Cde Yondo defiant, vows to resume mining in cemetery


YESTERYEAR musician Sheila Mabasa, popularly known as Cde Yondo, has vowed to resume her mining operations at Norton cemetery as soon as she submits requisite papers to the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).


EMA last week ordered Mabasa to halt operations at the site following an article by NewsDay exposing the controversial activity.

In an interview yesterday, Mabasa refuted allegations that she had encroached into the cemetery, but admitted she was filling up pits close to the graveyard as directed by EMA.

She said negotiations were underway with the environmental authority and expressed optimism that the green light would be granted since her operations were above board.

“I have all the papers from council which gave me the special grant to mine at the site. We are closing pits next to the graveyard in conformity with EMA’s instructions. We are submitting our Environmental Impact Assessment which EMA said would be dealt with within 14 days,” she said.

Contacted for comment EMA director Aaron Chigona, however, said their recommendation would be made after about two months.

“It takes us about two months to assess. We have to establish if the mining methods are compatible with other land uses around the site and also consider what other stakeholders think of this operation,” he said.

When NewsDay visited the site yesterday, operations had stopped and only three employees were guarding machinery.

They spoke of their fears to lose employment should the venture be closed.

“Our fear is where we would go if our mining activities here are stopped. There were 15 of us and we were sustaining our families courtesy of this venture,” said one of them speaking on condition of anonymity.

Mabasa has been operating at the site since 2010.


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  2. how does someone mine in a cemetery and its OK? These are the same pple abandoning the farms they got and now vava kudzingirirana nemakuva evafi vachirasira maskeleton kre uko vachida mari! EMA please do your job. This cant be allowed. Nyika ingasapera yese nekucherwa cherwa. wese angoda kuchera anongoranga paada as if there is no law in the countery…or is it true that the country has become so lawless?

  3. i
    whoever came up with this must be subortaging Mabasa, since 2010 its now 3 years, where was EMA? The cde has been helping the zrp norton with water for free all these years, she has all the paperwork for the mine , is it because she is a woman?the mine was granted to her above the board, Ema must not allow itself to be used by certain individuals who just want downfall a mare woman.

  4. “Helping” Norton with water doesnt put anyone above the law. She is simply byuing the council with water so she can remain untouchable! How does someone start a mine without an EIA approved by EMA? These ZANU shortcutters need to be brought down to the LAW! There is noone above the law. she may continue to provide water if she wishes but not at cost of unlawlessness!

  5. ZANUPF means LAW. So whoever is with ZANU PF is law unto themselves. Say what you want but Yondo will change those skeletons into gold nuggets! And what will you do about that-just talk talk.

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