Madhuku should be taken seriously — Analysts


THE transformation of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) into a political party should not be underestimated as it has potential to become a strong opposition force to the Zanu PF-led government, political analysts have said.


Over the weekend, the Lovemore Madhuku-led NCA transformed into a fully-fledged political party.

In an interview with NewsDay, University of Zimbabwe political scientist Charity Manyeruke said Madhuku’s potential as a political figure should not be ignored.

“The newly-formed party should work hard to challenge Zanu PF support and power. The political arena is not for dull people. Professor Madhuku’s potential should not be underestimated,” Manyeruke said.

Manyeruke said the NCA’s move to enter the political arena was welcome because it offered the electorate an alternative to the existing opposition parties.

“NGOs can evolve to (become) political parties when they now seek political power. So, NCA is now seeking power. They now want to head government.

“This is a welcome move because it provides new and better energy among opposition parties.

“The opposition was now stuck with the MDC-T, but now they have a better alternative. More of such political parties are needed to foster good competition among political parties,” Manyeruke said.

Political analyst Ibbo Mandaza shared Manyeruke’s view that the new NCA party had potential to become a strong force on the country’s political landscape because the future of Zanu PF was uncertain due to its currently unclear succession plan.

“They want power. They want to get into the political ring and it is obviously to get power.

“It was expected of Madhuku because he did indicate earlier that he would form a political party. Things are very dynamic in Zimbabwe.

“We don’t know what Zanu PF will be tomorrow. We don’t know what it will be when Mugabe goes because he will go eventually. Time will tell, let’s wait and see,” Mandaza said

NCA spokesperson Blessing Vava said the new party would retain its name until the next congress early next year.

He said through the transforming into a political party, the NCA had a better chance to change the country’s Constitution.

“The NCA had to devise new methods and strategies by entering into the field of competing for political office so as to gain space to pursue our goals of ushering a new, democratic and people-driven Constitution,” Vava said

“We stand a good chance.”


  1. This is a welcome development for zpf as mdcteaboy will fight to maintain its space in the opposition circles. Madhuku will fight to replace chematama as the main man against Gushungo.

    • Nhaiwe gandanga stick to facts and stop calling your leaders names. For your information to challenge ZANU(PF) zvinoda vakashinga moyo nekuti ucharohwa zvakasimba uchivharirwa uchishungurudzwa and Maduku is not that type. Track the record of that you are calling `chematama and you will realise that he is a brave man. He did and in our history he is the then Prime minister of the coalition gvt. Forget about everything, look how many political parties since independence have been trying but without success.

  2. Madhuku and Welshman are both very principled leaders, they would make a powerful force together. When they say something, they are more likely to stick to it, compared to Tswangirayi

    I trust Madhuku far better than Tswangirayi. If Tswangirayi says one thing today, you can bet your bottom dollar he will contradict himself the next time he opens his mouth.

    Tswangirayi’s popularity simply stems from his Trade Union background, but quite honestly, he is a bad leader. Most of his supporters know this but will never openly admit to it publicly!!

    • What do you mean by'”a bad leader” ? Who is bad a leader who kills his own people for political power and the one who just talk?

      • He is a bad leader because he is easily enticed in one direction or another by his opponents. Enticed by Ben Menashe, and enticed by gukurahundi Mugabe.

        He cannot see beyond the immediate.

        With all the praises he was heaping on Mugabe, give me one instant when Mugabe ever praised Tswangirayi as an opponent?

        Surely, this should say something!!

        • So this makes Bob a good leader? and so whats wrong in praising your enemy where its due? @Gukurahundi, you are a space waster with your nutty vitriolic attacts on the persona of MT. why you hate him so much? he is your fellow Zimbabwean and why not join him and build him rather? if you cannot just dont undress him for no aparent reason. i sense you hate him more than Bob himself and i wonder what you stand for. yourself cannot stand up to Bob and yet you attact the hero. something fishy, i think he got your girlfriend or some.

          • silvanos
            I have better things to do with my life than love stupidity, ignorusmuses and out and out upcoming dictators.

            The teas and buscuits man lost and for this we celebrate and thank God the almighty.

            Why should we seek to improve his leadership, is he the only Zimbabwean opposition politician.

            Opposition politics does not belong to the MDC-T party of Monday teas and buscuits!!

  3. It is only two people who have been quoted so how can this be the public’s view? Madhuku is going nowhere.

  4. Political analysts of doom; lbwo Mandaza, Charity Manyeruke, nothing ever came true and one doubts their wisdom. Anyway Madhuku try at least to give ZANU PF good competition for there has since been none.

  5. another zanu project,lets hope they join with their counterparts in mdc n to begin an excellent partnership.a coalition for the continued survival of zanu pf.(C.C.S.Z)

    • @nhamodzenyika

      So gukurahundi ZANU PF is right in calling you people Western puppets. Labelling opponents is part of your culture too, since you are birds of a feather.

      Everything that is not MDC-T is a ZANU PF project.

      Its good you lost elections – Zimbabweans dont want copycats of gukurahundi ZANU PF in power!!

  6. Madhuku he is a promisive leader, Zimbabwean Politics needs intelligent people like Madhuku,Jona Moyo and Mugabe just to mention a few,not Tsvangira a visionless and a brainless leader,Wish you the best Proff Madhuku and your team.

  7. ZanuPF is a military dictatorship. Civilian parties like MDCs will never unseat a ZanuPF military dictatorship. The only party which in future will unseat ZanuPF military dictatorship will be the party which will be prepared to tell the whole world that Zimbabwe is under the grip of a military dictatorship. At present it is a waste of time having mock elections against a ZanuPF military backed by the police and militias because there will be only one winner – ZanuPF military. It is complete madness and stupidity to try the impossible – trying to unseat a military dictatorship. Some people just never learn. Madhuku is going nowhere.

    • Chin, you are very correct. But the turning point for this country is after Mugabe. Things will change drastically. In Zanu-Pf, army, police, central intelligence and other sectors of the economy are disgrantled and frustrated by zanu-pf’s moves. People in Zimbabwe are fed up of this party’s dirt tricks that led to the total collapse of this country. The day Mugabe leaves the political arena, that will be the end of zanu-pf. At the moment, Mugabe is holding an fragmented egg. With regard to Madhuku issue, time is not yet ready for him to form a political party. People are tired of Zanu-Pf extensions and are now aware of these strategies. Being a professor does not mean that one will automatically have followers. He is a lawyer not a politician. Look at Professor Ncube and Mutambara, where are they now? A politician is someone with followers. Madhuku has just devised a mechanism of trying to lure resources from donors and nothing else. Zimbabwe’s hope is on MDC-T and nothing else.

    • Spot-on analysis. You need to speak the ZANU-PF language to win elections. You need to counter the rigging machinery. It permeates all government institutions. Without rebellion from the people in the control room, you can forget about changing the government through the ballot. You need a think-tank within the opposition circles and teamwork. These individualistic approaches only work for ZANU-PF. Do they have any fundamental differences other than their egos that they seek to protect. Why are they failing to join and fight the enemy together. ZANU-PF and ZAPU-PF prosecuted the liberation war as PF. They were fighting the common enemy from different fronts. Now MDC-N, MDC-T, MDC-99 and NCA were busy fighting each other. It’s hopeless, opposition parties hoping things will change after Mugabe leaves the scene. They see disharmony after Mugabe leaves and hope to pick the spoils from the infighting with ZANU-PF.

  8. who is madhuku, he should wear dhuku in order to cover his musoro bhemba otherwise people will think that zanupf send him to axe them with his bhemba head. zanupf knows that no-one will stop the red power except the nikuv project with scientific magic ballot paper. zanupf looses election since 2000, that one is true. so they try to confuse people by send madhuku but anywhere people understand zanupf and its tricks a lot

  9. Macdes, cant we have patriotic homegrown parties? Madhuku’s background mirrors foreign sponsorship of the NCA, when we wrote the constitution he reneged, insisting only HE can write a credible draft. Who told him that? During the run up he became his own Goebbels at first then suddenly anti MDCs..then anti-himself. Vakomana, Dzinemunhenzva is more principled than the Prof.

    • @Wezhira

      You are a terrible victim of gukurahundi upbringing.

      No wonder your talk their language of “home grown this, home grown that….”

      What nonsense is this? When will you have confidence in fellow blacks?

      Your inferiority complex is devastating.

      Anyone who doesnt share your views must be controlled by a white man because to you, blacks are incapable of thinking for themselves!!

  10. @ Cde Guks, Mfowethu, thanks mate…one never ceases learning….by homegrown I mean of our own volition, not sponsored, natural to our polity….like Mtwakhazi minus the tribal hatred. Yu malume yu accuse everyone of everything yet yu go around in ZANUPF attire at the wkend! ngizabachela abafana veMtwakhazi…..When we were singing “Lokhu uenzayo…siyaizondha” at BF last Sunday we were singing at YOU Mbo!! Only yu didnt know.

    • From today, please learn, know and accept that BLACK people can also think for themselves. They know the difference between good and evil, they don’t need a whiteman to tell them that.

      • Black people are good at evil things and nothings else. Analyse what is happening in Zimbabwe, the level of diamond looting, corruption by the so called politburo members(elite), etc. These guys only thing of what is beneficial to themselves and their families and nothing else. White people implement projects meant at benefiting the entire society. Refer to the much publicized indegenisation policy, it was meant to destroy the economy so that their companies would not face any competition. Black people are inferior and barbaric that is the only conclusion that is suitable for this continent.All african dictators loot african resources and bank them in banks in Switzerland, USA, and Europe, why are they not willing to bank them in African financial institutions? Ndihwo hupenzi hwevanhu vatema hwatiri kutaura in brief.

          • kkkk! @Farai, he crept right out of your UZ blazo! now you realise the consequence of tutoring someone in an higgledy-piggledy environment like Zim. You end-up not understanding the language yourself. this man is trying to light-up your world yet you see fire. Blackman doesnt think of others besides himself and his little cocoon kingdom. Blazo, check how Anglo-American is developing your neighbours. Now thats a whiteman, and what you blackies doing? huh! busy grabing their efforts and claim ‘its ours’ yet you cannot share amongst yourselves. shame on us stupid blacks.

    • @Wezhira

      Do you know that ZANU and ZANLA were sponsored by the Chinese during the struggle?

      Do you know that ZAPU and ZIPRA were sponsored by the Soviet Union and Cuba during the struggle?

      Why dont you argue about “homegrown” in their case?

      gukurahundi ZANU PF is even today still largely dependent on the Chinese’s benevolence – they are providing them with broadcasting jamming equipment, spy equipment etc – why are you not worried about this “homegrown” idea of yours in their case?

    • Right now Cde Guks is dressed in ZANU PF regallia yet he claims to dislike it. Even Tsvangirai, Madhuku, Welshman have ZANU PF attire. Who doesnt have. Get some while stocks last.

  11. Does madhuku have strategies to prevent zanu pf from declaring themselves the winners in 2018 even when makarau would be holding results indicating otherwise in her hands. This is what they will do in the worst case.He has failed to deliver the people driven constitution he promised and only wants to see failure in otherwise.ZANU PF IS BRUTAL AND WILL NEVER SURRENDER POWER THROUGH THE BALLOT.The sooner we all understand this the better to prevent us focusing on wrong strategies.

  12. Administrator, Mina lo sori stereki. Mina funa fakalo contribution kamina Wena haikhona vuma. Mina zama futi wena hayikhona vuma futi! Wena hiphi loyenza? Yinto loyenza yona veli bad maningi.

  13. Malume@Guks, I found your admission to being a MLF cadre on Friday hilarious. What with your previous vehement denial. Total confusion, uliwhuwhu sibili.

  14. 15 years trying to convince the country to follow his constitutional making process and still failed. Someone gives him a chance to win an election!?

    Searched through todays article to find out why anyone would want to take cone head seriously. Not one reason given, not one! No policy position analyzed, no leadership characteristics debated just a bland statement about possessing a “potential to become a strong opposition force to the ZANU-PF led government” Seriously? From 2 learned political analyst? Honestly?
    Why would anyone form a party to become a strong opposition? Don’t they want to rule? What new and better energy Charity? Based on what? Does anyone still take Ibbo seriously?

    Mandhuku is a typical single issue politician, he still talks about changing the constitution and does not realize that more than 99% of the people who voted in the referendum endorsed it. So what will he change and on whose behalf?

    I agree with my Lumez, he is like Welshman, another single issue politician devolution, (munyika manhi?) and like Welshman he just doesn’t get it!

  15. Technically, the NCA has always been a political party and Madhuku’s colours have since been identified by the electorate. In politics, the electorate’s perception is the name of the game not education. Unfortunately, Madhuku’s conduct during the NCA’s previous life does not make him a prime candidate for presidency. He has trash talked too many people and is largely seen as a ZPF puppet. If education is the key, why is it that Welshman failed to get even 1 seat while Morgan got several? To hell with these educated guys, RGM included.
    Madhuku is destined for the political graveyard just like Welshman, Dabengwa and Makoni. Morgan may not be as learned as these guys but he is the only one so far who has given RGM a run for his money. He even beat the highly educated RGM in 2008. However, I think he has done his part and should give way to someone else in MDC.

    • @The Analyst

      Very interesting misinformation.

      1. Madhuku or anyone else can indeed be president if they work hard to convince the electorate. The constraint in Zim politics for most of these parties is financial resources – gukurahundis steal diamond moneys;

      2. The ectorate is never welded onto fixed positions, its a question of time and resources they can be persuaded to buy into any political party’s policies, stop patronising them;

      3. If Madhuku is largey seen as a ZANU PF puppet, Tswangirayi is largely seen as a Western white puppet just as well. So the gukurahundi language of labelling your opponents is now part of your psyche?

      4. So now Welshman failed to get even one seat, while Morgan got several – I thought its you people who said the elections were rigged? Double standards and total gukurahundi confusion indeed. Your reasoning is clearly that the elections were rigged for Morgan but not rigged for Welshman. God help us, just how stupid and tribalistic can some of you be really be – you never cease to amaze with your twisted logic;

      5. Morgan ruined opposition politics in Zim with his dictatorship. He remained popular only because we all initially supported him. After we parted ways, its been a struggle for him and unfortunately he is now dead and buried!!

        • hehehehehehe!!! zvenyika siya mwana. kkkkkk! see he cant even understand the word rig. he thinks if you rig, you do so for others or entirely win everything. he’s got a speckle in his eye of understanding politics and tribalism.

      • U sound like a former Gukurahundi dissident. Confused, idiotic and very TRIBALISTIC. How is the fact that Welshman didn’t win anything tribalistic. How did u manage to read something to the effect that the elections were rigged in my comment? Either ure illiterate or outright foolish or both of the above.

  16. I agree with one commentator who asked the wisdom of people forming political parties but being afraid to say Zanupf is a military regime. How can ordinary citizens win against a military regime? Changing faces, or alliances of ordinary citizens against a military regime will get us no results. It will just be MDC-T all over. I cannot see this changing because there is Madhuku there. He is also a product of Zanupf. Madhuku was at the Heroes Acre with Zanupf chiefs a few weeks ago trying to curry favour. His party is just an offshoot of Zanupf.

    • True ZanuPf is a military regime. You cannot win against a military regime. I think God allowed this to happen to avoid blood shed. If MDC had won we would be seeing blood in the streets of Harare flowing. He has his ways of ending this military dictatorship just wait and see.

  17. @Cde Guks, Sometimes debating with yu requires tremendous effort at simplicity,……like explaining the periodic table to a grade one pupil..quite difficult, Homegrown in politics means being your own, yo struggle supporters example is besides the point, we had formed our own parties following our own aspirations for our own goal. ZAPU and ZANU were ….NOT…. financially sponsored to do that hence the principled stand over many years……….remember who pays the piper calls the tune.Thats a fundamental difference……..I feel we can do that………I for one dont believe the MDCs support homosexuality, judging by the way Morgiza loves women!……faced with a BBC TV cast he was at pains to agree with the sponsor’s position…… was a shame!

    • Wezhira

      So you trying to tell me the gukurahundis have never recieved any money from the Chinese?

      Why doesnt the 51% indeginisation policy apply to the Chinese?

      Why do the Chinese do as they please in Zim with black workers?

      Give me one example where ZANU PF took action against Chinese abuse of Zimbabweans?

      Now who is calling the tune – the gukurahundis or the Chinese?

      Mfondini, please be well advised to commit suicide!!

    • @Don, apa ndombomira newedu Guks to correct you. its actually not true that ZANU/ZAPU never got financial support. in those days, material things valued up the quest for struggle. you may be surprised why Zhingaz are in Zim, its payback time. the country was long sold to them during the struggle. onl yone country i dont understand their reasoning is Russia. they do something but they dont show any interest after whatsoever.

  18. Elections were rigged for MDC-T Morgan Tswangirayi, but not rigged for the MDC led by Welshman Ncube!!

    Twisted gukurahundi logic!!!


    1. Any opposition against gukurahundi ZANU PF that is not MDC-T is a ZANU PF project

    (MDC-T gukurahundi twisted logic);

    2. Any opposition against gukurahundi ZANU PF and MDC-T that is led by a Mth.wakazi is tribalistic and regionalist

    (Gukurahundi ZANU PF & MDC-T twisted gukurahundi logic);

    3. MDC-T opposition against gukurahundi ZANU PF are puppets of the whites and the west

    (Gukurahundi ZANU PF twisted logic);

    4. Alliances between ZAPU and MDC green are regionalist, alliances between MDC-T, MKD and ZANU Ndonga are national,

    (MDC-T gukurahundi twisted logic)

    5. An alliance between Dabengwa (Mat South) and Welshma Ncube (Midlands) is regionalistic,

    (MDC-T & gukurahundi ZANU PF gukurahundi twisted logic); and

    6. An alliance between Tswangirayi (Mani.caland) and Simba Makoni (Mani.caland) is NATIONAL.

    Any surprise the MDC-T and ZANU PF are so much in agreement? Its a strange, strange world Master Jack!!

  20. Professors are not good opposition leaders, Madhuku misread the whole nation in 2000 at referendum where he said vote no. Mugabe should have gone in 2008 after his two terms, but because of people like Madhuku who needed quick change without looking the after effects, Mugabe is still there in power. Tsvangirai atori nani dai kusirikubirwa. Professor Ncube openly said he is not qualified to be the President and called in Mutambara who was full of praise to the President and nothing else, so l wonder when my colleagues start envy for professors to be the next president. regai mugabe afire hake ipapo.

    • Tswangirayi is useless as they come. He will never be President, never ever khohlwani!!!!!

  21. if you look at the referendum figures you will surely agree that the NCA has already made inroads across the country and they will not have problems on structures because they have them already and considering the divisions rocking the MDC-T surely you they may become a formidable force

  22. PWAPWAPWPA!!!! nhasi ndanakigwa pano. Ey! Guks, for record’s sake, what did Chamatama do to you? Seriously, tell us. if he scolded Ncube, am sory to say its their fish to fry. not ours, the general populace. let them beef it up. but for the sake of Zim, lets talk mature politics and unity. you purport you have better things to do yet you find time to stoop so low just to spank an inferior person like MT. surely something is amiss in your marble cabinet. you have all the time with a bone to chew with Chamatama.

  23. This semi-literate idiot, gukuragundi, aka expouse writes a lot of rubbish. His comments are long and stupid. He supports a man, Welshman Ncube, who only got 2.68% in the last election! What a fool. The other idiot Qhubani Moyo has just jumped ship.

  24. Professor is not serious now that there isn’t any reason talking about the constitution no more donor funds thus he found it prudent forming a party. Well let him try his lucky obviously he will get a few dollars from those stupid, who think have enough to sponsor these torai Mari projects.

    • @Ganga

      Mukoma…musada kuti nyengera, endai moga…just try. Hatidi kukopa Orange Revolution…Tangai mapendha nyoka mhenyu. Makandiwa haasi Mwari vakomana.

    • @Ganga, one thing Mugabe has successfully established in Zim is the military & intelligence apparatus. Like in Syria, you will only get people killed for nothing whilst the whole world issues meaningless statements. I credit Tsvangirai for his ability to read the situation and to withdraw quickly to adopt a peaceful approach. Remember at one time he said he was going to march to the state house and that we will remove Mugabe violently.

      Munofa vakomana, apa hamuna kana rekeni zyayo. Why do you think they adamantly refused to reform the security sector?

  25. May the voters roll please be amended now not in five years time, laws on its transparency be put in place

  26. I think Madhuku is getting it worse for himself .he can’t even read from a black board .Donors are nw fully aware of his motives ,afailure by proportion ,a golddigger by history,a very confused man (directionless )who will. Bet his dollar. This is Zims politics full of selfish and stupid Academics

  27. I think it did not start very well so it will end not very well. look you launch a nameless party with 500 delegates or watchers I must say seriously I am not seeing this nameless party getting anywhere. It is just another useless project. I am not saying its better to have Tsvangirayi but I think after he defeat of Tsvangirayi who I must say was the only hope we had for a better Zimbabwe, like it or not but that was the optimistic view, Zimbabwe deserves something better, maybe a fusion of good heads in MDC-T , MDC-N and ZanuPF to come together and phone a party I can see a formidable force, Zanupf well Mugabe is still there so they will remain with a head and thats good for them but once he goes they become a headless chicken watch this space.

  28. Madhuku’s biggest undoing is his support of zpf during the last elections. To win followers u must be seen to be agst zpf not mdc. Remember during the run up to elections and after his voice was more zpf. It seems he was competing w his fellow proffs Jonathan Moyo and Mutambara to advice and defend zpf

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