Man in court over Zanu PF inferno


A HARARE man yesterday appeared in court on allegations of burning Zanu PF offices at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield, where property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed in the inferno.


Collin Chisunga (40) appeared before magistrate Elijah Makomo charged with two counts of aggravated malicious damage to property.

He was remanded in custody to October 16 and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira told the court that on September 28, Chisunga and his accomplices who are still at large went to Zanu PF Machipisa offices where they set the place ablaze.

The fire destroyed several items including 20 wooden benches, two tables, textbooks, novels, several mobile phones, cell phone accessories and a gas cooker. The walls of the building and the corrugated iron roofing sheets collapsed in the fire.

Mashavira alleged that the fire spread to Grocery World Supermarket which was adjacent to the offices destroying various food stuffs including cartons of cooking oil and sugar, fridges, clothes and books among other goods. The actual value of the destroyed goods is yet to be established.

Chisunga was arrested in a bar at Mastones shopping Centre in Highfield after he was allegedly heard shouting: “We came all the way from South Africa. You can’t do anything to us. We have already dealt with Zanu PF office Machipisa.”


  1. Mavhaire yesterday declined to comment saying the Daily News had called him late.

    “Handidi zvekufonegwa vusiku, kuoffice kwangu mokuziva, huyai kuoffice (I don’t entertain these late calls at night, you know where my office is, come to my office),” he said before hanging up.

    • The net is closing in on you brainless arsonists, you can run but you cant hide. l suspect from a political party that l hate the most, l will spare the name denoted by 3 letter abbreviation.

  2. This is the first I have heard of a person commiting a crime and going into a public place to brag about it. Coincidentally, a woman has also been arrested after bragging about the same fire! This sure is a popular fire!

    Even a daft person can already see that these is stage managed. What would drive ZanuPF to such desperate lengths? How can they sink so low after apparently winning an election convincingly? We all know in the next few weeks these people will say they were trained in SA and no prices for guessing who sent them there- MDC-T of course!

  3. Gukurahundi desperation. Now you are arresting all and sundry including the fire fire operation woman and her toddler!!

  4. The poor man will spend the next two years in remand prison and get acquitted for lack of evidence. He will probably rue the day he drank the first sip of beer.Sad for Zimbabwe. Is this what people fought for.

  5. Collin Chisunga, this sounds like a familiar name. Do you remember Rashiwe Gusha people. This is the controversial name that was at the centre of the saga. I rest my case.

  6. RUBBISH as usual. When will our ppl learn to channel effort towards things that really matter? No wonder why the country has gone to the dogs.

  7. This is Zimbabwe tinotonga pachiZimbabwe.Aita mhosva ngaabatwe kwete kutisembura.tichatonga kusvika asingade hutungamiri hweZpf.A jamba boader monotongwa zvamunoda long urimuno unonyepa uchasvotwa uchaita nyongo,BP,stroke or kunozvisungirira.Uyotatobata kwasara vamwe.

  8. ana chrispen, when we choose a leader, we expect good leadership not autocratic. all those for zpf needs democracy not what you say. so my friend a leader should lead not kutonga. I hope chrispen my brother you are going to correct your self in future. people needs to know when they get employment, food, health, peace, freedom of expression and indigenization. guys try to implement what promised during campaigns not to talk too much otherwise we might face a crisis

  9. Do we ever have old cases in Zimbabwe or everything is blamed on the Mdc and sanctions?
    Files are closed if there is no substantive evidence yet.
    Makungoti karamata nezvidhakwa hamunyare

  10. Do we ever have cold cases in Zimbabwe or everything is blamed on the Mdc and sanctions?
    Files are closed if there is no substantive evidence yet.
    Makungoti karamata nezvidhakwa hamunyare

  11. Collin aka Kodza is just a big mouth, he definitely did not do anyrhing regarding the issue he is being detained for. Collin is known for being a loud chap and will more often than not say things out of impulse to make people laugh ir to gain peer Status.

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