First Lady Grace Mugabe evicts 50 families

GUSHUNGO Holdings, a business concern owned by the First Family has reportedly kicked out 11 small-scale miners occupying 22 hectares of land along Mazowe River to pave way for the expansion of the family business.


It is understood that the small-scale miners and 50 families at the site, were given six days to vacate the area which was immediately declared a high security area because of its proximity to First Lady Grace Mugabe’s private school, orphanage home and her dairy company in Mazowe.

President Robert Mugabe’s family has vast interests in Mazowe, which include an orphanage, a state-of-the-art learning institution, Amai Grace Mugabe Junior School all run by First Lady Grace Mugabe and a dairy company, Alpha and Omega.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, one of the evicted miners said they were summoned by management at Gushungo Holdings two weeks ago and given six days to remove their belongings.

“The management told us they were under instructions from the First Family whom they said wanted us out as it was a security area. Before, we were summoned, Gushungo Holdings’ head of security, whom we only know as Mpambi, visited our claims and demanded samples of our ore. He came in the company of foreigners whom we suspect to be Russians,” the source said speaking on condition of anonymity.

The source added that on Thursday last week, bulldozers accompanied by anti-riot police descended on the area and razed down all structures from the mining sites dotted along Mazowe Valley.

“There were about 50 families at the site and all of them are out as we speak. What concerns us most is that we were not given any letters of eviction to indicate that the operation was above board. Furthermore, we were told in no uncertain terms that we would not be compensated for any developments at the site,” another source added.

Gushungo Holdings general manager Stanley Nhari could neither deny nor confirm that the company had evicted the miners and their families from their mining sites.
But, he said: “I have held so many meetings with many groups and I do not remember the one you are referring to. However, it has to be noted that this is a high security zone and panners indulging in illegal activities are all over along the Mazowe River.”

Nhari, who demanded to know NewsDay sources to ascertain whether he had held meetings with them or not, added: “As far as I am concerned Gushungo Holdings has not taken over any mine in this area. We do not believe in operating that way.”

The miners, who claimed they made an average of about $3 000 a month through the mining ventures, said they did not know how they would make ends meet following the evictions.

Contacted for comment, principal director in the Office of the President Lawrence Kamwi refused to comment and referred questions to Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba.

“You know George Charamba don’t you? Please speak to him over such issues,” he said before switching off his phone.

Charamba could, however, not be reached as his mobile phones went unanswered.

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  1. high security area

    it’s a high security area. so what’s the fuss all about? they even made upto $3000 a month! it’s a lot for them to have somewhere to stay

    1. Better still headline should read, “FIFTY (50) ILLEGAL GOLD PANNERS EVICTED FOR ILLEGAL OCCUPATION AND OPERATIONS” lt is absurd that they claim to earn an average monthly income of $3000 and not even a dime was remitted towards tax to the state.

    2. Mfana kaSobhuku..

      Uyanya wena High Security Risks Mpentsho wakho..

  2. Zimbabweans, hatidi hondo hondo, asi chokwadi Gushungo nemhuri yenyu matikaurisa, hamuna hanya nevanhu, you had spent your life on our taxes, you do not understand to go a single night without a meal, even how it is to be outdoor over night, Murambatsvina 1, now another one is coming, another group is out again, no alternative plan to cover your deeds, guys, benzi ndiro rinokuroverai maoko apa, mbavha nevaroi, kwete munhu anofunga ramangwana revana vake, ane hanya nenyika yake, we are tired of suffering because of you, BE REMINDED THAT YOU DONT OWN US, even God is he frustrate us find an alternative, ngazvigume ipapo,

    Vanhu rudzii vasingatendeuki, vamwe vanhu munotswanya seInda, vamwe munoputsira dzimba, vamwe munorarisa nenza, hamugaye, nhasi benzi rinoda ngarikutsigire, ndinorishura

  3. Saka voita sei, voendepi vaizvitsvagira mari vega wani ndokurarama kwavowo. inzwai tsitsi amai.

  4. Indiginise, Empower and employ.

  5. you were busy preaching during elections tme tht you go to war for e sake of benefiting indegenous zimbabweans and that was gud, nw we minning just for family consumption hezvo todzingwa toita zvekudii nhai mhai tihwireiwo hurombo.

  6. @High Security Area before you clap hands for this, i think you need to establish facts first.But you know what with the current regime anything can happen to anyone including YOU!

    1. I do not think it had anything to do with “High Security Area”, I think it has more to do with Mineral Wealth under that Ground that they, the Mugabes, found about it.No way Greedy Gucci Grace would want to loose out on future BILLIONS !Who were the FOREIGNERS that came there. As the Villagers stated they were thought to be RUSSIANS !! Now WHY would Foreigner What would Foreigners like Russians go and do there all of a sudden with an Official from Gushungo? To inspect the school? to Inspect the Orphanage? To Inspect the Dairy Cows? NO RUSSIANS do not travel that fare to go and see cows etc. The 11 miners were told to give samples of their “Ore” !! NOW THAT is the REASON the RUSSIANS came.! That ORE has now already been in the Laboratories and analyzed in RUSSIA. The NEW Government should now FREEZE and confiscate ALL the land and farms of the MUGABIES !<ugabe was just a teacher and she just a Small time Secretary with a Diploma. NOT a degree. Both of them and their families had NO BIG Businesses or wealth. They were ordinary workers (HE did not even grow up with his father. So They had NO MONEY and BIG Capital! So How come after Independence they became BILLIONAIRES? He on a Salary by Government and she on as Salary as an Ordinary Secretary? With NO CAPITAL of their OWN? NO WAY ! Where did all the money come from? How come a wealthy Rhodesia became a Banana Republic Zimbabwe?BECAUSE the MONEY and the WEALTH of the Country and the People(Citizens) was stolen!! IT is still being stolen.It will all be owned by China and Russia. These Chinese/Russians will become further Billionaires and the Corrupt Zimbabwian Elite and the Citizens will become even poorer IF IT IS NOT STOPPED NOW!! Do not vote for another DESPOT DICTATOR who will also be just like MUGABE or worse. Start taking all their MONEY,Farms and Business, Illegally obtained by TAKING it from others,back and find the Cash BILLIONS hidden away by the THIEVES in Overseas Banks. Start a fresh now.! ZIMBABWE has got that change. Do not BLOW IT !Become a decent, fair and CIVLIZED Nation again.

  7. Rubbish, why do you write about illegal gold panners masquerading as decent citizens. They are criminals and off they should be evicted from the institution of learning.

    1. The writer is simply highlighting humbavha hwenyika, iwo makorokoza handiti ndivo vakuru venyika vakakurudzira kuzvishandira, kana uchiti illigal gold miners varikutaurwa nezvavo vacho havasi mailligal rulers here?

  8. Jamengweni Godonga

    How I wish this could become law, otsheketsha are a nuisance; wherever they are they leave a lot of distruction. They are a law unto themselves thina esifuyayo lokulima ubona sebethutsha ngaphansi kwezibaya. Zpf lo Mpofu allowed these land destroyers toom much room kodwa thina esinga yisibo abe high risk sizabe sibanina njenge mpukane otsheketsha. Regularise their operations so that they are held responsible for all the distruction they cause. Where is EMA in all this? Umsebenzi yikusitshela ukuthi ‘imota yakho ikhupha intuthu enengi’ – ukonakala kwelizwe abakuboni. Suka

  9. If these people were illegal gold panners then they deserve all the pain now being visited upon them.If.However,my reading gives the impression that their operations were legal and Grace is gracelessly flexing her hussy’smuscles to deal with these povos.Indeginise,Develop,Empoy?!

  10. Interesting now that the commentators here have decided to rewrite the headlines. Illegal gold miners. No where in the report does it say illegal. Or maybe they have more information than all of us. As usual they are the ones who are always correct and everyone else is wrong.

  11. indiginise, disempower and distroy


    1. Ndozvinonetsera in a this space is for comments not marketing tumabhizimisi twenyu

  13. The more they oppress them the more they claim they have voted for them.

  14. These are the consequences of farm and land invasions instigated by thugs in ZanuPF since the year 2000. Questions must be asked how the Mugabe family acquired these properties before vilifying the evicted families. On the face of it, the Mugabes acquired these properties corruptly and therefore have no right whatsoever to evict others trying to acquire property corruptly. If a person steals someone else’s wallet and in turn have the wallet stolen from the thief by someone else, the wallet thief cannot go to the police to make a report that they have been robbed because they stole the wallet in the first place. That is precisely why being honest is the best solution.
    The Mugabes cannot acquire properties corruptly and then declare these properties security areas to stop others doing what the Mugabes are guilty of. That is the height of corruption. These 50 families must stay put and fight any eviction with all their might. The 50 families have my support – they are trying to right a wrong committed by the Mugabes in acquiring properties corruptly.
    Why should the Mugabes own so many properties when others have no place to live?

  15. It would not be surprising that among the 50 families facing eviction from the Mugabe’s property empire are people who voted Zanu into power in 1980 when Zanu could have lost the election and faced ruin.

    1. @Mukoma Musona, the headline is typical pre-election, its sensational and wrong, illegal mining is disastrous to the land..if they converge on your farm you will understand, the First Lady does not, did not, nor did she order police…By the way, if ZANU PF invades land what did the Pioneer Column do? Mamwe mashoko munongoparrota…. WANACHI…swallow your misguided anger…you alone cant change nothing, today or next year or even years after that, start with your hateful attitude..thats right CHINJAI Vakoma.

      1. @Don Wezhira – there’s nothing pre-election about the heading – 50 families of evicted miners said they were summoned by management at Gushungo Holdings two weeks ago and given six days to remove their belongings”. The report goes on to say, “The source added that on Thursday last week, bulldozers accompanied by anti-riot police descended on the area and razed down all structures from the mining sites dotted along Mazowe Valley”.
        Is that fair? The Mugabes acquired this land corruptly and have no right to tell others trying to get land corruptly as they did themselves that they are wrong.
        My comment is very very clear. You have shifted the argument to Pioneers. If the Pioneers invaded the land which the Mugabes in turn invaded then the 50 families have also a right to invade this land from the Mugabe invaders who are no different to the Pioneers.
        In my comment I have given a very good example of what happens when lawlessness instigated by your ZanuPF reigns. I will give you another example – if someone steals a car and the car in question is stolen from the first thief, the first thief cannot have many complaints that “his car has been stolen ” because it is not his/her car – it‘s a stolen car, end of story. How did the Mugabes acquire this land? Why do they have so many properties? The 50 families are trying to eke out a living. Why should invading properties be the exclusive right of the Mugabes only? If they had acquired these properties in the right manner there would be no problem. You are trying to defend the indefensible.

      2. I totally agree with you Musona. Ivo ana Grace ne harabwa yake ngavesiye vanhu vararame. Futi iye Grace ne murume wake havabve ku Mazowe area. Vana Mugabe varikuiteyi ku Mazowe ivo vari ve kwa Kutama? Havanyare. They cannot be occupying land in Mazowe when their home area is Kutama. Vana Grace vane mukaviro.

  16. The Evil and Selfish refer to themselves as good and generous!

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  18. Hapana chakaipa. Vanhu vezanu have a tendency of thinking that they own everything. Most of those evicted played a role in political violence in 2oo8. Nhasi vakaura. Thats what they voted for. We dont even want to hear about such issues. They were stupid to believe in those lies. Foolish animals kuda kungomera pese pese sehohwa.

  19. Mazuva akarehwa namuporofita Marxillar Mumo ari kunzi asvika…ingomirirai chete

  20. makorokoza hazviiti kuti agare pedyo nefirst family.

  21. makorokoza hazviiti kuti agare pedyo nefirst family. lol

  22. First Lady of evictions enough said

  23. Mfana ka Sobhuku, yehlisumoya jaha. Inhlamba cha mfanami.

  24. Indeginise, Empower and Evict after Elections ! Good slogan 4 those that voted blindly. Kkkkkkkk zvichabayana rwendo runo muchaifunga MDC-T. No checks n balances, u swallowed Line Hook and sink.

  25. Dzingai vanhu ndiko kuti vazive zvekusapota mangwana..vanonyanya tsvato,zvimaclaim izvozvi handiti vaipiwa pachizanu..nekuti kana vamwe tichichema ivo vachidya vanotokuitira hasha kuti usacheme,hauone kuti tiri kukudyira here..imbozvinzwaiwo muri kunyn’a

  26. @Musona……………………..hakuna munhu anoda zvakadaro mufarm make….iwe hauna farm not cz of n1 to blame but paipiwa mafarms iwe u busy kutaura nekutuka Zanu PF uchiti its white ple’s land.nw tapiwa minda wakuti regai makorokoza achere chere farm racho………..worse more its of first family…….hakuna zvakadaro makorokoza akatumwa chete aya cz kujairira kwacho hakusi kwega.President deserves all e respect we cn give……….evn chenyu ichi dai chakapinda hanty chaitoda kuti evn mombe dzacho tidzi salute dzofundzwa neCIO…kkkkkkkk………….manje chakatadza kuziva kuti Zim politics its home grown not kuti varume munokwanisa kufemera vamwe mugotsi……………….newe wacho ukaramba uri hater u will die usina kumbowana nthing cz u hate for no reason.u luz rationbality capabilties neruvengo……………..usadaro

  27. @Musona – I totally agree with you Musona. Ivo ana Grace ne harabwa yake ngavesiye vanhu vararame. Futi iye Grace ne murume wake havabve ku Mazowe area. Vana Mugabe varikuiteyi ku Mazowe ivo vari ve kwa Kutama? Havanyare. They cannot be occupying land in Mazowe when their home area is Kutama. Vana Grace vane mukaviro.

  28. Ana Musona naana Charles V muchafa muchitambura who wants that nonsense in his farm whether Grace akapamba that farm the fact remains the same nderake and those makorokoza are going to be chased away I mean very far. Hasha dzenyu ndedzemunhu ane nhamo yakushaya kanduwe

  29. @buhera son and jm kanhu kako – Chekutanga – isu ndisu taka pinza Zanu mu hurumende muna 1980 ne ma vhoti edu. Mugabe haana chaakaikaita. Wave kunyepa kuti ndakati “…it’s white people’s land”. Zvandinoziva ndezvekuti mabhunu, hngu vakatibatsira chaizvo kuita develop nyika kubvira 1890 asi usi vatema ndisu vazhinji saka nyika inofanirwa Katanga nesu – we are the majority. Grace haana farm yaangati ndeyake nekuti haana kana cent raakabhadara. I farm yedu vanhu vese vemu Zimbabwe. Iko kusanyara kwana Mugabe – vane ma purazi 30 e mhuri yavo vega asi vamwe vanhu munyika havana kana munda. Zvino nyadzisa – that is why vasingade kuti kuitwe land audit. Matsotsi.
    Varidzi chaivo venyika ino hativazive. Ma Bushm*n ndovakatanga kugara munyika ino vachiita ma Bushm*n paintings atinoona kwana Epworth. Ma Arabs vakagara munyika ino vachiita slave trade – ndo vaka vaka Great Zimbabwe ne Mapungubwe iri ku S Africa. Asi mazuva ano ndisu takawanda saka vanhu vatem vari kutonga asi vari kudzvanyirira vamwe vatema vakavapinza pachigaro muna 1980.

  30. One section should read, “Wave kunyepa kuti ndakati “…it’s white people’s land”. Zvandinoziva ndezvekuti mabhunu, hongu vakatibatsira chaizvo kuita develop nyika kubvira 1890 asi isu vatema ndisu vazhinji saka nyika inofanirwa Katanga nesu – we are the majority. Grace haana farm yaangati ndeyake nekuti haana kana cent raakabhadara.”

  31. the day shall come when the ruthless shall be persecuted for their wrong deeds.

  32. We are here to mine to the benifit of everyone in Zimbabwe so just relax.

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