Dudu in futile freedom bid

JAILED jazz sensation Duduzile (Dudu) Manhenga’s bid for freedom pending appeal against her 18-month sentence for culpable homicide hit a brickwall yesterday after Harare magistrate Blessing Murwisi ruled that prospects of the appeal’s success at the High Court were not bright.

Phillip Chidavaenzi

Manhenga’s lawyer, Evans Moyo, had launched a fresh bail application on the basis that he had noted an appeal at the High Court on behalf of his client against what he called the excessive sentence passed on the jazz crooner.

Moyo also said the court had not considered his submissions that Manhenga was a first offender and that she also offered financial assistance for the funeral of her victim, Graham Martin Millward.
Although prosecutor Barbara Ndoro did not oppose the application, Murwisi said that was surprising since she was the one who had called for a deterrent sentence.

“It is surprising that the prosecutor consented after encouraging the court to consider imprisonment. The court stays with its sentence and the application is hereby dismissed,” Murwisi ruled.

Manhenga was convicted on her own plea of guilty to driving using a provisional licence without supervision and causing the death of Millward in a road accident.

The State case was that on March 15, 2010 around 14:15 hours, Manhenga was driving a Toyota Spacio along Sherwood Drive, Mabelreign in Harare, while Millward was riding his motorbike along the same road, but coming from the opposite direction.

Manhenga then turned right to a house in Mabelreign in front of Millward’s motorbike.

Millward was seriously injured as a result of the collision and was taken to West End Hospital where he died on admission. The State proved that Manhenga failed to keep a proper lookout on the road ahead.

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  1. shaa dudu do your time shaas toda kupindawo.

    1. The general consensus of commentaries indicate that most are happy to see Dudu behind bars. Why all this hate for Dudu and what has her band’s charging of exorbitant fees to do with her conviction? lt is a matter of preference if you want to attend her shows take it or leave period. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that an innocent father’s soul was maimed in the accident and the law took its course. To err is human and lets give Dudu a second chance. She is a mother, a wife and above all human. She deserves a second chance.

      1. Iwe muzhingzhong iwe usada kutiitira chikirisitu netsika chisina basa apa. Chienda iwe kumashow acho kuchikurubi, kikikikikikikikikikiki

  2. Dudu dont worry 18months is not much ,time flies. Every greet person has been to jail .eg snoop dog,2pack,simon chimbetu,jahrule, mandela,mugabe etc

    1. ndiwe wataura kikiki

  3. Murehwa munepamuromo.

    1. @Inno
      Ini ziiii zvangu.

  4. Dudu go hang ok, wtf were u smoking. 18mnths for killing sme1 whilst driving wothout a vald licence munoda kunzwira tsitsi dzakaita sei?
    1. Wreckless driving
    2. Driving without a valid licence
    3. Driving cheap Toyota Spacio of all the noise
    4. Homicide..
    You deserved 5 years or so behind bars..


  6. Hey Dudu just serve your sentence. I’m sure when you come out of prison you will have learnt that all human beings, poor or rich are precious. You will probably be prepared to ‘sing for the poor’. You shuld be grateful coz yu got a light sentence madam Spacio owner.

  7. by the time you come out of prison the Zimbabwean Dollar will be back,all your current savings will be in trillions,use this argument in your application for bail,ask the court to give you enough time to withdraw all your money from the bank so that you can use it before it loses value

  8. She is Peter Ndlovu’s childhood friend.

  9. “Music not for the poor nhai” inga takadzidza tese ku poor school kwawaka dzidzira kuyimba…don’t forget kwawakabva…

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