Kwekwe mayor wants peace


KWEKWE — New Mayor Councillor Matenda Madzoke says he wants to make peace with residents and pledged to bring transparency and accountability in the dealings of the local authority while weeding out corruption.

Blessed Mhlanga

Madzoke came into office at a time the local authority had a frosty relationship with Kwekwe Residents and Ratepayers’ Development Association (KRRDA) over allegations of corruption and misuse of public resources.

KRRDA clashed with former Mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa over the budget formulation process which the association said was not consultative and did not represent the aspirations of residents who paid the bills. The standoff saw a rates boycott by residents.

Madzoke said his policy was to engage all stakeholders, especially pressure groups and the business community to bring harmony into the operations of the local authority.

“I accept that KRRDA is a major player in issues of good governance and the general development of our city and I am, therefore, going to engage all stakeholders to ensure that we move forward together. I am just, but a servant of the people so my door will always be open — in fact I am going to have a no-door policy,” Madzoke said.

Elected on a Zanu PF ticket, Madzoke insists he is not a politician, but a civic leader and will not allow politics to get into the way of people issues.

“I wore the Zanu PF hat during elections, but the office I hold is not political, but purely civic. I am a city father and will behave that way in the discharge of my duties,” Madzoke said.


  1. This Mayor is a gukurahundi who is in office on a gukurahundi party ticket. Never trust his peace overtures!!

    • This is the best man for the job,tried and trusted. He is not a fortune seeker or gold digger as we have witnessed before.This is a servant for the people.UMadzoke ulento zakhe,he is not coming into the chambers on an empty tummy as we have been seeing. We are behind you Madzoke,through thick and thin.

  2. He is the best man for the job. A level headed person who listens to the people’s needs. I wish you the best during your tenure in office. Kwekwe we are blessed to have this man in office as our mayor. Bhora mughedhi straight.

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