‘Witches’ bail application postponed

Suspected witches being whisked away in a police truck to Southerton Police station in Budiriro yesterday.Pic: Hardlife Samuwi

THE bail application for the two suspected witches, who were arrested in Harare’s Budiriro suburb early this month, is now set for tomorrow after the High Court yesterday deferred the matter due to the absence of a State counsel.


Justice Joseph Musakwa yesterday moved the matter to tomorrow after being advised that there was no representative from the Attorney-General’s Office. Only the suspects’ lawyer Tawanda Takaindisa was present.

Last week the suspected witches, Maria Moyo (30) and Chipo Chakaja (26), through their lawyers, filed an urgent bail application seeking their release saying they were suitable candidates for bail.

They were two weeks ago remanded in custody by a Mbare magistrate who ordered them to undergo psychiatric examination to establish their mental status.

Takaindisa’s earlier attempt to have them granted bail hit a snag after the court ruled that there was no change of circumstances to warrant granting them bail.

The lawyer went on to say his clients would plead “not guilty” to the charge of engaging in a practice commonly associated with witchcraft, but would admit they were possessed with supernatural powers, which he argued was not a crime.

“Applicants will further tell the court that if their conduct of being possessed with supernatural powers was an act of criminality, then all the pastors, bishops and priests who are miracle workers, possessed by spirits beyond their control would also be committing offences daily,” he said, adding that the fact that his clients were found in possession of an owl was no different from being found in possession of a hen.


  1. Other publications confirmed these witches were in-fact con artists and the “Prophet” where they crash landed has been arrested and is being investigated. What baffled me is the Police, so quick to charge, without proper investigations.

    I wonder how they were going to prove beyond reasonable doubt in court that the witches flew in a basket! Hire their own re-enactment resident witch maybe!

  2. ln relation to their regalia that is the red colour, design, the evil act itself in general, one draws the conclusion that ndeveMDC.

  3. This prophet saw how gullible people are when they were too quick to conclude witchcraft in the Chitungwiza bomb antics – hanzi cause was mheni. So hatched a plan based on people’s perceptions that would draw thousands to him. As they say, once mubhoyi always mubhoyi no matter the level of education or current location in the world. If I pull the miracle or witchcraft act on you 9 times out of 10 my con will get you and you will keep coming for more. Just ask Makandiwa & Angel.

    • You have a very sharp mind Maone. These fake prophets who have invaded Zimbabwe are just preying on the simple-mindedness and gullibility of Zimbos. They are just thieves like Chidhumo and Masendeke. Remember them?

  4. Ja Eish! Kana kuri kutsvaga Cash kwacho uku kwanyanya.Hanzi ndivana Chenzira((Pfambi)) neKwayedza.
    Kumbozama Lucky Kikik

  5. Ma Cult religions ari kufonyora vanhu brain muZim, making money using religion, promoting a culture of thieving,laziness,glorifying riches & the occult & going back to the the dark ages. Picture this: 1)mapostori invading every residential space & every bush thicket alongside the main roads, chanting cult songs vachipwanyira hari dzine mazai nemachira matsvuku on road intersections casting away ‘demons’. 2)Cult pentecost churches are invading the CBD office space in town making unbearable noise & ‘speaking in fake tongues’ using very loud speakers during working hours disturbing peace. 3) Eubert engel & his cohorts driving Bentleys & telling poor people its God’s work 4) 2 local vernecular radio DJs insisting on radio that the ‘Budiriro witches’ were real & anyone who didn’t believe this is not enlightened. Where are we heading as a country with a nation who think like this? We are doomed. Creativity & hard work has been replaced by beliefs engineered by cult overnight quick dollar fake prophets.

  6. ahh maone maybe its the rolling of times..even the bible says mazuva okupedzisira oosvika tichaona zvakakora kupfuura ipapa. vanonamata this is time to pray. if you dont pray uchaona one of the witches in bed with you muchito…… ma one. lets pray

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