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‘Boredom pushed me to read a novel’ Cross


MDC-T Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross said he was pushed to reading a novel in Parliament last Thursday after he got bored with the proceedings.


Cross was thrown out of Parliament after being found reading a novel during a debate on the President’s speech by deputy speaker Mabel Chinomona.

In an interview with NewsDay on Friday, Cross said his party did not allow him to debate on the presidential speech in Parliament and boredom pushed him to “fish out” his novel.

“Some of the people come into the Parliament and they read newspapers. Yes, I was reading a novel. My party does not allow us to debate on the presidential speech and so I was bored out of my mind,” Cross said.

“To escape the boredom, I reached into my briefcase and I took out my novel which I started to read. At least I didn’t have to go through the long and boring speech.”

Cross, however, said for the sake of progress he was going to apologise for his behaviour when the Parliament sits tomorrow.

“I will apologise on Tuesday (tomorrow) when we sit again so that we can get on with business,” he said.

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