Bryce Nation releases Magen’a and Trey XL


ONE of the country’s leading record labels, Bryce Nation has released new talent, Magen’a, an Afro group and solo hip hop and RnB artiste, Trevor Mutsvairo aka Trey XL (Extraordinary Lyricist) who have taken the music industry by storm.

Tinashe Sibanda

Scouted by Bryce Nation Chief Executive, Elton Bryce himself, Magen’a and Trey XL are bound to keep listeners entertained and take the local music industry to another level.

“We have grown in both sound and business and this is clearly evident as one of our major artistes, Cindy Munyavi has a new album in which she collaborates with two internationally acclaimed African giants, 2 Face Idibia from Nigeria and K Millian and Roberto Banda both from Zambia,” he said.

Bryce said the label had also signed a number of acclaimed stars including Project Fame Africa winner, Lindiwe Bungane from Zambia.

Magen’a comprises Frank “Mfumu” Gomani, Nyasha Timbe and Gerald “Kingbit” Munyavi, who is Cindy’s brother, a group that was formed by Bryce in May.

“I have no doubt that a lot of genuine music lovers will appreciate this group as Mfumu brings a Malawian feel to its tracks while Timbe and Munyavi bring the hiphop element giving the group an all-round sound,” Bryce said.

Their latest singles Hoza Friday and Feelings for You have sweet sultry African melodies and the upbeat Afro instrumentation.
The team is working on their debut album titled Musiq, set for release early next year.

Trey XL on the other hand is an amazing rapper and lyrical genius whose tracks, Nu Skool, Rewind and Saudi Money bring local Hip hop and RNB to another level as listeners await the release of his debut album in a month.

“His album includes very good African collaborations with Zambian legendary rapper, Slap D who approached us after hearing Trey on Zambian radio and also another one with Malawi’s talented Dani Lufani,” Bryce added.

He said the young artiste who started singing at the age of seven was a force to reckon with as he has been carving a niche into the Hip-Hop and RnB market having been raised by parents who believed in the power of music to heal, inspire and change the world.

He came into the limelight in 2011 when he featured on the mix tape, Just Before and in 2012 another titled Unplugged.

He has been featured in the local hiphop magazine Zim hip hop Unleashed and has performed on a local television programme, YGT.

“I am happy that my record label is breaking new ground, becoming a rising giant in the African Music scene. It took us a bit of time to bounce back after the tragic death of one of our flagship artistes, Amelia who passed on two years ago,” Bryce said.