Cancer video sends chills in Parliament

LEADER of the opposition in the House of Assembly Thokozani Khupe yesterday introduced a motion on breast and cervical cancers and showed a video of the effects of breast cancer which sent spines chilling in the whole House.


Touched by the video and Khupe’s emotional narration of her own battle with cancer, Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) caused a stir when he said it was possible the video might be showing pictures of herself.

He said he could feel the agony of the pain Khupe felt when she lost her breast to cancer.

Khupe’s motion was urging government to introduce a mandatory cancer levy and set up cancer treatment centres in all provinces of the country.

“It is a painful motion, especially the fact that Khupe has come out to say she lost one of her breasts to cancer and we do not even know if the sad video she showed us was of her,” Chinotimba said.

“I am not joking, but I feel a lot of pain if I imagine if this was happening to my own wife and she had lost one of her breasts, and it hurts that Khupe is amongst other women with some of her body parts unproportional. My own father died of cancer.”

Zengeza East MP Alexio Musundire (MDC-T) raised a point of order with deputy speaker Mabel Chinomona saying it was unparliamentary for Chinotimba to say someone had an “unproportional body due to cancer”. Chinomona ruled Musundire out of order.

Debating on her motion, Khupe said there was urgent need to deal with cancer in Zimbabwe as 60% of women were at risk of cervical cancer and 1 800 were diagnosed with it while 1 200 died from it annually.

“At least 33% of women diagnosed with cancer in 2009 had cervical cancer and it accounted for 8% of all cancer deaths. Currently in Zimbabwe only two institutions treat cancer, Mpilo Central and Parirenyatwa hospitals, and chemotherapy is $300 per cycle while radiation is $300 per cycle. Even MPs cannot afford it,” she said.

Khupe said men could help their women fight cervical cancer through male circumcision and urged MPs to donate to cancer causes.

Seconder of the motion Ruth Labode (MDC-T proportional representation) said cancer treatment was estimated at $10 000 and most of the time machines at Mpilo and Parirenyatwa were broken down.

“There is only one government pathologist in the country at Parirenyatwa and Zimbabwe is rich with gold, diamonds, platinum and we should be able to treat cancer at no cost,” Labode said.

Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Paul Chimedza said although a cancer levy was a good idea, the country should instead focus on setting up a levy for the whole health sector.

Meanwhile, Mberengwa East MP Makhosini Hlongwane (Zanu PF) introduced a motion calling for the lifting of sanctions by the United States and the European Union.

Hatfield MP Tapiwa Mashakada (MDC-T) said Zimbabwe’s situation could not be classified as a case of sanctions because there was no United Nations endorsement and that was why the opposition called them restrictive measures.

“By no means do we support those measures, but why were they imposed? Zanu PF is in a better position to explain to Zimbabwe why the sanctions were imposed,” Mashakada said.


  1. Chimedza’s suggestion works. Let’s have a levy for the health sector. We laready one for AIDS but it’s not the only health problem besetting the country. There is cancer, maternal deaths, etc which are silent killers! Let’s not be deceived by the one pandemic called AIDS and forget other threats!

  2. Denial of the existence of sanctions when those who imposed them agree that they are there is one of the main reasons why the MDC-T lost the July elections. How can a person in his right senses go against the people. ZANU PF did not manufacture the more than 2 million signatures which signed the anti-sanctions petition. The someone wakes up to declare that there are no sanctions on Zimbabwe. Who are you to call them restrictive measures when America and the EU including Australia, Canada and New Zealand call them sanctions? Dyiwai imi hamugoni politics

  3. Zvavakaratidza kusada kubvisa masanctions acho, isu ngatichishandai pamwe uye nezviripo izvozvo

  4. chinotimba is a stupid uneducated swine and should really just shut up. if he has nothing meaningful to contribute he should go back to being a scarecrow on his stolen under utilised farm.

  5. Chinotimba Joseph once said that whoever is going to say rubbish in the August House must be chucked out! Now its quite clear that he is infact the one with no worthy contributions but just some kind of clown who believes that saying anything is acceptable. The clerk of parliament once said his modern day role is to teach parliamentarians ethics and how to conduct themselves in the House. Infact Chinotimba is just but a no good character to all normal people who can seriously analyse human behaviour. My old schoolmaster once said to me “Boy if you think education is expensive and a notworthwhile pursuit,try IGNORANCE!” infact it is people like him who discredits the credibility of my beloved Revolutionary Party. Just wait and see, his clownish antics will lead to his expulsion. If he is in the House at the benevolance of the electorate, he will one day put his constituency to permanent shame and disrepute. Chinotimba surprised me when he even changed his gait and step as people “cheered” at him during the opening session of parliament. He even made a clown of himself on that “Hyena” incident. Why was he giving that unfortunate fella $30? Nhamo yokushaiwa vanotimirira iyi, ichationesa amanyala shame.

  6. why are you not publishing my comments newsday? am entitled to my opinion

  7. cancer levy NO, otherwise someone is going to call for circumcision levy,govt can not survive on taking from its citizens all the time,remember development levy,ZINARA toll gate levy,AIDS levy,carbon tax,parking disk,VAT,etc

  8. Chinotimba must not be allowed to say such offensive staff to ladies, particularly when its about such a serious issue. Is he going to be clowning and acting like a complete idiot all his life. He must grow up. Well done Thokozani.

  9. I jus believe a health levy is the way to go, munorewa here kuti chirwere choga choga, diebetics, heart ailments, etc, chichawawo ne levy yacho like aids, neiyi yamaakuda cancer levy, ko mari yacho yobva kupi? Shandisai madiamonds edu awa .

  10. No need to re-invent the wheel. NSSA has long touted the idea of a national health insurance scheme (NHIS)
    That remains the best way to go. There is no doubt about NSSA’s capacity to run such a scheme. I worked for NSSA and always wondered why NHIS never took off.
    NSSA remains the best managed parastatal and if given the mandate they would definitely deliver.
    None but ourselves could fund the health institution

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