Embalmed chickens a cancer risk

CONSUMING chickens that have been embalmed with chemicals as a preservation measure can result in cancer, a medical expert warned yesterday.


Ruth Labode, a medical expert and chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care said there was need to strengthen quality control on imported foods to curb diseases that culminated out of processed foods.

This follows disclosures on Tuesday by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce deputy president Davison Norupiri that a lot of chickens coming into Zimbabwe from Brazilian markets were embalmed with chemicals used to preserve dead bodies.

“Embalming is a cheaper way of preserving meat products, but unfortunately it is a chemical way and will obviously create reactions that can cause illnesses on those people who consume the meat,” Labode said.

“That is why people wake up five years later to discover that they have cancers, and it is not only imported products, but some local chickens are also fed with fattening chemicals which can later affect people.”

Labode said there was a quality control department in the Health ministry that should conduct random checks on chicken products imported into the country to ensure people were not endangered.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) director-general Eve Gadzikwa said the organisation was lobbying for a legal framework that would allow them to monitor all types of products in order to curb the flooding of dangerous counterfeit products.

“We have been lobbying for a legal framework which will allow us to participate in monitoring food products through delegated authority to enable us to undertake checks on shipment of foods into our borders,” Gadzikwa said.

“As far as I know, this legal framework is now on the legislative agenda and drafting stage and it will be part of the Bills that will be brought before Parliament during this session.”

She said SAZ was aware of incidences of smuggled counterfeit products through the country’s borders.

“What we do not have is coordination with other departments because some products are smuggled and it is difficult for us to have one legal framework to deal with embalmed chickens and counterfeit drugs. There is need for more policing at the country’s borders and we will be working with ZIMRA to deal with those,” she said.

Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development minister Joseph Made told delegates during the Alpha Media Holdings Conversations at Celebration Centre yesterday that: “I do not want to comment on a great story in one of the newspapers today (yesterday), but this is what happens when we are not producing locally. I have always said we should do away with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).”

In an interview yesterday, Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa expressed ignorance on whether embalmed chickens were on sale in Zimbabwe.

“I do not know about that. I will have to find out from my officers, but at the moment I don’t know if anything of that sort is taking place,” he said.

Several Zimbabweans took to NewsDay social platforms calling for a ban on imports.


  1. Haya unowurawa nechausingazive shuwa. Kubva tichaite mavegeterian! Dai matiudza kuti huku idzi dzekuBrazil dzirikumbotengeswa under which name or which stores tibve tasiyana nadzo.

  2. from 2day no chicken….again ndingatodye road runner hangu


  3. Kuyeuka bako wanaiwa nemvura

  4. The ultimate solution is to meet demand through local production as pointed out by Min Made hence lets map out strategy ASAP. We may enforce controls and inspections on borders but the system is always porous.

    1. Ivo vana Made ndivo vakauraya nyika thats why we are importing everything.

  5. stop importing chickens from outside lets keep our own chickens

  6. The people responsible for stoping importation of such products are the same people importing those products saka who will guard the guard?

  7. Granja moro ndomazita acho iwayo, frozen chickens sold in cardboard boxes. zvakaoma.

  8. Now that we have circumcised all those men it turns out the real culprits for causing all the cancers was imported embalmed chickens after-all! Can they sue for restoration of foreskin or graft chicken foreskin for them?
    On a more serious note, the issue was brought to light by COMESA Secretary General which means none of the food coming into the country is inspected by anyone. That should be most worrying!

  9. Local manufacturers must learn to deal with competition in a sober manner!!!

  10. Wisemanfromtheeast

    i commend the article from newsday but i cnt help but noticed that it is nw becoming a tendency of you to recycle news…i read about this some time ago..please we need some real issues not recycyled materials.

  11. I thank Newsday for this article. My question is, why are we importing chickens all the way from Brazil anyway? We have the capacity right here in our motherland to produce our own chickens. I have friends and family who are in chicken production and have problems finding the market for their chickens and all because there are a few people benefitting from chicken imports.

    This is really horrific and morbid!!! Chokwadi here kutongesa huku inemushonga wewanhu wakafa?!!!!

    All those responsible for importation and selling of these chickens should be brought to book!!! We are tired of people getting away with murder all for the sake of a few dollars in their pockets.

    Ko iyo Zimra haifanire here kucheck all the food stuffs getting in this country weduwee?

    Thanks again Zimra. Keep up the good work!!

  12. Unfortunately, its the lawmakers in government who seem to benefit from all these imports of low standard risky goods into our country so they do not make an effort to regulate, check or stop thew importation of all this trash into Zimbabwe from countries like India, Japan, SA etc .. We have had suspect radio active cars from Japan coupled with flooded cars from the Tsunami incident most likely coming through our borders unchecked whilst other countries have, since the Fukushima incident, introduced a radioactive check test for any cars imported from Japan, the Zim govt. has just turned a blind eye … now we have embalmed chickens from Brazil … why are we even importing chickens from Brazil? Some of Bulawayo, Harare, Mutare etc industries are just empty sheds decimated by years of mismanagement and unsound fiscal policies and instead of introducing measures aimed at reviving local industry and local manufacturing supported by entry barriers of foreign produced products (just like other countries do to support local industry), our government seems quite ok with Zimbabwe being the waste bin of other countries were they dump sub standard goods exposing our people and country to all these unknown risks and dangers.

  13. Baba mataura .. we have gone to being the bread basket of Africa to being the trash bin of the world and in the mean time some idiots keep on going viva this viva that …as if those idiots (from across the political divide) are going to make any effort to feed them…sorry state of affairs …. Cry The Beloved ZIMBABWE ..I mean we are importing chickens .. you mean our new b rand of farmers cannot even rear ma road runner?

  14. kuzvitaura pasina action madii kungonyarara tife zvedu tisingazivi.not surprising ingori tsuro nagudo ndipo pakaperera sarungano ngoma ndiyo ndiyo.

  15. Vanhu vatema takaitaseiko? Kutadza kusimudzira mumwe wako arikuchengeta machikens muno mu ZiMbabawe kuda kungoona tichitambura, Kupa ma Brazilians mari kokupawo muZimbo abiyako abudirirewo.

    1. Hazvie Kusimudzira vamwe vedu chinhu chakanaka chaizvo. Problem ndeyekuti vamwe vedu vari greedy zvino nyadzisa. Rega uone zvinoitika after the government bans chicken imports. Vamwe vedu vano kwidza mutengo zvekuti isu vana tsuro hatimbozo kwanisa kutenga huku muzvitoro. I,m not encouraging the import of these chickens from Brazil. All I am saying is that competition keeps prices affordable

  16. ZNCC deputy president need to prove his claim rather than peddling falsehoods and sway customers. ZNCC must first test the meat in reputable lab than merely trading accusations.

  17. La vida go to hell

  18. @Lavida- You do have a point! This is very dangerous terrain as those countries exporting the chickens will also retaliate by banning Zim exports..What is needed is a thorough investigation of these allegations raised. If on the other hand, this is sinister “Pirate of Carribean” scheme to fleece local consumers this Christmas then it will FAIL spectacularly just like everything else these local pirates have tried to keep competiton out..This is pathetic!

  19. amana mushonga unopukutiswa zvitunha pahuku dzatinodya here amana…musadaro taimbo seka machawa anonzi anonwa nekubikisa mupunga mvura yagezwa chitunha nhasi chirikweduwo

  20. Zvako La Vida. Inongova name calling.
    Emotional talking haishande. There is free trade worldwide. Remember Brazill can take you to task to prove that horrific accusation. They can also ban your products in their country. This is trade my boy! Zim is not an untouchable self sufficient island.

  21. This is what Zimbos are known for, fear of competition and speculating on the unknown. Can we have empirical evidence of this happening by mentioning specific and particular wholesalers to prove the allegations. This simply fear of competition and trying to justify an increase in price of local brands come Xmas. If we need to investigate the matter, let us broadened it to the whole industry rather than restrict it to imported stuff only. in any case we have had more than 5 yrs of imported food supplies, where is the fear coming from now.

  22. handi huku chitunha wo here

    1. Kikikikiikiii . Blaz munopenga chete imi

  23. This is as sad as it is disturbing to say the very least. However, we should also note that even without any of these chemicals, eating meat by itself is accompanied by several health-risk factors. Adventists have known and talked about this for the past 150 years. It is public knowledge in many other quarters. When it comes to our choice of food, we should not only consult one organ, the tongue. There is another vital organ that God gave us too, namely the brain. Please people, take note. I rest may case.

  24. l agree with you. officials should comment after test have confirmed their claims. Let Saz do its job. Let not comments that are not supported with scientific evidence

  25. Ma 1.Zvakangofanana.Dzemuno dzeku Brazil.Dai minda yakapihwa nenzira yakanaka munhu anga dai ochengeta dzake.Zvino ma1.

  26. Best solution, impose extreme trarrifs on gmo’s as they enter and no one will buy. Fund local chicken industry and create necessary competition, chicken prices will eventually go down and be cheaper than gmo’s. Hapana nyaya apa.

  27. @La Vida you sound Brazillian – come out clean…!!!

  28. guys if you think that this shit is only being injected into chickens then think again……it also being injected into humans ,,,,disguised as VACCINES…..yes you heard it loud and clear…..proven fact of history, ,,,,not any old conspiracy theory, ,,,,,,,,,,wait for more posts with truly shocking revelations,,,,,,,

    1. Where are your sources? Muchangofa nezvirwere muchitaura zvisina basa

  29. Some people here are really acting stupid. You are being warned and all you can say is we need evidence. MOST PROCESSED FOODS CONTAIN CHEMICALS WHICH ARE TOXINS TO THE BODY, PERIOD!!! Any preservative is a chemical, and these chemicals provide an environment that encourages the abnormal growth of cells, which is cancer. All foods with preservatives and additives are risky and should be consumed in moderation. Be warned, and stop this ‘we want evidence’ rubbish. Please don’t be petty. Just because you don’t understand something does not mean its not true, or doesn’t exist. If you please, don’t heed the advice at your own peril.

  30. Only natural preservatives like salt, lemon juice etc are safe.

  31. Look at it from both sides. Remember there are those chicken producers who continue to lobby for imports bans so that they can inflate maprices awo locally. So the issue needs to be looked at carefully otherwise pane vane agenda yavo. Just saying.

  32. Embalming chemicals are a variety of preservatives, sanitising and disinfectant agents and additives used in modern embalming to temporarily prevent decomposition and restore a natural appearance for viewing a body after death.( mostly for learning purposes)
    A mixture of these chemicals is known as embalming fluid and is used to preserve dead bodies. Typically, embalming fluid contains a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, and other solvents. They are not meant for human consumption. They realy cause cancer after a certain period of time even after a single igestion. SO GOD PROTECT US from these money mongers who do not care about human health.

  33. Zvave kwatiri kufa nechekuziva.Chinonetsa kuhama dzedu ndezvekuti kunzi machicken imports abhanwa nhasi, mangwana munowana pave ne new price.Handinzwisisi kuti kusaziva business here kuri muvamwe vedu? Ndiko saka mabusiness acho asina kwaanoenda.

  34. is ther any resaerch that shows the difference between VACCINATED CHILDREN AND UNVACCINATED CHILDREN? the cal-oregon sponsored by generation rescue surveyed parents of vaccinated and unvaccinated children….of the 17 674 children included in the survey, the results showed, ,,,,,,,vaccinated children had120% more asthma, ,,,,,vaccinated boys had 317% more ADHD.,,,,,,,vaccinatted boys had 185% more neurological disorders,,,,,,,,,,vaccinated boys had 146% more autism, ,,,,

    1. Why would they survey the parents instead of getting info from the physicians who do follow ups and from international databases? Get your facts straight. Ndimi vanhu vatisingade munouraisa vana vevanhu ne zvinhu zvisiri accurate. Tipe website tione tega.

  35. shut up danai, ,,,just because you have faith in the medical freternity should not blind you from reality, ,,,,its from an article by international medical council on vacccination and signed by 83 medical doctors and experts in the feild…..check http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org ,,,,danai i got proof and you dont….so since you dont make an effort to do so

    1. First of all, this is a public forum. I have the right to ask genuine questions and will not “shut up”. I don’t deny that there are chemicals in our foods and vaccines that do serious damage, but I have the right to ask for sources and raise objective questions. I am a scientist. I believe in evidence. Of course there’s proof, like you said. All I’m asking, and what others are asking , is to see it.

    2. Anything else you’d like to say to me, mozy?

    3. It’s interesting how that same website has articles in which various researchers present facts on how vaccines don’t cause some of the diseases you listed, like autism. So basically what you did was that you took and cited an article that pretty much aligns with your opinion anyway. Hmm. Well, anyway thanks for the website. There are some interesting insights.

  36. you want more? i got alot which you dont have, ,,,,,,sham, ,,,,,,www.drtenpenny.com, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,www.thinktwice.com, ,,,,www.vaclib.org, ,,,,,www.novaxdocs.webs.com, ,,,,,,www, holisticmoms.org

    1. You’re right. I don’t have sources. Which is why I’m asking for them. And, just because I don’t have any doesn’t mean I won’t objectively question their credibility and content. Now, if you were half as educated as you appear to be, you’d know that.

  37. since you are a scientest i would lyk to have a one on one chat with you please if you dont mind….sorry for being rude and rough…i take bak my vulgarity knowing full well that ive already done damage..anyway please watsapp me….0772389075

  38. but just for the record danai, ,,u did not objactively question as you lyk yourself to beleive, ,,,,,what you did was deny my evidences by sayin “get your facts straight”,,,,,thats denial from a vaccum mr scientest….by the way im a non entity in the medical field, ,,,and so do you seem to be

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