Govt unveils $161m agric support


GOVERNMENT yesterday unveiled a $161 million input support programme to enable farmers to grow maize and small grains, including rearing livestock for the 2013/2014 farming season.


The basic input package that will be availed to farmers will include 10kg of maize/small grain seed, 50kg compound D fertilizer and 50kg lime for each household.

The input support scheme will benefit communal, old resettlement, small scale and A1 farmers with a combined coverage of 1,6 million households.

An outstanding $11,8 million owed to seed houses and fertilizer suppliers was also cleared.

In a joint statement, Agriculture minister Joseph Made and Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said $9,2 million owed to farmers by Grain Marketing Board had also been cleared.

“In the drier areas, farmers may not necessarily need crop input packs, but would rather prefer support to cater for their livestock. In such areas, a livestock support pack comprising drugs, vaccines and stockfeed equivalent to the value of grain input package would be availed instead,” the two ministers said.

The private sector, government said, had provided funding to the tune of $120 million towards the scheme.

The government will be working with the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and other co-operating partners in the scheme.

“Government is therefore, pleased to advise that an amount of $40
million is being disbursed to the fertilizer industry towards initial payment for supplies required under the agriculture input support programme,” he said.

“Furthermore, government is also availing some $10 million to the seed houses towards payment of 2013/14 support programme.”

Chinamasa and Made said the FAO was working in conjunction with other co-operating partners have indicated readiness to partner government to the tune of $19,25 million, targeting 77 800 smallholder farmers.

Government will also be working with the banking sector to finance farmers.


  1. This is indeed welcome, hope the minister does the same for industry. Sanction should also follow this announcement otherwise all the funds will go into buying new cars, Vertu cell phones, single malt whiskey and Ruwa non alcoholic drinks priced north of 6million per bottle. Phew!

  2. Next year same people will be seeking the same inputs from gvt. 10 years vanhu vachipuwa ma inputs and the silos are still empty! Common sense will tell you this routine is not working coz in between the planting season gvt again has to feed these people so why not keep this money for feeding these blood sucking leeches pamberi apa. Agriculture needs a new strategy altogether, ideally financing a few large scale farmers that could feed the whole nation would be a progressive move kwete izvi zvekubatana kumeso ne 10kg yembeu.

  3. some people dont appreciate positive change remember we are still on recovery mode at least tendai wo this step in the right direction

  4. This is not helpfull at all. Its a token. 1 ha of maize needs 7 50kgs of D, 5 50kgs of AN and 25kg of seed.

    Hapana dhiri apa. dai varegedza havo.

  5. News day please do just reproduce the press statement. what impact if any will they have on the household since the inputs are for the back yard garden.
    The journalist shld go back to school!

  6. yes its good to appreciate what the government is question is were these guys farmers cause in real sense i don’t see any thing good happening besides we will eat the seed and sell the fertilizer.
    its high time i am on my way home by the GRACE OF GOD.

  7. These are small tokens designed for effect but won’t change anything in the grand scheme of things . This is akin to handing a basket of fish to a beggar without teaching him to fish for himself ,so you provide a farmer with 10k of seed what will he do next season since the harvest will only be enough for subsistence ?
    Real action is needed to address the funding gap that industry ,farmers and households are facing . Its a fact that you can not circumvent the principles of good governance and sustainable growth policies that bring about foreign direct investment and enable us to grow out of this self destruct cycle where we import everything from energy to food .

  8. This project is good for the beneficiaries against hunger not for the government .Thank u Mr Chinamasa for paying out farmers their dues owed by GMB God bless u and increase u with wisdom and understanding.

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