‘Witness bent on incriminating Komichi’


THE trial of MDC–T deputy national chairman Morgen Komichi continued yesterday with the defence lawyer Alec Muchadehama accusing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s chief legal officer Shamiso Barbara Chahuruva of concocting evidence to incriminate his client.


Muchadehama made the remarks while cross-examining Chahuruva, whom he accused of giving long and winding answers just to confuse matters.

Muchadehama said: “I am simply asking you questions that need simple answers and you are avoiding them. I know you are keen to incriminate the accused.”

Komichi has been in custody since July 29 following his arrest over charges of contravening the Electoral Act after he was allegedly found in possession of stray ballots belonging to Mugove Chiginya.

Chahuruva, however, told the court that she personally did not see Komichi opening any envelope containing ballot papers at the centre of the controversy.

She further said she believed when Komichi brought the ballot papers to Zec, he intended Zec to act on the matter, but did not specifically tell the organisation on what to do.

After Chahuruva’s evidence, Chiginya took to the witness stand and told provincial magistrate Tendai Mahwe that he failed to cast his special vote on July 14 this year after his name was not called out at Mount Pleasant Hall where police officers were casting their ballots.

Chiginya said he was not given any explanation why his name could not be found although his application for a special vote had been successful.

He further said he was surprised on July 26 when he was picked up for questioning at the Harare Central Police Station over the recovered ballot papers although he had no idea how the papers got there.

“I did not manage to vote. The envelope containing the ballot papers was never availed to me and I don’t know how the packet that contained the papers looked like.”

Under cross-examination by Muchadehama, Chiginya said he registered to vote sometime early this year and on voting day he attended the polling station, but failed to exercise his rights after his name was never called out.

Asked to explain why the voters roll indicated that he was registered in both Mbare and Harare East constituencies, Chiginya simply said he did not know.

The trial continues on Monday next week.


  1. Muchadehama be adviced that Shamiso Chahuruva is not concocting evidence to incriminate Muchadehama but rather doing her duty to ensure that Komichi is brought to justice. There is no mercy upon a jackal and there is only one place for this MDC gook JAIL. Shumba dzakazotanga rinhi kunzwa zvichemo zvemhara.

    • It is not the duty of a mere witness to bring justice to an accused person. Endai kuchikoro bambo, maivepiko vamwe tichidzidza!!!

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  2. it simply an obvious case of concorting the evidence to sustain the case for a few days before Komichi is announced not guilty. ZEC has failed to deliver a clean election so they have to play every trick to justify the failure.

  3. vanhu havarambi kuti komichi atongwe.but tinotarisira kuti zviitwe nemazvo.Toda kuona kuti ye mamillions ichaitwawo sei.

  4. Muchademana is becoming an empty gong sound everyday. Komichi dispense of this impostor. He is totaly failing to prove any of the witnesses wrong, but busy making unsubstantiated sweeping statements. Go back to law school councilor. Kumichi’s only decent option is to dump Muchademana and plead guilty and play the music. As a legal person he(Komichi) knows he is in for a long stay in chikurubi for a criminal and not a political serious offence. Take your time prosecutor. Teaspoon yakapedza tsaga re shuga wani.

  5. In Zimbabwe there is no equality before the Justice system. If u are a Zanu PF suspect you are innocent until rarely proven guilty by the Courts. If you are an MDC suspect you are guilty from day one until rarely proven innocent by the Courts. This is the replica of the Rhodesian justice system.

  6. letz b fair komichi z n only to fix him.arrest n investigate; detain n trie o the other way round.our justice system z mo of power than wht itz intended for.

  7. Testimony being provided by ZEC is just a smokescreen for the real issue ie masking its failure and the shody manner in whch it devaluated the meaning of a credible election.johnso

  8. witness inokuroverera kanakukusunungura depending on whether is on yor side or not. In this case we zec angada here kuti Komichi abude?

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