Zanu PF youths push for revival of national service


ZANU PF youths have said they want the National Youth Service training camps to be revived to beef up the party’s campaign.


Addressing party youths in Mutare on Sunday, Talent Kadzima, spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Revolutionary and Patriotic Youth Network (ZRPYN), a Zanu PF-affiliated empowerment organisation, said the youth training camps should be reintroduced soon to teach youths about Zanu PF’s founding principles.

“We want the National Youth Service revived. We need that orientation, that foundation for our people,” said Kadzima.

“It has links with our foundation. That is where youths are taught values and integrity such as anti-greed and the sense of nationhood. That will be the basis of youth participation,” she said.

The National Youth Service programme was launched by the late Youth minister Border Gezi in 2001 to “transform and empower youths for nation building through life skills training and leadership development”.

The programme was, however, discontinued due to lack of funding and after recruits had been widely accused by opposition parties of inciting political violence especially during election time.

The service claims to instill in young Zimbabweans a sense of national identity and patriotism. While it proposes to unite people above party lines, it also condemns “foreign influence and intervention” in national politics.

Speaking at the same occasion, ZRPYN president John Dambaza threatened to expose Zanu PF ministers and top party officials involved in corrupt activities.

“We know there is corruption within our party. Some of the bigwigs are converting resources set aside for youth empowerment to their personal use. In the previous governments, we know several ministers who were corrupt,” said Dambaza.

“This time around we will take them head-on. Even the President (Robert Mugabe) knows that some of his officials are corrupt and we will present him with evidence.

“The Youth Empowerment Fund never benefited the intended people. Even on land, we know there are party bigwigs who have multiple farms yet we don’t have farms. We should encourage transparency. The new Cabinet should also reflect that aspect of transparency,” he said.

At the meeting, Manicaland Zanu PF spokesperson Charles Samuriwo said youths should demand 60% of all opportunities on the basis that they make up more than 60% of the country’s population.


  1. Unfortunately, the Youth do not have 60 % of experince in running busines, or farming. So be forewarned of being too simplistic, this not an election campaign but a practicality.

  2. Nehupengo hwenyu uhwu tikakuudzai kuti its counter productive as it overstretches the tight fiscus you tend to think we want to dictate your ‘landslide victory’ but anyway zviitei.
    Mapenzi eharahwa.

  3. It pleases nobody but the politicians.
    Whoever suggested it knows how to please the poor hungry vampires who have nothing developmental for the ppl except to shower praises for themselves

  4. Youths want jobs idiot.
    Mugabe should be wary because ppl now talk ‘safe statements’ meant to please dictators.

    Gore rino tichavapembedza Gushungo dzamara vamera nyanga

    • @screemer you are a crazy ideot think kupembedza munhu unobza wawana basa?you are in deed a crazy monkey.if you cant find a job for yourself unofunga ma boarder gezi kana zpf ine company?nonsense

  5. You dont need to go to camps to be taught life skills and patriotism. Thats the role of schools and state media.
    Idiotic Marxist thinking.
    Where do we get the money after all as poor as we are?

  6. We are moving more to serious socialism.
    Where everything is provided free. Schools. Electricity, health care and everything.

  7. biased article… national service has nothing do with zanupf. thats y its called NATIONAL and not ZANUPF. at these institutions u learn to a patriotic citizen..after this is all over the world

    • @rest,this is nonsense.which world are you talking about?the very last time this programme was introduced ,it was politicised,full of zanu pf business and had nothing close to national issues.its better to learn history as a way of imparting national issues to students.

  8. People who talk about this national service have never visited the camps a saw how the girls are turned into sex slaves by saw called instructors,my kids will never go there it’s like signing a dearth sentence for your kid

  9. People, to be honest with you those who criticize the National youth Service have never been there. Do not rely on hear-says. I was once in a training camp and for somebody to be told that you are taught how to rape is utter hogwash. How can somebody be taught how to rape. I did learn a lot of things in the camp which I even still use up to date. Well I would like to admit that one or two things need to be polished but overall y I do recommend that our youths go through national youth service.

    • @ cde Gabarinocheka

      Yes, for istance, you learned how to walk with diginity; head above shoulders-chin high, eyes piercing aft, left arm numb, legs pumbing the ground, right arm swinging like a fan. And you still use that to drift between beerhalls as sodding drunk as a mouse! How you fool them all!

  10. They should be wary of threats to expose corrupt ministers or they will be next to ‘drive into a tree’.

  11. National Youth Service per se, is a good thing, but we all know that National Youth Service in Zimbabwe is politicised and made into a zanu pf program, its never about the best interest of the country or the people.

  12. The national youth service is a good idea but politics must stay out of it.Politicians must also not abuse these youths.On fighting corruption the youth have taken a good stance but they must be careful and for more go and ask the chininga family in guruve.

  13. Why are you saying biased atticle when the idiot is quoted saying we need national service to teach youths about zanupf. What need to be done is to tell this idiot that he needs a job, raise enough money and start his own company and that once it is to teach our children about zanupf then it is no longer national youth service so it should be for zanupf youths only. Also please dont let these buffoons near our daughters. There should be girls only with women trainers and males only I call zanupf youths males because all they have is a male organ but not man brains.

  14. you black pple are so submissive you always want to be confined at some place and be taught bout how to dont nid a military set up to learn how you can help your self and the nation.That is why you think being poor is a blessing and that black people are cursed go ask Strive Masiiwa or Oprah Winfrey if his color of skin limited him/ think the president will take care of your family he will not!!!!!! you will.

  15. rest u should rest and read the person quoted in the article is saying zpf youths not all zimbabwean youths,a lot of zpf miss abusing girls in those and the violence and brainwashing that u a taught endi kumabhawa monobhadhara madhoradhora,titaurirei chinemusoro chakaitwa nevakatanga kuenda kuboader gezi asi mayouth aya haana kudzimba kugarika here,kovana vevakuru venyu sei vasingaende ikoko imi anapombiyadonha ndimi munoenda,kupusa nekusada kushanda.

  16. Talent Kadzima what is it to be learnt about zanu pf ,listen and listen careful Talent Kadzima and your mad group you are going around talking about this thing ,you call national service.zanu pf do not own the people in Zimbabwe and the country Zimbabwe,if you want to see the anger of the Living God,the creator of Heaven and Earth and the people in Zimbabwe,continue pushing for your evils games of your national service,if you do not believe that the Lord Jesus Christ who died for the people of Zimbabwe is alive,Pharaoh in Eygpt did it to the children of God and he and his receive the answer of the power of the Living God in the Red Sea.Talent Kadzima you are Pharaoh of Zimbabweans,go ahead you shall receive in the mighty name of the LIVING LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

  17. If national service actually did a service to the nation then all communities would call for it and government would ensure that national service continues without a break. So what service does this program give to the nation, what is the benefit to communities?

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