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Zimbos safe from Kenya terror attack


ZIMBABWEAN Ambassador to Kenya, Kelebert Nkomani, yesterday said all Zimbabweans including embassy staff were safe from the terrorist attacks that have claimed 62 people in Nairobi since the weekend.

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In a telephone interview with NewsDay, Nkomani said the embassy had not received any reports of Zimbabweans killed or injured during the attack by the Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab Islamist group.

“The mall is about a kilometre away from the embassy and anyone from the embassy could have been there when this happened,” Nkomani said.

“I visit the mall to buy stuff about three times a week. Fortunately, everyone from the embassy is safe. It was a bit scary. Things, however, seem to be a bit calmer now. I am not aware of any Zimbabwean who is in trouble or was affected by this.”

Nkomani was, however, quick to point out that not every Zimbabwean in Nairobi was registered with the embassy.

“But then, not everyone registers their presence with the embassy, especially those in transit or just visiting. We do have Zimbabweans who come to work in multinational companies and non-governmental organisations and Nairobi is the headquarters of many of them coming to work here. There is also a large population of Zimbabweans who are Vapostori who came here before independence and I checked. They are alright.”

Kenyan officials yesterday gave assurances that they were on top of the situation.

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