Dynamos’ Mushure Ocean sinks Bosso

Highlanders . . . . . . . . . 0 – Dynamos . . . . . . . . (0) 1. The blockbuster clash between title rivals Highlanders and Dynamos matched every last drop of expectation both in quality and entertainment, but it ended on a sad note for Bosso who failed once again to beat the champions.

Report by Sukoluhle Mthethwa

Dynamos shot back to the top of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League following the narrow, but hugely important win in the incident-filled match.
Ocean Mushure converted a penalty kick for the defending champions four minutes from time to send the DeMbare supporters into delirium as their team edged closer to their third title on the trot.

Dembare were awarded a penalty in the 86th minute when Bosso midfielder Mthulisi Maphosa hacked down Mushure in the penalty box.
Mushure took responsibility and beat a diving Highlanders goalkeeper Munyaradzi Diya.

The match produced the intensity expected in such a high profile and important match and it came as no big surprise when both teams had to finish the game a man down following the expulsion of Highlanders striker Njabulo “Tshiki” Ncube and Dynamos defender Partson Jaure in the 30 minute by referee Thabani Bhamala.

Dynamos captain Murape Murape was sacrificed for defender Victor Kamhuka to plug the hole left by Jaure.

DeMbare moved to the top of the table with 48 points from 26 games while Highlanders trail by a point.

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Dembare coach Kalisto Pasuwa was happy with the result although he bemoaned the officiating.

“The games was disturbed by officiating, most of his (referee) decisions were against us,” said Pasuwa. “The referee was working against us in every decision. The red card was one of the bad decisions by the referee because it was Njabulo Ncube retaliating and he also gave Partson Jaure the red card. We had to make a decision to ensure cover in our central defence. Regarding the championship race, we will take each game as it comes, we are not getting carried away,” he said.
Highlanders’ assistant coach Bekithemba Ndlovu lamented missed chances.

“The game was OK, we played well, we missed a lot of chances. They did not create much, they did not even get a corner kick. They got a penalty, I guess sometimes we have to learn the hard way. We did everything right except to score, everyone was committed except the fact that we were missing chances. Regarding the penalty, I did not get a clear view, but we have to go by the referee’s decision. The loss does not affect the championship campaign, it’s our job to go all out and get good results. The referees tried their best. It was a big game. By the grace of God one day we will beat Dynamos” he said.

Highlanders dominated the game in the early stages and Mushure was called on to clear Bhekimpilo Ncube’s dangerous cross in the seventh minute. A minute later Bhekimpilo Ncube got a chance, but he headed over bar a Bruce Kangwa cross.

Njabulo Ncube and Partson Jaure had both played well before they were sent for an early shower when the former retaliated for a foul from the steady defender.
The match had to be stopped while the referee and his assistants cooled flaring tempers. Jaure had to be restrained by his teammates as he charged at the referees for dismissing him.

The match only resumed after three minutes of heated debate and commotion.

Dynamos held on to the solitary goal with goalkeeper George Chigova playing a central role in time-wasting which riled the Highlanders supporters who threw missiles onto the pitch.


M Diya, I Mapuranga ( H Madzivanyika 80th minute), E Mudzingwa, D Ndlovu, M Maphosa, B Kangwa, P Moyo, M Mambare ( B Chikaka 65th minute), B Ncube ( G Nyoni 53rd minute) , M Ncube, N Ncube (redcard 30th minute)
G Chigova, G Bello, P Jaure (redcard 30th minute), O Mushure, O Machapa, S Alimenda, B Zirintusa (S Sithole 80TH minute), M Murape (V Kamhuka 34th minute), T Muparati, W Pakamisa, P Kumbula (C Sekete (57th minute)

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  1. Tendai Chaminuka

    Such an important national event but not flighted on national television.Dynamos and Highlanders mean a lot to Zimbabwe.The two teams bind people together but suprisingly some powers that be decide to slot in an Under 17 match yeBrazil ne UAE as if we have a junior development policy muno.Zvimwe muchinyarawo veduwee.Saka Nationalism yacho iripapi yamunodya nayo day in day out.False Patriots.Ukanzwa vachitaura nezve Arsenal kana Manchester–kutoti team yangu Arsenal chakuti chakuti.ko zvemumba menyu zvichataurwa nani.

    1. Sorry Chami – but the PSL sold all television rights to Supersport after that foolish War Vet HAppison Muchechetere demanded payment for flighting soccer on ZBC

  2. Ndipo paunonzwa rimwe dofo richiti munhu wese ane TV ngaabhadhare $50 what for?

    1. Taura hako! Dai kugona kwaivava wanzwa nekukwenya!
      Chete zvunhu zvinongoitwa pachiZanu Zanu zvinonetsa!

  3. nicholus chitingwiza

    I think something should be done about such type of referees like the one who handled the Bosso – Dembare game. The foul by Jaure warranted a caution at most. Since it was a tension-filled match I think a strong verbal caution for the two would have not exposed the referee’s credentials. I have watched some world cup matches where the referee would quell some shoving and pushing but no card is issued. Referees need some form of psyche to get them prepared for such big matches. I hail the hiring of referees from other countries for such important games.

    1. Does Muchechetere really know kuti arikuramba neshumba. Ma workers ale ane zvikwereti kuno haaburitse bhora zvikanyanya ticharova munhu . Hope Supa Minister will mhanya mhanya new TV

  4. I was really shocked by the decision yeZBC, its shocking. Whoever decided not to flight the soccer match is really crazy. Grow up ZBC and do us good by doing whats good for the nation. Bosso supporter, good luch next time guys you played well.

  5. @Tendai Chaminuka,ZBC is DEAD BC. All league games are paid for(rights) by SuperSport yet ZBC wanted the PSL to pay them to flight league matches. The deal was won by SuperSport who poured money into the Premier League, but ZBC wanted to take money from the league.

    1. Tendai Chaminuka

      Are u saying all because of the want for excessive money ZBC could not swallow its pride so that it could negotiate a win win deal with PSL which would have seen Zimbabweans watching their own.Thought ZBC was supposed to sign a deal with PSL first then vana Supersport vaizoenda kuZBC.I am just a village girl zvemacontracts nema deals zvinondinetsa.Some things should be done tine nyika at heart nokuti dai vaChitepo navaNkomo vaida kufunga zvehomwe dzavo,dai tichiri muhunhapwa.Asi dzimwe pfungwa dzinoratidza kuti tichiri muhunhapwa

  6. Macdes, Jaure’s behaviour must not go unpunished,I didnt expect that from professional like him. By contrast what JB did once shown the card was exemplary. Where is the NPSL disciplinary committee?

  7. hahahahahahah hehehehehe hihihihihihih hohohohohoh uhuhuhuhuhuhuh, willard mubvumbi uripiko hahahahah. its back on tooooooooooooooooppppppppppppp, chazunguzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. we salute de boys,…..honourable deputy minister of defense cmd bello sir, your worship sir muparati, honourable mahindra, honourable sekete,honuorable cmd Chigova,honourable sir pakamisa, cmde kamhuka, mr Alimenda sir………………and his excellence cme Murape, u lead your troops, u lead your soldiers, u rally them, thank you sir. to de boys kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa.minister of defense, we thank honourable oltho it was unfortunate u did not last the distance bt u did you battle. sando dzunyu idzo………sir pasuwa sir pasuwa should we ay mo. u cme tops under very difficult conditions

    1. Lets hope Bosso you were beaten clean and smart and not NIKUVED as you alleged.wE ZORRAD YOU because you were making a lot of noise now we are on pole position again.TAPLAZ manyorero awaita ndaada ramba wakadaro wangu.Zorrrraaaaaaaa butter.Zvemberi makasa wangu takahwina zvinemutsindo kkkkkk

  8. congradulations to dynamos for winning against highlanders.hope is not lost for bosso.there are 12 points left to play for.what is important is for bosso to show character and determination to raise the bar and gunner for max points.its not over yet for dembare as they too shld carry on with the kind of mental strenght and strong fighting spirit they displayed yesterday.they shld be solid against chicken inn,triangle,mambas and shabane.

    may psl ensure the appointment of brave referees to ensure fair officiating

  9. I’m a Bosso fan but i would like to say hats off to Dynamos. they had the strategy, they implemented it and it worked. the whole game plan was to frustrate njabulo ncube and earn him a card and it happened. i dont think we can blame the referee on this one, when we talk about maturity those are the things we will be referring to. njabulo as a seasoned player was supposed to be very much aware that he would be targeted and in turn he was supposed to be smarter.

    then coming to Jaure’s red card, i think it was warranted because at first he brought njabulo down which on its own was a bookable offence. then when njabulo was still on the floor, jaure stamped on him and that is violent conduct. so a red card was fair.

    i just hope Bosso will pick themselves up because it is not yet over.


  11. a match of this magnitude needed a refree of the highest calibre otherwise mr Bamala’s decisions affected the tempo of the game,,,however, players need to have a high level of discipline: they don’t have to be overwhelmed by events.

    Congratulations to dembare for coming out victors,we needed those three points most

  12. if you want to watch both local and international soccer, way can’t you switch to DSTV?

    1. tendai chaminuka

      do u just switch to?If you were able to bombard us with your live coverage of star rallies,ko to just give us 90 minutes dze The Big Game.

  13. Congrats DeMbare! Sando dzenyu nezvipikiri zvacho. Kwakwakwakwa-a-a-a! I wish readers could go back to my posts in the build-up to this great match.

    Better luck next time Bosso. You are a very good team but what you can’t handle is pressure. This is very crucial at this stage of the season while you’re at the top of the table and you have a very thin points cushion. Bosso supporters should learn not to be nit-picky in such situations. KK should have worked on a strategy to congest the midfield with workhorses while going for sporadic attacks. He should not have gone for a man-for-man, ball-for-ball and punch-for-punch approach since he was the one on top. He had nothing to lose and could have still been comfortable with a draw.

    DeMbare played like true chapions. And while it is not yet clear who will go away with it, the Blues seem well poised for a third consecutive title. They are usually ruthless in the last eight of the season… and they have the NERVE. I tip DeMbare for the big one this season.

    Let’s not count out Bosso, Harare City and CAPS United. The title race is actually hotter than ever now. CAPS shold blow hot and cold as it does. Consistency will help them a lot. Madhara aCouncil are doing good business very quetly and I tell you, thier stalking business may pay dividends. Bosso need the nerve to focus on the remaining games and aim for maximum points. hoping their rivals will be tripped along the way. I am DeMbare but will not be pained by a Bosso title win this season, altho a DeMbare win will refresh my whole 2014.

    As for ZBC not screening such a big match on the Zim calendar is inexplicable. This is hogwash (water used to bath hogs/pigs/swine)! I am sorry to say this. And you want us to watch ZBC, when you can’t screen what the market wants? I am in the process of migrating to DStv for everything. This is one customer less for ZBC and I aknow that I was very late to do this, thanks to my patriotism! I thank you.


  15. gilbert magwasha

    Makorokoto Dynamos.

    People you are getting carried away on Jaure. His foul did not warrant a red card. Maybe a caution. A red card would do if he was already on a yellow. (The Daily News is saying he was already on a yellow card). So the sequence of events would have been that the referee shows him his second yellow first then a red and he (Jaure) would not have reacted the way he did. Instead the referee flashed a straight red card in his face as if to say that the foul he had committed deserved a red card.

    Ncube should be severely punished for his uncouth behaviour. I rest my case.

    1. Gilbert

      you are correct when you say Jaure’s tackle should have attracted a yellow card. tell you what my brother, the reason why jaure saw red is because after he had fouled ncube and after the referee had blown his whistle, jaure went on to deliberately stamp on ncube. that is violent conduct and he rightfully saw red.

      if you are saying ncube should be severely dealt with, then same applies to jaure because both their offence was violent conduct.

      i rest my case


    Willard mubvumbi to become muzori………….hahahaha as they say if u cant beat them defntly u ave to join them. welcum mr mubvumbi u ave finally seen the light

    1. where is Willard Mubvumbi today

  17. This Jaure guy needs to grow up. The ref made a judgment you have to live with that, but trying to throw a knockout punch, he must be reprimanded!!


    This is the Dembare I know,a team with an ucanny ability to grind out results even when everyone thinks its a lost cause.Put Dembare in a tight corner and you will see the best of Dembare.Hats off to you Vazori,that was a job well done,a draw would have left us in the unenviable position of wanting someone else to beat Bosso for us,now our destiny is in our own hands.If we win ALL our 4 remaining fixtures,then we are champions.This is easier said than done so we should keep our eyes on the prize,let’s not lose focus just becoz we beaten Bosso.If we can reproduce the fighting spirit we exhibited at BF,then I don’t see us going wrong.Zvakaoma kudaro,zvinoita chete.Zora-a-a-a!t

  19. Willard Mubvumbi

    @ Rabhi, No no no, i will not do that never ever! Over my dead body.

  20. Iyi ndiyo inonzi Nikuv chaiyo….Highlanders scored a clear goal bt the ref said offside

  21. hapana chakaipa mr mubvumbi we are reseving your seat ope u will enjoy yo stay as number 1 muzori……….

  22. poor decisions from the three,Jb,Referee&Jaure in that order

  23. Jb was not supposed to retaliate so the referee was correct to give a straight red,Referee was wrong to give Jaure a straight red bcoz Jb was not in a goal scoring opportunity bcoz he was not the last man and he wasn’t facing the goal so a caution (yellow card ) was supposed to be issued and Jaure was wrong to attack the official so irregardless of the red the PSL must do something to send a statement like a 3 months ban.

  24. Chokutanga ndinoti makorokoto kuvakomana ve Dynamos chepiri ndinoti well tried to Bosso.I watched the delayed match this morning with some Liberian friends who were impressed by the Zimbabwean soccer fans and the standard of play.Hats off to the Zimbabwean players irrespective of the winners.I am proud to hear people talking good about my country.

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