We will engage ‘arrogant’ West – Mugabe


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday said he is prepared to work with “progressive members of the international community” including the “arrogant” Western countries that imposed sanctions on his Zanu PF regime.


While officially opening the First Session of the Eighth Parliament in Harare, Mugabe said his government was looking forward to meaningful and effective collaboration with the international community. One of the key result areas of this Parliament would be to align laws to the new Constitution, the President said.

“We indeed stand ready to work with those who, before, were at odds with us and our detractors,” Mugabe said.

“On the other hand, Zimbabwe will continue to demand the immediate and unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions imposed by some arrogant Western countries. Regionally, we will continue to play an effective role in the African Union, Comesa and Sadc where we have recently been elected as the deputy chair,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe’s government is embroiled in a diplomatic tiff with the United States and the European Union over the imposition of sanctions on his Zanu PF regime. The 89-year-old leader demands their unconditional removal citing the recent holding of “peaceful” polls.

The West has, however, maintained that they would not remove the sanctions claiming that the elections won by Mugabe were not fair or credible.

Mugabe also said his government would push for the implementation of the indigenisation programme with “renewed vigour”. The aim, he said, was to allow locals to become “significant stakeholders in the running of the national economy”, and not to be “bystanders”.

He said the indigenisation laws would be reviewed and strengthened, while an evaluation mechanism would be put in place to ensure proper management of the community development share ownership schemes around the country.

“To this end, the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Fund will be capitalised so as to give impetus to the implementation process.”

Investors have shunned Zimbabwe, denying the country the much-needed foreign direct investment, citing the country’s controversial indigenisation laws.

Mugabe, whose previous administrations have been weighed down by allegations of corruption, said he would not brook such rot this time round.

He said the establishment of an independent body, the National Prosecuting Authority, under the new Constitution would bolster his fight against corruption.

“My government will exercise zero tolerance to the scourge of corruption,” said Mugabe. “The composition of the Anti-Corruption Commission will also be aligned to the new Constitution, while anti-corruption commissioners will be required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and to also publicly declare their assets.”

Mugabe said a Constituency Development Fund Bill would also be tabled before Parliament to improve accountability in the way the CDF would be managed. This follows allegations of abuse of the fund by the previous legislators.

“Members of this Parliament should take note that the law will descend heavily on all those who will abuse the fund;” Mugabe charged.

Parastatals which have the potential to contribute 40% of the Gross Domestic Product would be revamped into competitive entities, the President said.

Heads of parastatals would sign performance-based contracts as government adopts a results-based management approach to force accountability and service delivery.

Mugabe also reiterated his earlier promise to review salaries and conditions of work for civil servants.

He also said government would mobilise funds for the resuscitation of closed or distressed companies while efforts to promote domestic and foreign investment would be pursued thorough private and public partnerships.

The mining sector, Mugabe said, would play a catalytic role in the revival of the country’s economy.


  1. So you have nothing to say about the productive sector, infrastructure, SMME, the funding of green fields black owned businesses etc?

    All you focus on are populist ideas of indeginisation – if others had not set up those companies, what would you be indeginising today?

    • Interesting observation Gukurahundi, especially the part where you ask ‘if others had not set up these companies what would you be indeginising today?’

  2. All parties in Zimbabwe must agree on an Independent United Nations Committee to investigate the conduct of the recent elections which are in dispute if the country is to move forward. It is very clear this country is unable to conduct credible elections on its own. This is the only way to resolve this rather than expect Western nations and other nations like Australia and New Zealand to legitimise a fraudulent election. Botswana is not in agreement with the rest of Sadc that the elections were credible. ZanuPF cannot talk of being a “sovereign state” when this is done to steal elections using the army and police.
    Let’s have an Independent UN Committee to investigate the conduct of these elections. If ZanuPF and Sadc think they are credible then they should allow a UN Committee to investigate and vindicate ZanuPF and Sadc. Sadc has connived with ZanuPF to fool the rest of the world.
    There should be no let up on sanctions. Sanctions must subsist – sanctions must be widened and tightened against ZanuPF.

    • It seems you are not only ignorant but arrogant as well. Botswana has since accepted the elections as free and credible. The VP was here for Mugabe’s inauguration.

      • @Tongai- sorry to burst your bubble, Botswana claims they have not changed their view on the elections..ie they still refuse to endorse the poll. If there is a change on this pronouncement, please provide a link which we can all see. And the Botswana VP was at the inauguration? I didnt see him..by the way what is his name?

      • Mugabe won the election – like it or not – the majority of the people of Zimbabwe agree with most of his words.

        • @J Rotten and we stay poor and undeveloped. despite our resources, which only a few well connected zimbabweans get to enjoy. Like the stuff u smoking.

          • Go and ask the average Zimbabwean what they think of Mugabe, they’ll tell you what a great leader he is, how everything wrong with the world is the fault of the white man. They love Mugabe. People get to live in a way that they deserve to live based on their actions.

    • Wakasara u stil bliv dat elections were rigged????????? which disputes if i myt ask????????? ZVIROTO KUZVIROTO cme wat may no united nations committe is going to visit zimbabwe

  3. keep your Britain and i’ll keep myZimbabwe zvakaenda kupiko nahi gushungo. zvikomo zvinotopfumburirana mhute kwete kuti yangu mhute yakakwana.

  4. President Mugabe is a good man – he just knows how to deal with people – I mean, if he acted like a puppet who could be controlled and paid off, how would that reflect on him as a leader? I understand why he is so harsh with foreign governments and businesses. A lot of white owned companies or foreign owned companies have nothing to worry about in Zimbabwe, because they know how to comply and how to deal with the only real government ( the party ). It’s just the cost of doing business – if people don’t like that I can show you where the airport is… just buy a ticket and leave.

  5. Dai kutaura kuriko kuita dai Zim iri nmbr 1. Any1 still remember abt e once promised Chitungwiza-Hre railway? He said he wld not broke corruption this time around meaning to say it was tolerated b4. Since when uchitaura agst corruption bt iyo ichotokura?

  6. Ko west inei nezimbabwe bobo. We dnt need them like u said. We dnt need the chaineez too. Make up yo dam mind old man. 33 years u still a failure.

  7. You say you are not going to brook corruption this time, meaning you tolerated it previously. Your tolerance of corruption is what made us reject you. See you had to rig your way back this time.

  8. British government is the problem they are the ones who put this old fool mugabe to power. They must come take out their fool.Most people don’t know that mugabe was a puppet of the British since late 70s until 1999 . Mugabe and British intelligence MI6 master minded the the killing of Tongogara and also attempts to kill Joshua Nkomo just before independence. Tongogara,Nkomo & other nationalists wanted a united front of both zanu ,zapu and their forces zipra and zanla. One person was gonna represent that front on 1980 elections as presidential candidate. British did want that so as Mugabe who had very slim chances of being a leader of that front
    So Mugabe went on eliminating all possible contenders by death thru the help of the British government. Thats why the West turned a blind eye on gukurahwindi between 1981 and 1986 ,because it was perpetrated by their puppet Mugabe. When the west dumped mugabe in year 2000 that’s when he started demonizing them and he thought they dumped him for Morgen.

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