s family. The husband probably took out a loan for that.

    A lot of young Zimbabwean are stuck in marriage of convenience to escape hardship or to get citizenship in foreign lands were they are economic refuges. The Zimbabwean crisis created a huge vaccum with regards to functional marriage.

    I think we should try to pick up the pieces and re-look at how is acceptable as roora or role of some traditional practices in modern Zimbabwe. The role of Tetes, church marriage counselors, church groups like china chemadzimai, men’s fellowships, police public relations counselors and other traditional platforms, that can help should be given a more prominent role. And of course justice should take its course with regard to the monster Thinkmore Jackson.

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