Diamond miners down tools

AT least 400 workers at Jinan Mining (Private) Limited, one of the diamond mining companies in Chiadzwa, have downed tools in protest over non-payment of salaries among other grievances.


Workers’ representative at the mine Francis Matinyarare confirmed the job action that began on Tuesday.

“It’s true, we are having some challenges here and I hope everything will be sorted out soon,” Matinyarare said.

Workers who have downed tools include those from the departments of exploration, power and equipment, plant, engineering and sorting which effectively grounds mining activities.

Some workers who spoke to NewsDay said they last received their salaries in July. They were also protesting over the poor quality of food served at the mine.

“The last time we received our salaries was in July. The least paid worker gets about $280 and the company is failing to pay those small amounts,” said another worker who preferred anonymity.

“They keep promising us that we will be paid soon, but as it stands, the officials are making a lot of unfulfilled promises. We cannot take it anymore,” the worker said.

An official at the mine only identified as Mr Fang confirmed the development and said everything would be sorted out by weekend.

“I hope it will be sorted out by weekend. Management is negotiating with workers and we hope to conclude that by weekend,” the official said.

Other mine managers flatly refused to comment over the matter.

The diamond mining company is reportedly deducting $60 from each worker for food.

However, the workers allege that the food is of poor quality, mostly mackerel fish, beans and cabbage, which they argue is not commensurate with the money being deducted.

In March this year, Jinan Mining (Private) Limited clashed with villagers in Marange after the mining company refused to pay compensation for the graves it disturbed while carrying out mining activities.

Up to now the villagers were demanding compensation and proper exhumation of their relatives’ remains, accusing the company of disrespecting their culture.

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  1. That’s why I hate Chinese , they are the worst when it comes to employee remuneration and treatment . Our people are back in slavery . Worse with Zanu corruption !!!!

  2. Look East. 100% empowerment

  3. Hard times,diamond prices down,

  4. This is the most worrisome situation in our motherland, these diamonds are not benefiting us,l am praying that God may just make these diamonds disappear totally, otherwise its becoming a curse instead of them being a blessing to us. With how much these Chinese get from these mines, they fail to pay $280???? Aaaaah….akomanaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A fish rots from the head.If this company was owned by an American or British,heads would surely have rolled and could have been compulsorily acquired.We are waiting to hear from the powers that be for the way forward.Our beloved country has suddenly become a Chinese colony and they can do whatever they want damaging our Sovereignity and Territorial Intergrity.Now we are slaves in our motherland because someone up there is benefitting from these scoundrels.We are waiting for the President to tell us why his all weather friends are doing this to us.

  6. toda justice panyaya iyi plzzz

  7. Nguva Yakwanawo

    The current government(Zanu Pf) should chip in and help the people who voted for them. Look some people are not respecting our culture here in Zimbabwe and nothing is been done about it. People are being treated like slaves with the Chinese Counter parts and we are giving a blind eye to that scenario.Something has got to be done to solve these problems.How can a diamond mine said to be failing to cater for only 400 people?Where is the money going?

  8. Nguva Yakwanawo

    Vana veZimbabwe vanodawo kurarama zvakanaka chekwadi munoti 280 inoraramisa munhu here kana makazvitarisa?shuwa here shuwa mati zvinoitwa sei?Diamond mine inopa 280?riri mbori basa rei shuwa?Government help these people,the whole world now knows they are starving and its not pleasant to hear.Sort out your differences with these cruel Chinese people.


    Nguva Yakwana

  9. Nguva Yakwanawo

    We all know that diamonds are more valuable than any other minerals under the sun.Chinese Ambassador needs to talk to his people that when we said they should come to work in Zimbabwe we didn’t say they should abuse us.They are abusing the trust we had between them and us. They are abusing the bilateral relationships between Zimbabwe and China.plz

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