Gorowa condemns Rufaro Stadium

WARRIORS coach Ian Gorowa has condemned Rufaro Stadium, which has been hosting the senior national team’s matches of late, proposing that Zifa makes Barbourfields Stadium, in Bulawayo, the new home for the flagship team.

By Kevin Mapasure

The team, which has since booked a ticket to African Nations Championships (Chan), has already booked Barbourfields for its next assignment, a friendly international against Mozambique on December 8.

The Warriors are also set for a month’s camp in South Africa in December ahead of the January finals.

Gorowa disclosed his plans for the Warriors while addressing Zifa provincial chairpersons at the weekend in Bulawayo.

Provincial leaders met on Saturday to plan for the impending national presidium countrywide tour next month.

Gorowa said that the Rufaro Stadium artificial turf is no longer suitable and players preferred to play on grass.

He is also not keen on the use of the National Sports Stadium where the Warriors have struggled for results opting for Barbourfields where he wants the team to play all its Afcon 2015 qualifiers at.

“I have requested that we should play all Afcon 2015 home qualifiers at Barbourfields,” Gorowa said.

“I feel we should spread our national football to all parts of the country. It’s unfortunate we do not have the facilities in other cities and towns such as Gweru, Mutare and Masvingo. The national team should not be a preserve for Harare. Bulawayo has got a rich history of football. They should also have the right to host the national teams. The artificial turf at Rufaro is not good anymore.”

On Saturday, Gorowa watched Bantu Rovers play New West as he continues search for talent ahead of Chan.

Last week, Zifa president Cuthbert Dube implored coaches to cast their nets beyond the top-flight in search of talent.

And Gorowa said that he, together with the other members of his technical team, would watch lower division football to identify special talent which can be developed to service the national team.

“We want to put emphasis on identifying special raw talent. We want to search for those unpolished diamonds. This is the only way our game can grow and we can put our game back where it belongs.”

Dube and his deputy Ndumiso Gumede will conduct a national tour to make an audit of the needs of the game at grassroots level as they try to aid the vision they share with Gorowa.

In a speech read on his behalf at the same function, Dube said that he would soon reach out to all stakeholders in a bid to improve the nation’s number one sport.

“I would like to announce that I will be visiting the 10 provinces as from early November, to meet with all affiliates resident in your provinces,” Dube said.

“I also look forward to meet the entire family of football during the tours. I intend to meet ex-players, former administrators, referees and coaches, local authorities, the representatives of the fan clubs and the business community. The tour will help me have a full appreciation of the situation obtaining on the ground and I have no doubt that the tour will be an eye opener.”

Zifa board elections are set for March next year and Dube will be seeking a new term in office, but the provincial leadership will have theirs in January.

Dube urged the incumbent provincial leadership to make sure they preserved the gains made by the current leadership by winning the elections in their respective provinces.

“We are aware that there are people out there keen to reverse the gains we have made to date and I urge you to work very hard to protect our gains from the selfish lot.”

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  1. Ultimate Warrior

    “the warriors have struggled for results at the National Sports Stadium…” And now it is the fault of the stadium? Wait till your Warriors start playing badly @ Barbourfields and they start being booed that’s when you’ll realise that that segment of the national team supporters is just as unforgiving as the one in the capital city.

  2. This is a good move as other cities are deprived of watching national team players in action. Bf can be our hunting ground and teams will be slaughtered there.

  3. Willard Mubvumbi


    1. u hv a dead brain @Willard. If u hv nothing meanful to contribute keep your keyboard in the drawer of your office

    2. You are running away from the Dembare win over Bosso article ehhhh, @Willard?

    3. Willard “prophet of doom”Mubvumbi wakaura takaizora team yako mudhara lets hope you were not NIKUVED as you always say and think isn’t it?We are on pole position zvedu.

  4. Gorowa was just politicking.

  5. How do you do all this when you cannot pay employees for 11 months you useless Dube time up.

  6. Pondaihenyu mwanawevhu

    Gorowa leave politics to politicians concentrate on building the national team whether wanzi tambira kwaKitsiyatota, Gumbonzwanda or Hauna its non of your business. Just deliever what the nation expect at the end on away matches uchuramba kutambira mumwe mavenues

  7. Gorowa is simply stating that it makes sense to give other Zimbabweans from other cities a chance to watch games of their national team. Up the ante Gorowa. Hapana chakaipa apa.

  8. bbf ndiko kwehondo,f e warriors dnt perfom well kunoita fti hondo,,ngavatambire musakubva stadium near mosken

  9. if just spreading the game thts fine bt the reason of ayn we nt getting results mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ko akarambazve kuwanikwa kubf ikoko. i thnk jus say we need to spread the games to all centers period

  10. administration work for administrators mr coach,wat if you go to congo can you choose where to play

  11. Good call by the coach but not real using of bad results, whether positive or bad results in NSS, all Zimbabweans from corners of the country deserve to watch their national team, watching national team should not only the privildge of those who stay in the capital city so fully behind you there coach….BF here we come…Go warrirors Go to BF

  12. Presidium Tour yekupi varikuda Tea and sadza (T & S) or is it per diem in French???

  13. Gorowa is right ladies and gentleman lets spread the game across the country.I would like to ask the city fathers of Kwekwe to find investors to build a state of the art stadium and other facilities in the city.We are at the centre of the country and would be ideal for national games.

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