With video: Gunshots at robber’s funeral

The funeral of suspected Harare robber Boris Mushonga — who died in the horrific Zindoga road accident last week — had all the ingredients of a Hollywood movie script: Police gunshots, three pregnant girlfriends and a falling coffin that resulted in the deceased’s body being dumped onto the street.


The dramatic scenes happened in Mbare, along Barbara Tredgold Circle, where Mushonga — who was famous — or notorious — for speeding in his car in the pothole-infested roads of Harare — had scores of friends who came to pay their last respects.

The friends, some of whom preferred to be called business partners, saluted the fast life he led, but most of all for being the genius architect in many robberies.

“He was a cat with more than nine lives,” said an immaculately dressed man. “He will be remembered for making it happen for most of us.”

Mushonga was one of the five persons who died when a Toyota Raum they were travelling in crashed into an oncoming bus near Zindoga shopping centre in Waterfalls last week.

Yesterday, residents of Mbare stood in awe as the late Mushonga’s associates in a Nissan Elgrand snatched the white casket from the hearse, placed it on top of the van and sped off with other cars in tow as they zigzagged past potholes in a frenzy.

The cavalcade stormed through the highly-populated suburb as the drivers called out obscenities, while the smell of burning rubber from spinning wheels filled the air.

Mushonga would have loved this had he been alive, so they said.
“Boris was an armed robber and spent part of his life in suicidal cat-and-mouse chases with the police. Even in death, that is how he would have wanted it,” a friend said.

A Toyota twin-cab truck with detectives from the Zimbabwe Republic Police was to arrive onto the scene in a bid to restore order.
Warning shots echoed in the neighbourhood as the detectives chased the Nissan Elgrand which bore the casket.

Something was to give; then the moment of horror. The casket fell off the roof of the van, tossing the late Mushonga’s body onto the tarmac.

“It is traumatic for children to have to see this. It is like his after-life is still as dramatic as his real life. When will he ever rest?” an onlooker bantered.

Mushonga’s mother and other relatives had the agony of carrying the body back into the coffin then into the hearse to Granville Cemetery, popularly known as Mbudzi, past the scene of the accident along Simon Mazorodze Road.

A NewsDay photojournalist was assaulted for taking pictures before the news crew was ejected from the cemetery after being accused of trying to make money out of Mushonga’s funeral.

“This is their lifestyle and that’s what they do when one of them dies. They had planned this to bid farewell to Boris,” said one of the neighbours and friends of Mushonga.

Amid all the drama, a sister of the deceased revealed: “Five women claiming to be Boris’ wives have attended the funeral with three of them saying they are pregnant.

“My brother was a character difficult to understand, brave and sometimes dangerous. He lived on the edge and was always running. He has rested.”

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  1. ndokuenda nestaira!

    1. Better Boris Mushonga than the innocent people on the bus. No hard working Hararian shall loose their hard earned gains to this hiccup of nature again.

      Finish and Klaar.

  2. Mapurisa sungai vanhu

  3. “a character difficult to understand, brave and sometimes dangerous. he lived on the edge and was always running. He has rested”. Poetic indeed. even Shakespeare would have loved this.
    Speed thrills but it kills. WE HAVE BEEN WARNED, HAVEN’T WE?

  4. Committing nuinsance in a public place. Where ur u Charity l hope f it was mdc everyone wl b in cells now. Dhemeti

  5. Mushonga is a Mafia

  6. zvatopera. Iye haasi kumbozviziva

  7. zvatopera! Iye haana kana kumbozviziva kuti ndooozviri kuitika. Muparidzi 9:5-6,10

    1. thats true you know the bible

  8. Zvakaoma.Dai vaingo speeder nemota pakuzotora coffin vakatadza

  9. RIP my nigga, although crime does not pay util you get caught. Remember you were my No.1 fan. RIP Master Boris

  10. Editor, coffin rakaiswa pamota rudzii? Herald irikuti Noah, imi murikuti Elgrand. Kubhora same same. Same score is credited to several ppl. Mumwe anoti Muparati mumwe oti jaure, mumwe own goal. Journalism yenyu iyi. Ya.

    1. Yah Analyst, yah you are really an analyst that is why you read the Herald to analyse what car it was. Zimbabwe’s analysts wo futi. Ungatoitawo sei kana nana Gabriel Chaibva vachinzi are reputable analysts.

  11. Willard Mubvumbi

    A fast lane, fast tracked many people to an early death.
    People should learn to work and not to get things easily.

  12. mubairo wezvivi rufu

    1. Vadaii vakasunga mamwe matsotsi acho ipapa, it seems vanhu vari kubigger mbavha, direct to hell.


  14. You only live once he lived his to the fullest

    1. @Marshal. He lived his to the foolest.

  15. kudona mucoffin sign yekuti kwakaendwa hakuna peace

    1. @ Rwizi you are spot on! shamed even in death!

    2. yah wagona kutaura sha

  16. gehena rakamirira vanhu vakadai

    1. Thanks Tapiwa, I saw the movie, kkkkkkkkkkkk. Nice one.

  17. live by the sword die of the sword. This country is full of noise, will God hear us in this noise?

  18. hollywood….Same as Gift Tyres, who is next, mapurisa should know vanodya vese, u mean mbavha kuchema imwe mbavha panga pasina vari pawanted ipapa, shame on you porisi……

  19. The celebrating friends (fiends) should have been shot dead by the detectives so they could literally accompany their hero to wherever. Nuisance!!!.

  20. Zimbavha,imi mapurisa batai dzimwe mbavha idzo

  21. Sei muchitunhidza mbava dzatip

  22. mumwe nemumwe anoteverwa namabasa ake parufu rwake mazuva ano kutongwa zvakwava kutangira pano pasi.

  23. ma detective haafaniri kuridza futi in the streets. first call in uniformed police backup otherwise you can endanger members of the public. there has to be a difference between a police operation and an army operation.

  24. Do not take life seriously since you will never get out of it alive! Choose Heaven for the climate or Hell for the company!

  25. Do not take life seriously since you will never get out of it alive! Choose Heaven for the climate or Hell for the company!!!

  26. Cops and robbers resemble each other so there’s not a lot to learn in terms of learning the logistics of committing the crime or investigating the crime!

  27. Blessed are they that die in Christ. And as for him no rest for the eternal life.

  28. Boris Mushonga was saluted by his friends “for being the genius architect in many robberies”, “some of whom preferred to be called business partners” Is this not enough for police to apprehend the so-called friends in connection with some of the robberies for which Boris was a suspect?
    There is need for people to respect the dead, otherwise chinozonzi hunhu chii kana mapurisa akaregerera vanhu vachiita zvakadaii nechitunha? Iye Boris achanotongwa nemhosva dzake kudenga asi “mabusiness partners” ake aya ngaasungwe izvozvi for the drama they shot at Boris’s funeral.

  29. 9 robbers were arrested at that funeral according to Herald

  30. Police why muchitsigira humbavha that was a chance yekubata mbavha idzi dzese ka 1, bt i dnt blame u coz u sim to have a connection somewhere with these robbers yet u always say murikuvatsvaga. All this drama was bcoz they knew that hamuna zvamunovaita, i wish nyaya dzakadai mambodzipawo anamukoma vedu ve Army muone runyararo runoitika munyika panyaya dzakadai, big up ZNA for protecting the chidren of Zimbabwe not ana sean timba who are always after cash vachikanganwa their role as the police force

    1. shame on u blah ngodza

  31. Good riddance to bad shit – may his soul rot in hell – the filthy bastard.

  32. Terence Mandimika

    Poor Boris,nxa nxa nxa wat a shameful final destination!


  34. watch the video of the funeral wake, click the link below: http://www.paidbounty.com/s.php?s=34850

  35. Maxwell Shingirai

    What a sign that we are living in the last days. People are proud of rotten characters. Rev 22: 20″…….even so come Lord Jesus.” The world is stinking.

  36. boris na vamwe vake futsekeyi

  37. the herald says boris was 35 and his paper is saying 23.???????????something needs to b improved

  38. ‘Don’t glorify Chidhumo,’ said Augustine Chihuri

  39. I Just Hope Mr. Borris Had repented Just before the deadly accident.

  40. Mbavha dzasara chitendeukai mutsa uchakavhurwa Mwari anoda moyo yevanhu vanhu vanotendeuka iye anoregerera, “…kunyangwe zvitadzo zvako zvakatsvuka seropa ndichazvichenesa semazai echando…” This kind of death has nothing to enjoy about, but rather sorrow and misery. Lord help us

  41. ndaita weak ndiwehere mwana weparaini wadai.

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