Govt fires Tsvangirai staff

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

GOVERNMENT has fired about 100 civil servants who served in former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s office during the inclusive government, it has been learnt.


Although no comment could be obtained from Secretary for Civil Service Commission Pretty Sunguro NewsDay has it on good authority that the commission had reportedly “retired” most of those that worked in Tsvangirai’s office.

Letters of termination of service dated September 27, 2013 in NewsDay’s possession were dispatched to the “unwanted” officials last week, advising them that they were being “retired” in line with government policy.

“. . . the (civil service) commission intends to retire you from the civil service in terms of section 18(4)e(2) of the Public Service Regulations, 2000.

The section provides for the commission to retire a member owing to the reduction in or adjustment of the organisation of a ministry or other division of the public service,” Sunguro wrote. “In terms of Section 18 (5) (i) and (ii) of the said regulations, you are hereby notified of the Commission’s intention to retire you and given the opportunity to make representations, in writing for the Commission’s consideration before it makes its decision on the matter. In the meantime, you have been placed on paid leave until the Commission makes its final decision.” Sunguro said the development was part of ongoing restructuring and re-organisation of the civil service. The office of the Prime Minister was abolished following the July 31 harmonised elections won by Zanu PF as it was not provided for in the new Constitution. However, according to one victim, the terminations were aimed at eliminating “bad apples” who served under MDC-T leader Tsvangirai.

“The entire project is blatantly discriminatory. They are sparing no one who worked under the (former) Prime Minister. Even those who were seconded from the President’s office at the formation of the unity government have been kicked out,” the source who preferred to remain anonymous told NewsDay yesterday. It is understood that some top officials who were forcibly “retired” had written to the commission protesting against the termination of their services.

“I do not understand the motive behind this whole thing. What I know is when a particular office has been closed down, civil servants are redeployed to other stations, which does not appear to be the case in this instance,” another source said.

It is understood that principal director for human resources and finance in Tsvangirai’s office Norman Sachikonye reportedly held a closed door meeting with Sunguro on Friday to resolve the impasse. But, yesterday Sachikonye refused to shed light on the matter.

“I am sorry I do not talk to the Press. The person you have to speak to is Mrs Sunguro from the Public (Civil) Service Commission. She should be able to furnish you with whatever information you need,” Sachikonye said. Repeated efforts to get comment from Sunguro were unsuccessful as her mobile phone went unanswered.

Scores of staffers, some of whom had been assigned by the MDC-T to work at the now defunct Prime Minister’s Office have since relocated to the party headquarters, Harvest House in Harare.


  1. Hemwaimboti munoita zvinoda moyo! Zanu chiwororo! Taakutonga muchiona sezvamakati titonge muchiona. Kupi kunonzi ma civil servants anoshandira ku head office ye political party? Kana ku zanu pf hq hakuna ma civil servants anoshandira ikoko! Hamunzwi! Dzingwai.

    • Pwaakutonga, pwaakutonga shame. Its this obsession about kutonga while destroying the country. And this Albert maggot who is ululating as the country burns does not care because it has no value, it cannot leave in a normal country and get employment so the best is lick matibili’s back for survival. As we speak there is no electricity in hospitals but maakutonga. Remember those young soldiers in barracks are waiting for their conditions to improve. Tichaonerera. By the way, when are we going to Heroes acre. I cant wait.

        • kana masota magetsi nemvura nemabasa mozodzoka paforum muchipururudza about kutonga. so far its just misrule you are self praising for

      • Our Defence forces are patriots and not mercinaries. They know challenges the country is going through and will defend it whether their conditions of service improve or not.


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  2. There is no heaven on earth. It will all end one day. People should work for their salvation while the time still allows them to do so. Heaven is real and so is hell. Just saying

  3. but tsvangcry is thought mortified per latest emanating moyo to moyo out of renovated masvingcry lining up onthe wrong side of the road and busy buu buu buu kutenda kwa goramumwemukaranga !! a thriller is seen ahead akomana.

  4. If this is true, this is taking an ugly joke too far. Shouldnt the PSC which has frozen most posts anyhow not redeploy these persons? I hope for everyone’s sake this is not true.

    • How were they recruited in the first place?Did they come through formal Civil Service recruiting channels?I suspect they came via Harvest House and were only formalized to enable accountability of the treasury vote for the then PM’s office.In that case since the PM’s office has been made redundant its only logical they return back to their party posts.Whilst we are still at it,the new government should spell out its position on ghost workers.Most of these are also basically party youths deployed as so-called youth officers but serving party interests at the so-called Youth Ministry.

  5. Serves MT right – those who were decidedly MDC T need to go now that their party is gone. They displayed their colours – if their party had won, they would be in the gravy train. They lost – so they cannot expect to win heads or tails. Life doesnt work that way. Good bye

    • Listen to how stupid you sound. Typical Zanu mentallity. Those people are Civil Servants not party supporters. They were working for the government of that time and not any party.

      • Kana ndimiwo how can you say Tamborinyoka is a civil servant and should not be fired. Handiti they were being paid handsomely by the World Bank. Now Zanu PF is under Sanctions and the World Bank cannot pay them anymore. Can they now accept the peanuts we are getting.


  6. Ko ivo vanhu vaingoti vaka ona benzi rinozvipengera, nanga nanga naro. Sure maiti Prime Prime minister’s office yokwana. Just because benzi ranga rawana vanopururudza ma former colonial masters mukati uyu ndiye. Imwi we. Zvino zvatinonzwa kuti masalary enyu were way beyond that of the civil servants modii?

  7. Democracy winner take all has its pitfalls..sorry, former PM configured his office to be a parallel govt..awaiting to take over come July 31. We heard madam had even placed orders for curtains and a home designer to redo statehouse had been hired from the UK! Zvino kurota hakuna kushata asika zviroto chete, takasotaura kare kare. Harvest House can surely reassign these people, there should be monies from the UK and the Democracy Foundation blah… blah… I empathize with them. CHINJAI vakomana muuye ku ZANU PF.

  8. The PM deluded everyone into believing he was Presidential material…Why the outcry? Surely Harvest House can reassign them. Ndine Shamwari dzine mari…..!!What to do with the huge curtain orders placed by the madam ?

  9. Did these so called “civil servants” think their life went beyond that of their president. The civil service is only for civil people. Civil people are not sellouts.

  10. To hell with you Sunguro(street woman),we are not even bothered neither are we moved by that zanu pf plan.We knew this was coming but tell you what,you will never win this war of economy.Also expect more sanctions again from USA and Britain.

    We do not care at all,we more than ready to move on our own.MDC T will never at all disintegrate my friend.

    And because your party zanu pf has decided to take that evil way,be ready for the downfall of the economy,so keep your party zanu pf and let me keep my MDC T Party.

    • If you say we should expect more sanctions from the USA and Britain, you should expect more backlash from ZANU-PF whether you care or you do not.

      • machinja kupururudzira ma sanctions hamufe makatonga muchaona moto if u think that sanctions are fo zanu pf work up.zvamunomboti hakuna masanctions saka makutaurei its u mdcz and your leader who call for sanction makapusa

  11. Its unfortunate that these ppe were recruited on partisan grounds with a brief to prepare for Tsvangirai to take over, eg Alex Magaisa and Luke Tamborunyoka. These two can not continue to be part of the public service just as it would have been impossible for George Charamba to remain in public service if Tsvangirai had won. Its unfortunate that the public service is polarised and attempts are made to make it more polarised

  12. Shame shame shame on the Sunguro led Civil Service Commission. Very soon a great wall shall fall and be careful to be crushed! Time is now ripening for God’s judgement against evil rulership which seems to represent the people’s aspirations but are self aggrandinising themselves. Their days are numbered, people are furious, yet long suffering for too long such that it has reached the ears of God in Heaven who is saying, l wl deal with this principality rulership. This is trully unfair but l see them being recalled within m months in a New Zimbabwe

    • Kurota hakuna kushata but it is only when you put your dreams in practice which becomes an area of concern

  13. Why should they be retained when the idiot’s office has been abolished. they should just follow their master and re-strategies. After all they were there to serve the puppet and not the government. Proper civil servants are still in office.

  14. What increases the gravity of their plight is the fact that these so-called civil servants were being paid far much more that the traditional civil servants who are all currently waiting for a salary increment.

  15. poor reporting, since July 31 they hv nt bn goin 2 wrk n Tambolenyoka evn sed they r nt civil servants ol of a sudden nw they r civil servants. 2 hell wth newsday, no wonder y pple chnge 2 zpf afta following sme of yo stories

  16. Is the same fate going to befall all the civil servants whose ministries were abolished. To me, unless there are political reasons, the cases are the same

  17. Zanu pf and MDC are the same idiots. God takes care of us, it’s better our efforts be directed the glorious devine side. With 90% unemployment who is looking after all these innocent souls? It’s not Zanu pf; its our God period

    • If god is takes care of us Zimbabwe should not have 90% unemployment. We should not be struggling like that. I am angry because this almighty god continue providing the rich and leaving the poor to rot

  18. i hope you dont mind me saying rudhendhe rwanyora pano njere ishoma zvimwezvo navo vatandi vavashandi.
    hamuone here kuti nyika vanhu handi yemunhu ? hee ?
    saka when the factions engage in skull duggery as they will clearly soon do, precedent moshandisaka iyoyi ?
    ndazvionawo kuti wamwe wari kukuza president wedu wamwewo wari kutsikisa mhunga yavo vari pa ruware rwa masvingo.

    • @ Cde psycho….Imi siyai zvokutuka vanhu, akakuudzai kuti only your analysis and opinion is valid ndiyani? Regai vanhu vanyore zvavanoda.

  19. But I don’t understand what the fuss is about here. PM akabuda mu office saka vashandi vacho vanogarirei. They are redundant – excess capacity. This was expected to happen. Any organisation would have done exactly the same given the fact that the said office and function ceases to exist.

  20. Chaizvo chaizvo Tsvangirai ayiita basa reyi mu GNU for 4 years? Uku ndokutambisa mari chaiko. Prime minister we zita chete pasina chaayiita chatakaona. Nekuti kana uri prime minister unofanirwa kurakidza vese vano shanya kuti “Honayi – ndini ndakavaka nziira iyo kana chipatara icho” – zvino zva Tsvangirai ndazvishaya. Kuswera achijabura kunana S Korea, Nigeria, America Democratic Party Convention, S Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Germany, France, Sadc, Canada, Australia, Libya asi chakabuda hapana.
    Waste of oxygen.

    • @atz – ndokutiyi kuti “urimupengo chaiiye”? Mupengo pakudiyi? Chiyi chandnyora apa chaungai kunyepa? You must always explain why you think what I have written is not true. Nditaurire chimwechete chakaitwa na Tsvangirai pa 4 years.

  21. My understanding is that even MDCT is firing its employees from Harvest House because their services are no longer required. Can we say they are also being fired on party lines.

  22. The whole lot, including their boss were evaluated and found wanting by the electorate, hence their ultimate boss ( the people/ NIKUV) fired them. Since they are lacking in basic skills and competencies to serve in any other arm of government so redeployment is not an option. In any case what do you do to an employee who absents them-self from a workstation for 2 months without permission or a reasonable explanation? Giving them another job is not smart government.

  23. zim fo zimbos kana usungade wamama…..haimboenda nyika yenyu tiripo ………isu maninja. maninja daiirai

  24. All of you slow down.Tsvangirai caused this mess.
    After elections he declared that his party would not cooperate with the government.
    So why should You keep people in your company whose agenda is not to cooperate.
    MDCT is confused now.

  25. The government of the day is there for everyone. It is responsible kuwanisa vanhu mabasa regardless of political affiliation so its
    not proper kudzinga vanhu mabasa.

  26. If the election result were genuinely fairly conducted, these civil servants should not be fired because if Mugabe won it means that those people fired, the majority of them also voted for Mugabe. This is sick. What kind of a leadership is that. Does the government have any empathy on the lives of those children with parents who lost their jobs. What Zimbabweans wants is a fair government. We have gone back to the Smith era were equality have not existed. Firing these civil servant was very bad act. I think the government need to give these employees their jobs back. Lets be civil here

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