We are ‘actors’ not ‘witches’ — Budiriro duo


The two suspected “witches” who were arrested in Budiriro last month and charged with practising witchcraft, have threatened to file defamatory damages against anyone who continued to label them witches.


The threat was made by their lawyer Norman Mugiya.

The accused women Elnette Jinya Mbeve (43) (alias Maria Moyo) and Christine Matiyenga (33) (alias Chipo Chakaja) yesterday filed a third bail application at the High Court, citing changed circumstances.

In an interview with NewsDay, Mugiya said his clients were actors and not witches and that the State had no further reasons to deny them bail especially in view of their confessions.

“An offence would have been sustainable if the women had not confessed that they dramatised the whole event on the self-proclaimed Budiriro prophet, Alfred Mupfumbati’s instructions. The main actor in the drama is now behind bars and my clients are now exonerated,” Mugiya said.

“Now that the circumstances have changed, that totally quashes any suspicion which existed at the time of their arrest. They are very, very innocent and from now onwards, any insinuation pointing to them as witches would be highly defamatory and we will sue for that,” he said.

High Court judge, Justice Joseph Musakwa last week denied the duo bail and castigated their lawyer for failing to submit a meaningful and proper bail application.


  1. These ladies aqe the ones who labelled themselves witches and and pleaded to that charge. That label cannot just dissappear. They will have to learn to live with it

  2. The duo made my day when I learnt they were acting I laughed my heart out.Pse tsvagai mari nedzimwe nzira kwete iyi mava kungwarisa

  3. Please free these ppl and look for Tich Mataz whom you gave bail to. These ppl do not need any bail bcoz this is a petty issue which is not even worth the attention of a magistrate. Explains why there is a serious backlog at the courts. Hamuzivi zvamunoita. Kuswerera nekanyaya kemangamanga so? Shame stereki.

  4. If I may correct my learned lawyer, Mugiya, or is it Newsday. The duo should be referred to as “actresses” and not “actors”.

    • Matemai! clearly the Lawyer is more learned than you. The term Actor refers to a “person” who acts. Mr Mugiya is not condescending towards women like you. please be guided accordingly.

  5. Nyaya chaidzo hadzitongwe, kutonyora chete vangani vauraya vanhu asi vanofamba freely. Basa chairo ngarishandwe

  6. @analy
    ingawa petty issue here ivo vanhu vari mu trade yokukorovhera public ? mhomho dziri kumhanyidzana kunobatsigwa nekumwa mamvura agezwa namanhu ivava vakabvumigwa kuwa nezvitambi under the law. vezvemitemo hunzi vanodavira kuti zvinokodzera kuwana alternative medicine. nyaya iyi ngainyatsoongorogwa tizive zviri seri navarimo mudima ratekeshera.

  7. A lot of children have disappeared without trace. With these so called ‘actors’, its probably a starting point for police to scratch and get to the bottom. Also a deterrent sentence is welcome

    • Get to the bottom of what? Pane aka birwa mari here? pane akakuvara here? pane akafa here? HAPANA!

      Bottom line: hapana nyaya. These women should’nt even hav gone to jail in th first place.

      You are right, a lot of children are disappearing, the justice system should put more energy in finding them, not going on & on about this farce

  8. Thobela…

    They have a case to answer…lying under oath…they gave fake names, and claimed that they were possessed just like prophets do…

    I am to understand this lawyer too, must be cautioned here…he might be part and parcel of the drama…hahh a ke sa tsepa motho jwanong tjoe!!!


    • They didn’t lie to anyone. They thot they were still acting. Did you want them to drop their scripts and stage names before time!!!!?

      • what is missed and overlooked is that the law of england is being applied to shield the standards of africa. awful !

  9. Preach hazvie preach!

    Justice system yemuno i comedy. Instead consetrating on real cases, they choose to waste the tax payers money on this.

  10. This is what happens when a nation is gripped by the current frenzy of belief in mushrooming unorthodox religious cult execess & the occult. I used to wonder how terror religious cults like the Kony’s Lord Resistance Army in manage to commit atrocities using religion but now realise that Zimbos are fast catching up in their quest in engaging in religious cult practices & beliefs & are nolonger exercising good judgement.

  11. Actually children are dissapearing as a result of being kidnapped by these so-called “actors” after being send by the bogus muti peddlers for ritual killing. For money these sick women and their ilk can do anything so they must rot in jail.

  12. Dont forget mujere mune ma hard core these two ladies were coach by these hardcores even the learned lawyer was told what to say by these women. oh poor prophet hezvoka if you were a real man of god you could have seen this before

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