Wife batterer slapped with 2 years


A HARARE man who assaulted his wife with a garden fork was yesterday sentenced to 24 months in prison after he was convicted of contravening the Domestic Violence Act.


Magistrate Anita Tshuma, however, suspended four months of the sentence for five years before bringing into effect another three months that had been suspended in a previous conviction for a similar offence in March last year.

Edison Mandizha (32) will now serve an effective 23 months in jail.

In her ruling, magistrate Tshuma said a non–custodial sentence would not suffice as it would not help the accused person to reform.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira told the court during trial that on September 8 this year, the complainant, Gloria Muleya (26), who is the accused person’s wife, came home after 7 o’clock in the evening.

The accused, who was drunk, then started verbally abusing his wife calling her a prostitute. He alleged that his wife, with whom he has two children, was having an extra–marital affair with her uncle.

The verbal abuse occurred while their two children were watching. Mandizha then used metal plates to strike his wife in the head and kicked her all over the body with booted feet.

He then ordered his victim to bring him some water. Muleya took the opportunity to escape and went to report the assault to the police, leading to the husband’s arrest.

In an earlier incident on August 16, the court heard, Mandizha had also assaulted his wife using a garden fork and she sustained a broken wrist.

She, however, did not report the incident to the police because she said she feared her husband would kill her.

When she went to receive treatment at Parirenyatwa Hospital, she lied to the doctors that the injury was a result of a fall.


  1. The complainant should have sued for divorce and maintainance than having the former husband jailed coz after doing time it very likely they to divorce. The domestic violence act is good on but its implementation as consequences

  2. i think its good he goes to prison, rather than have this woman drag him to courts where he will lie that he dosent work, or produce fake pay slip so he can pay almost to nothing, either way this woman will bear the brunt. Jail will teach him a lesson.good riddance..

  3. unlicensed Kombi drivers kill pedestrians fleeing from the police and they community service or three months for culpabale homicide and yet its murder. i urge the public to mete out instant justice on these murderers because the courts are letting them free.

  4. It so pains to narrowly die in the hands of the one you love. pliz man lets keep our wives in safe custody. zvavaimukisa wani nhasi womurova negarden fork? so sad

  5. I hope she wasn’t cheating – that’s what he accused her of doing – is she was cheating then this is all her fault.

  6. Do you notice the disparity in the application of law. Yesterday a 25 year old woman was reported to have gone scott free after raping a 15 year old boy, today a man is sentence to 2 years for just slapping someone. Although fighting is bad, but 2 years is too much becoz it is destructive to both the abuser and the abused, unless that is what the wife wanted so as to be free to engage in her illicit affairs. Now, the sad story is that the courts are now promoting divorce instead of letting the people involved decide for themselves

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