Breaking News : Five die in road accident

Five people died on the spot this afternoon when  a Toyota Raum they were traveling in allegedly rammed into a bus near Zindoga Shopping area along Simon Mazorodze, Harare.

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The accident damaged car.
The accident damaged car.

Among the five were four men and one woman.

The deceased lie by the road-side, covered in blankets.
The deceased lie by the road-side, covered in blankets.

Six people who were on the bus where also injured in the accident.

The Toyota Raum which was damaged in the accident being hoisted.
The Toyota Raum which was damaged in the accident being hoisted.

More details to follow.


A member of the Fire Brigade cleaning the accident scene.
A member of the Fire Brigade cleaning the accident scene.
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  1. Willard Mubvumbi

    Zimbabwean black drivers are the WORST drivers. Pity that more and more bread winners are being killed on the roads leaving behind children without any one to take care of.

    1. Willard 99% of drivers in Zimbabwe are black which makes your point irrelevant,rather say driving standards in Zimbabwe are bad.

      1. Wezhiramukaranga

        I do drive, I see those few whites drive. Ukasangana nemurungu asina kubata steering with both hands undibate, ukasangana naye futi ari pafone achidriver undibate, ukasangana naye achifamba usiku undibate. Recklessness kuphela kumablack zimbo population proportion wise

        1. timmi wekwaZuze

          you sir are an uncle tom

    2. They were fugitives running away from justice.

      1. pliz justify

    3. Wakadhakwa here nhai willard hindawa uyitarisire anhu atema pasi.Zidzoro

    4. You are chupiti unogarepi iwewe have u ever seen coloured guy driving nway generaly zim is for black so how can you say Zim black drivers .. have u ever been driven by a white guy

    5. why do you have to sound racial, simply suggest solutions on how to make driving on our roads safer!

    6. How can they not be the worst when they resort to buying licences and dint bother going for proper lessons. (Only applies to some)

      1. In Zimbabwe there is no difference between a licensed driver and an unlicensed driver. The only difference is the unlicensed driver is too poor to buy a license.I have been on the road for almost 22 years now. My daughter has been trying to get a license for almost 3 years and failing not because she cannot drive but she is too poor to pay for it. She has driven me on many occasions and she can challenge any of the so-called licensed drivers. She can go through drums just using the mirrors, I have personally tested her using my experience, i got my license during the clean years when the guys at VID were content with their jobs. I did defensive driving in Zimbabwe, Australia and South Africa so I am quite comfortable to say most of the inspectors who we have do not match me.

    7. nhai Willard Mubvumbi…asi iwe uri murungu? makore mangani uchikwira bhazi muno muzimbabwe rinotyayirwa nemunhu mutema? you are brain washed to the extent of thinking kuti varungu vane yese…SHAME MXM…UNO SEMBURA…Dai wati maDriving standards are bad not to racialize this matter its serious as it stands…AGAIN MXM…MXM,,,MXM!!! NXA AAA

    8. i think we are hurt that people have been killed in a road accidents and i agree that bread winners are living their homes but i dont agree with the fact that Zimbabwe black drivers are the worst driver. im not sure which yard stick he is using but that sounds a bit racial and unfair. looking at this accident, who said it was the driver’s fault?

      1. Ichokwadi mabhoyi mastandards edu anonyadzisa. Kwese Kwese. Driving is just one area. Tarira around zvakakukonberedza. Weganda haana standard. Varungu vakati vhexa kuubza chirungu nguva yedu isati yasvika. That’s why the majority of the population uses bush for s toilet in this day. 33 years after so called independence.

      2. Vengai, don’t chase your shadow. Blacks blacks blacks are not disciplined whether its on the road, in the streets, in social sphere, in government, in companies they are just not disciplined. hate them or like them if the say they are going to construct a road from Harare to Beitbridge within 2 years they will do it. Give a black a contract, he does not do it or he increases his prizes during and after the project, he does short cuts he shows off and he joins ZanuPF apedza.

  2. @ willard very correct though u sound racial.letz b serious on our roads.

  3. Inga zvanzi yabursta tyre wani zvemaworst drivers zvabvepi futi?

    1. these Japanese cars ne weather yekuno mahwani ,may their souls rest in peace

      1. hapana kumboti x japanese apa,ko cnt sum1 buy good wheels,inga ana National Tyre Services anotengesa,but u choose to buy eku china

        1. tinashe dont act like you live under the rock, how many of us can afford a complete change of tyres at once with a tyre valued at $80.00, GIVEN our current economic situation. lets not just comment for the sake of commenting.

          1. Black driver. whats better to buy the expensive tyres or death?

          2. Its possible who ever was driving was over speeding without due care on this particular road. Our Govt should also tighten the grip on non road worthy vehicles, which comprise of half the cars on our roads currently. We are all adults; how would someone venture onto a highway with worn out tyres and traveling at the speed of light. My guess is that this Raun was being used a Taxi and its about time our Govt woke up to smell the coffee. Ban these cars off the road. Simple.

      2. Wezhiramukaranga

        ko zvanzi imbavha dzitotiza wani

    2. A good driver will never take chances with tyres!

  4. tendai chaminuka

    Human Error

  5. rip to those men & a woman who died in this accident. i can see a case of overspeeding here coz if he was going at 60km/hr this wouldn’t have happened. serious consideration should be taken on tyre worthiness by the police. this is not good at all.

  6. shuwa mota idzi ngadzibhanwe mhani!

    1. WORRIED i wonder which wheels you roll in.

  7. maroads edu akuda Mwari apindire nezuro manheru makombi 3 akakuvadza vanhu along Lyton road ,zvanyanya veduwee nekwaimhanyirwa ndakakushaya

  8. Dear God, our hearts are pained

  9. Vaona vanoti raum yakata bhazi chokwadi chaicho ndechipi manje.RIP

    1. Kukata chirudzii judging by the way both vehicles are damaged??

      I suspect reckless overtaking or one of the drivers especially from the Raum driver or one lacked concentration resulting in the vehicle encroaching longitudinal/middle lane.

  10. If only our traffic police could be serious in performing their duties , that is , checking the road worthiness of our cars , rather than how deep our pockets are.


    1. Yaaa mapurisa haabvi kumakombi, unoona town yakazara zvimota izvi kunge ndizvo zvega zvinofambamo…..sungai zvimota izvi….

  11. @Mubvumbi What was the position in Cuba?

  12. Speed, speed Please lets follow the laid down speed limits. That is an area where we expect drivers to be travelling at 60, the accident could not have been fatal. reducing a car to a heap of metal. RIP

  13. umm a touching and emotional scene may their souls rest in peace

  14. too bad hey. is this another case of human error and negligence? lets be serious guys

  15. Yaaah the issue of corruption is also a contributing factor,risk driving is not recommented at all,the issue of road status is not of issence here.My main advice is to the uniformed cash collectors the so called ZRP Constables who are good at collecting cash from motorists without checking whether the vehicle is road worth or not.As for your own information there are other baboons that are used by the block officers to collect cash from commuters achingonyora manumber plates emakombi chete then kombi iyoyo nomatter inemutero kana haina inongofamba pamadiro bcz atonyora maone Zimbabwe hona vana vako

    1. So sad that our country has been eroded this much with corruption. Don’t think we need these cash collectors on our roads coz they are as good as useless lest there is a substantial shift in the manner they conduct their duties.

  16. u talk of overspeeding,u r 100% rght bt i dnt agree wth u on black drivers coz the driver was was a really touching seen.cnt explain bt stil trying to cme to terms wth wat i saw.may their soul rest in peace

  17. Corruption, unserviced vehicles , speeding, overloading,

  18. we the zimbos are highly educated but when it comes to taking care on the roads, we behave doltishly. the sanctity of human life is continued to be disregarded by drivers who behave as if they are participating in car-racing. it’s funny that a whole Minister of Justice blames sanctions for the traffic carnage when it’s as clear as tropical sunshine that we have reckless drivers in our country. May the souls of those who perished therein find eternal peace and forgiveness from our good and faithful Lord

  19. If you look at that wreckage this car was overspeeding no questions asked! Eyewitnesses say he *hit a curb* that’s why the tyre burst – the driver was careless (RIP) to the deceased

  20. Lord help us. jus this morning a pedestrian was hit n died on the spot by a kombi

  21. Know one knows the hour or the day the son of God come. We can have new tires but you can not run from death. As a motorist we should avoid speeding to reduce much impact. may our beloved rest in peace and pray that those left behind can be comforted by the creator and left in good hands.

  22. May their souls rest in peace

  23. accidents happens,but lets avoid over speeding…cz some of our cars are not worthy.

  24. Masanctions akonzera dai asipo. Zvisina E.D

  25. very bad roads ,pot holes ,unmarked roads etc .corrupt licencing officials , corrupt road traffic law enforcers ,bad driver morals some agrivated by drugs, jappanees vihecles ,stop speeding please we are putting comunity in dengar

  26. yes we can talk about speed, corruption, black drivers, china products etc. But e most fundamental lesson that is left for us is to, make our ways straight before the Almighty God before we die,so that when He comes we are able to stand on the day of judgement. non of the deceased knew they will be dead by now.FFT!!! Be blessed.

  27. i guess masanctions…

  28. Lets try to be extra careful in these roads. Zvinorwadza. May they rest in peace

    1. This is sad indeed. May their souls rest in peace. By the way, there is nothing called ‘overspeeding’, it is just ‘speeding’. Let’s get it right for the sake of our school children. Causes for accidents-too many to mention, ranging from too many cars on the narrow roads to corrupt practices.

  29. Just check out the hoisted wreckage. The spare wheel was already on, meaning the overall tyre situation was bad. These Raums are used for pirating and so do a lot of milage. So sad people are trying to make a living!

  30. Come on guys, cars might be cheap now but its no excuse for us to become reckless on the road.

  31. I smell overspeeding

  32. @ Mark how many ppl overspeed? do every1 who overspeed incur an accident?

  33. Good pics Newsday crew kip it up

  34. the ambulance ddnt arrive on tym & wen ey arrive ey ddnt hv sufficient supplies

  35. So painful e driver is my neighbour *sobbing

  36. The reckage tells speed was way too much, plse guys behave like adults, very sorry.

  37. The dark cloud continued to hoover upon the Zimbabwean traffic arena. Road accidents are claiming a lot every year. I have been peeved by the tragic accident occurred this afternoon. I am very saddened by the unexpected demise of our relatives, friends. may their souls rest in peace.

  38. mapurisa anyanya kutonyorwa.

  39. Judging from the pictures above,the car was driving using those small emegence japanese spare tyres very tiny indeed to sustain the load ,and that spare wheel is writen not more than 70 miles per hour ,its only for emegence to take yu to the service station,total negligence from the driver and very sorry to the families of the deacesed

    1. On the spare tyre that comes with most Raums it says not to exceed 80 kilometers per hour. The reason isn’t that the tyre is weak, it is very strong. It is that it is smaller than the other tyres so puts the car off balance at high speeds.

      By the way, 70 miles per hour is a hell of a lot faster than 80 kilometers per hour.

      To the people saying black drivers aren’t good drivers, that might be true about public transport owners/operators/drivers in Zim, but a kot of black drivers are good drivers. As a white Zimbabwean I can also admit that a lot of people in my community speed plus drink and drive.

      To all people:
      1. Ensure your car is road worthy, including the tyres. Locally made Dunlop tyres are excellent and last for ages.
      2. Don’t speed.
      3. Don’t drink and drive.
      4. Avoid using your phone while driving.
      5. Remain calm when a combi stops in the middle of the road. Road rage will get you no where…..
      6 Pay attention and use your common sense.

  40. mapurisa dzavawo mbavha they dont look problms on the car wht they wnt is money corruption is 2 much in zimbabwe

  41. inguva vazvarwa.hongu moyo yedu inorwadzikana nehama dzatisiya Asi inguva yashe wena isina anodzivisa.tingati driver azodai mota yazenge yakadai nhingi akazoti asi mwene wenguva watonga wena.ndiJEHOVHA vanga vakatara nguva iyoyi hakuna unogona kuitiza kana kuishandura.saka isu vasare ngativei netariro pakuziva kuti kana nesu nguva yedu ichakwanawo .uye kune kumuka kwavakafa kwatakafanira kushingairira kuti kana nguva yedu ichizokwaniswa tigozomutswa pamwe na kristu Jesu.amen amen vanhu vaJehovha.

  42. Shame. May their souls rest in peace.

  43. mapurisa batai anhu muroad umo, kwete zvechioko muhomwe zvenyu izvo

  44. a sad storry may they all rest in internal peace overspeed guyz inokonzeresa

  45. Panonzi paMalvern shops,zindigoga ibhawa

  46. @zex, zindoga is the well known name indava kuda kuziva nhando iwe…..may their souls R.I.P

  47. dear God , my heart is .Nehanda mukauone vana vako vapera mumugwagwa hapasisina mutemo

  48. zvinorwadza vanosara MAY THEIR SOUL REST IN PEACE

  49. When our friends/relatives are promoted to glory in any way, we feel the pain. RIP dear friends. Guys, God gives us this life to live and to live it to the fullest, but as to how we live it is our own choice. Blessed are those who live it God’s way for they shall not live in vain. Give your life to God (the owner) and it shall be well with you for the days are evil.

  50. Speed limit yepa Zindoga is 60km/hr, surely if the driver was in that limit chances are no tyre would have burst and if a tyre had burst no fatalities would have occurred. This therefore goes to show that the driver was flying instead of driving and when the tyre burst there was no way he/she could have controlled the vehicle given the vehicle population on our city roads these days. So please drivers lets observe these road signs, they were erected where they are for a purpose and that purpose mostly is to save lives.

  51. Sad but the truth is Zimbabwe has the worst drivers. I was in a certain city in a European country. They have more cars than we have maybe ten times but you rarely see congestion because they will be driving well and fast.In Zimbabwe’s streets one is doing 20km/hr, the other one 100km/hr, then there is this one at 60 km/hr all on the same road, and then everybody crossing anywhere along the road. In other countries you don’t even try it to cross in the middle of the road because you will be dead before you make it half way. Here a pedestrain jaywalking anotokutuka aripakati peroad yet 8 meters away there is a road.

  52. l would like to say to those who are mourning right now……….look upon each day that comes as a challenge,as a test of courage.The pain will come in waves,some days worse than others,accept the pain and know that the world is full of pain but it is also full of over coming it just turn to the Almight for comfort and relief.May their Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

  53. Ok guys, what exactly happened to the Raum? Were they being chase after or they were are their mission (Robbers)? Are these people not the ones who are robbing and rapping people in and around Harare? Lets not comment badly up until we have full details of what happened to them……………. May their souls rest in peace and may the wounded ones get well soon………..

  54. chek chek……..pakaipa mhani…..vakomana vaenda

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