Air Zim adjusts fares


STATE-OWNED national carrier Air Zimbabwe has adjusted its fares by up to $40 after the airline’s comeback promotion lapsed last month as the festive season approaches.

Acting Business Editor

After extending its Cruising Altitude Promotion from July to September in bid to claw back market share following a lean spell, the airline yesterday announced the new fares which would see a return ticket for the Harare/Bulawayo flight increasing to $150 from the promotional $105.

The traditionally viable Harare/Johannesburg route, which during the promotion cost $275, will now cost $310 while the Harare/Victoria Falls return ticket now costs $220 from $180.

Despite announcing this upward revision, the airline has enticed customers with a free ticket for every four trips travelled on any route.

Company spokesperson Shingai Taruvinga could not be contacted for comment as she was said to be attending the ongoing Sanganai/Hlanganani World Travel and Tourism Africa Fair.

Facing stiff competition from major airlines which had renewed interest to fly Harare with some flying for the first time, the airline launched its comeback following a restructuring exercise.

According to figures from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority for the year ending December 31 2012, Air Zimbabwe’s market share for the period plunged to 0,8% from 27% in 2009 triggered by viability problems confronting the national carrier.

During this restructuring exercise, the airline acquired an Airbus A320 to improve its fleet.

The Airbus added to Air Zimbabwe’s current fleet comprising two B767-200s, three B737-200s and three MA60s. Official figures show that the introduction of the two Airbuses currently being leased by the airline had reduced operational costs by 45% for the company.

Air Zimbabwe, according to the tourism regulator, dropped in its market share from 27% in 2009 to a mere 0,8% in 2012 and suspended its links to Asia and China in particular.

Air Zimbabwe is next month expected to resume direct flights to London.

At its peak, Air Zimbabwe used to have 1 025 employees manning a route network servicing Harare-Johannesburg, Harare-Bulawayo, Harare-Victoria Falls, Harare-Nairobi, Harare-Dar-es-Salaam, Harare-Lubumbashi, Harare-London and Harare-Kuala Lumpur-Beijing.

In May, the airline announced that it had sent over 600 workers on forced leave to rebuild the route network, offer professional competitive services on flights, increase financial return and build a strong passenger base for the benefit of all stakeholders.


  1. Just want correct a mistake in ths article.air zim ws meant t start uk flights in july it ws moved t november bt understand its nw moved t an undiscosed date next year.apparently thy stil owe mney. 20m yakashaika ws more thn enough t pay sme of th debts thts making it difficult fo air zim t resume sme of its routes.airline yakaparadzwa nematsotsi.

  2. The picture chosen to accompany the article is the old B-707 that AirZim inherited from Air Rhodesia. It was scrapped decades ago. Could your writer/editor not have found a more up-to-date picture? Or are they under the impression that it’s the B-787 Dreamliner which they keep saying AirZim will be getting soon?!

  3. We hope that they don’t get into the temptation of splash lavish free travel hand-outs to employees and officers that will make the airline carry thousands to the end of the solar system without paying, to the detriment of the company. We have heard of it before and it can happen again as other parastatals have it in their own forms even now.

  4. Can Air Zim consider weekly flights to the South Eastern Lowveld!
    I wish aeroplanes were like Ipsums, I would certainly make a killing on the Hre- Chiredzi route.

  5. One wonders how an airline with then 8 planes (only 5 worth mentioning) employed 1025 staff members! That’s a staggering 128 people per plane! Even the worlds best airlines, don’t have such ridiculous staff/plane ratios. Kurumwa nechekuchera..

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