Zesa slashes debts


ZESA Holdings — under pressure to bring relief to its consumers — has slashed debts for ordinary consumers and farmers.

Report by Victoria Mtomba

The relief, according to Zesa, would benefit all domestic customers with a debt relief of $160 per household while customers on prepaid meters would have their amortised outstanding debts adjusted.

NewsDay yesterday reported that the power utility had made presentations to the President’s Office seeking to be saved from the pressure to write off all outstanding bills.

In a statement last night, the power utility said extensive consultations were made with farmer’s representatives and other stakeholders before the decision was made that is aimed at stimulating economic recovery.

According to the statement, the collective debt relief for farmers would be $80 million while that for ordinary consumers would be $90 million.

“Customer bills will be proportionally adjusted and this will reflect on the October 2013 bills. Customers on prepaid meters will have their amortised outstanding debt adjusted accordingly. This debt relief is a once-off dispensation,” read part of the statement.

“Zesa will continue to install prepaid meters on all farming properties with capacity of up to 50kVA. Modalities are being put in place to ensure that all farmers, including those with higher capacity of over 50kVA, will be on prepaid meters as soon as the requisite meters are procured.

“Customers already on prepaid and without debt, will be credited the equivalent amount in units. The benefits of prepaid metering have been taken into account in awarding this write off.”

There have been calls from various quarters, including from Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo who presided over the cancellation of local authority bills owed by individuals for Zesa to go the local authorities’ route on bills.

The power authority has a legacy of debts of close to half a billion that includes those debts taken over from Central African Power Company which used to procure power for the nation.

The power authority has so far installed more than 300 000 prepaid meters countrywide.

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  1. ………..And so the circus continues!!!!!!!!!!!Edgars,OK, Meikles must also scrap their debts in line with the new government’s thinking! Ahoy Mr Beaver , this is Zimbabwe, everything is possible. We now see a teacher heading the Ministry of Energy and power development.Surely this is being creative and innovative cde President.

    • une pamuromo iwe. abaiwa ngaabude muZim yacho. teacher haasi munhu here. pamberi nokugadzirisa zvakashaishwa. chikwereti cha2010 chingakonesa zesa kufamba here?

    • can you define a teacher for me bec engineers are taught by teachers in the form of lectures i think you are mistaken of mind

  2. Its very good move by our Government. What is now left is the issue of the LANDLINES. If tellone needs to be viabrand again, they should rightoff all the areas accrued by its former customers and start afresh.

  3. guys I see these MDC sympathisers masquerading as ZESA executives being fired. Surely they are trying to cover up something by pre-empting minister announcement to scrap bills in entirety. 160 pabill rekumathousands rinobatsira chi. This is definitely not coming from Zanu pf but a ploy by Zesa to pre-empt Zanu pf good policies to cover up huori. Kana Zanu yoitira vanhu haidududze chinouya chinouya asi mabill aitwa scrap in their entirety.

    Vasingade kubvisirwa nekuti maPseudo economist hazvinetse endai munobhadhara mabill ekupenga iwayo Zesa will be much happy. Scraping of bill ndomari yengoda yacho yamunochemera.

  4. i will still pay what i owe, especially to bulawayo city council. it may be difficult to do so but i just cant imagine myself accepting financial help from zanu. i want do it for myself. zanu’s help is full of our brothers and sisters’ blood. i am not ready to forget 20000 or so to celebrate the cancelation of debts. bcc i will still pay you what i owe.

  5. I for one do want to pay my bill,my only problem is i dont have the cash and Zesa made me sign a payment plan that i cant follow, should be paid by 31 December 2013.

    In all honesty i just need the company to give us realistic periods to pay say over two years at least then people will be able to pay them monthly with out stress.

    A little bit of something is better than nothing at all

  6. @daisy
    Ko maisiirei bill richisvika kuma thousand nhai mhai.
    Very irresponsible. Hapana chemahara amai dhuze remangwana muchapinda mu road muchipemha kana zvimwe zviya izvo.

  7. It doesnt help anyone at all to deduct $160 whilst at othe other hand ZESA is charging its debtors 42% interest per month. I had a bill of $400 in July and as i speak right now that bill has more than quadrupled. And that has also discouraged me from paying the $45 that i was paying to ZESA monthly as a way of offsetting my debt. It all started wen the issue of scrapping debts was doing the rounds and ZESA and i am not going to pay anything until my bill is put to its rightful position.

  8. I’m praying that they remove all the outstanding bills owed by residance. For people to start a new life in a new Zanu pf gvt they should not carry their debts to another gvt term. Therefore Hon Mavhaire should see to it that all debts from 2009 to date are written off. Kana vakaregera kudero hatichavavhoteri. They should fulfil their promises if it was not a political gymick. What is US$160 out of thousands. Where are those remaining thousands suppose to come from? Remember Zim is still in sanctions and we are not employed or underpaid. ZESA write off all the outstanding bills Oh!!! I voted for it Oh!!!! Gushungo batai vanhu vekuZESA.

  9. guys seriously $160 chete is unfair,ini i owe 1400 so it means they will only remove 160 from it and i will be left with 1240 ndoibhadhara neyi,ngavabvise yese titange patsva,ndinoiwanepi mari yese iyoyo ini ndiri civil servant

  10. Vanhu havana chakanaka. Gvt yati vanhu vabvisirwe chikwereti vanhu voti yatadza.cutting off debts is not a new thing even poor countries lobby for debt relief. Dai iri hurumende ye MDC yadaro the same people would be praising. Kana Zanu yagona ngatiipembedzei. Asi pana jonatan moyo iniwo ndasvora.

  11. would like to thank the government for policies which a people oriented, please could you also instruct telone to do the same on domestic consumers because in 2009 they convected Zim Dollar balances into USDollar .

  12. Ndokugona dai hurumende yapa vanhu free food hupenyu hungarikire no going back nyika kana ichimira ngaimire ndokutonga ikoko Blair keep your England and i will keep my Zimbabwe

  13. I hope we will be able to get resources to increase our energy production capacity. Energy investors will most likely be repelled by the tariffs as they consider the return on their investment.

  14. Nxii! Tino kaura soon zesa yagara pasi ,zvemahara izvi takazviona makore apfura zvopfuka kumhuka chibhenen’ene. Mangoma I guess zesa bosses vakuona u were a betta ministers than matakanana akuitwa nematacha ezanu aya.

  15. Kana nezveroora totokumbira Cde Mnangagwa vazvibvisewo. Vose vakaroorana2009 to date mabvisirwa roora for they are performing a national duty. Ndivo vasarira!!! Bhora mugedhi…..

  16. You all failing to understand the $160 part. It means if you owe zesa more than $160 your debt will be scraped, if you owe less than $160 your debt remains.

  17. Can zesa or its accredited installers pliz speed up its installation of pre paid meters.i leave in westlea i understand w were suppose t hve these meters installed mid august bt up t nw nothing i went t wayne street t ask bt no one seem t knw whts goin on.any one selling am despate?

  18. The maths don’t make sense they slash the total bill by $170mil but it equates to $160 with is $170mil divided by 12mil the population of zim, but $160 multiplied by the total amount of possible electricity accounts shows up much less than $170mil. I smell a rat, are they planning to steal the difference or are they wanting to pay for only certain bills in their entirety????

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