Chaos mars Presidential inputs scheme

CHAOS marred the government-sponsored input scheme on Saturday in Mutasa, Manicaland, as Zanu-PF and MDC supporters bayed for each other’s blood.


The distribution was then suspended, for the second time in as many days, to a later date following the intervention of police who reacted quickly before the situation got out of hand at Goringo Business Centre.

MDC-T Mutasa Central MP Trevor Saruwaka and his party supporters accused Zanu-PF supporters of trying to hi-jack the distribution of inputs from the bonafide distributors.

On the other hand hundreds of Zanu-PF supporters vowed that no MDC supporters were going to benefit from the inputs scheme thus turning the whole process chaotic.
The Presidential Well-wishers Inputs Scheme is government funded and it was introduced to help the needy in a bid to avert hunger in many parts of the country.
Arex officers who had come to distribute the inputs later vanished amid fears of being caught in the political wrangle.

Saruwaka said he would continue engaging relevant people so that the distribution was done in a non-partisan manner.

“The distribution was supposed to have happened today (Saturday), but it couldn’t because Arex officers had left following this chaos and the process could not continue,” Saruwaka said. ads Ads

“Today it became apparent that there is no sincerity from Zanu-PF supporters to have all citizens of Zimbabwe benefit from government programmes.

“It’s the local councillor and Arex officers who should take the leading role in consultation with traditional leaders in the distribution of inputs. But what happened here is that Zanu PF supporters compiled their own list and they are saying no other person should benefit from this programme,” he said following the suspension of the distribution.

The news crew also was forced to delete some pictures they had taken during the process.

Real drama unfolded after Saruwaka had stood to address the gathering to explain how the process was supposed to progress.

Hundreds of Zanu PF supporters walked away in protest before breaking into revolutionary songs vowing to block access to the inputs by MDC-T supporters.

Meanwhile, some farmers in Mutasa area have bemoaned the delayed distribution of inputs saying it was going to affect their harvest.

“Farming is our source of livelihood and we need to prepare in time.

“We are not interested in politics anymore. Elections come and go and now it’s time to focus on something else. If inputs are meant for deserving people then let them be distributed fairly so that we all benefit,” said Wilson Machiwana (67) who said he was looking after a big family.

Over the years, opposition parties have bemoaned lack of transparency in the distribution of farming inputs accusing Zanu-PF officials and traditional leaders of bias.

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  1. make the inputs available in the shops like what used to happen in the 80s & 90s chekupihwa chine muromo

    1. Cde Taipei, our ordinary rural folks cannot afford to buy these inputs for cash owing to effects of the illegal sanctions. Get real.

      1. changlong do u really enter in every rural person’s pocket. asi wave chikwambo kani unoti havana mari. unofunga kuti sanction ndiro rakasunga zvinhu. pfungwa dzako hadzioni nanhasi uchiri murima, wake up my boy

    2. Inogoutwa available muma shops sei iyo iri ye mahara. Ko MDC inodirei ma inputs ivo vaiti varungu vega ndivo vanogan kuita farming. Handiti varikuti nyika inenzara nekuda kokuti varungu vakatorerwa ma farms. Ngavaende vando shandira varungu vavo ku Mozmbique ne ku Zambia kwavarikuita farming. Muri party yevashandi. You stand on an idology that a black man is always a worker as he can not own anything of his own.

      1. unopenga.usatiuri muzimbabwean may be uri foreiner thats why uchidaro

  2. Tendai Chaminuka

    2018 is just around the corner and one is blocking a prospective voter from getting what rightly belongs to him.Mazanu ngwarai

  3. Ipayi vanhu vose mbeu imi macdes

    1. Why do people want to recieve free inputs every year. For how long are they going to receive free inputs? Its been more ten years since minda yatorwa. When are the farmers going to stand on their own? I wonder? Vanofanirwa kupiwa chete are those from the rural and not farms. Zim will forever be poor. Begging sadza from Zambia shuwa????

  4. Changlong unogwara iwe. You need to be exorcised of the ZPF demon rakakugara iroro. Go and see Makandiwa or Angel and be delivered from this ZUNUist spirit.

  5. chimedzanemburungwe

    From the way ZPF supporters talk it would seem MDC people do not pay taxes

  6. Readers,viewers and listeners note: Whenever President Mugabe and his party and government officials utter statements such as “No one will is going to die of hunger in Zimbabwe. Goverment has secured maize from our neighbours Zambia….” The “noone” means “No ZPF supporter” and not Zimbabweans as a whole. Please learn to read between the lines. This is not a new phenomenon at all. It has been the trend over the years.even before the MDC partnered ZPF in the just-ended inclusive government. Hapana chinoshamisa chiri kuitika. Ndiwo maitiro e chaos party.

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  9. Our leaders should be disciplined such that the people will also be disciplined. Its zanu pf supporters who are a problem because teir leaders tell them to hijack these because they take all facilities to be for zanu pf

  10. Kuvele kuyikuyini ukuthi lo muntu ngowe zanu ngowe mdc, abantu ngabaka thixo period akulamuntu womuntu, shit lina, thats why you are corrupt respect God hatshi umuntu kumbe ipart pho lafundani lina bantu be Halale

  11. one thing these stupid zanu idiots must know is that zimbabwe is doesn’t belong to either zanu or mdc. it goes to show that zanu thinks it owns everything and its supporters think alike. pure stupidity.

  12. nzara chaiyo ndiyo ichadya vanhu. Zanu inoti ndezvedu asi havasi kurima vari kutengesa mainputs acho nekurendesa minda. Kuzambia ndokwakaenda varungu vatakadzinga ndovarikurima ikoko.

  13. Iwe naome these kind of input schemes are meant for peasant farmers mhani do you really think that you can do commercial farming on hand outs. And dont for get that for as long as we have farms farm worker will be there

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