UPDATES:MPs and Senators’ swearing in

Zimbabwe parliament building

NewsDay gives you updates on the the swearing in of Zimbabwe’s Members of Parliament and Senators.

Updates by Veneranda Langa

12:32 – Obert Mpofu cries after congratulatory message to Mudenda, saying he thanks the ancestors for giving back speakership to Zanu PF.

12:30 – Mudenda ushered to Speaker seat after being swon in by Chidyausiku.

11:42 – Chinomona also elected without opposition. Chief Justice to swear in Speaker and Deputy.

11:40 – Mudenda elected Speaker of Parliament without any contest.

11:36 – Three MPs, Arnold Tsunga, Crispen Mutematsaka and Joel Gabuzza were not sworn in but wii be sworn in on the day they will come.

11:34 – MDC-T MPs already gone after taking the Oath.

11:32 – Bells being rung for seven minutes to call MPs back to the House so that Zvoma checks who has not been sworn in.

10:25 – Obert Mpofu and wife sworn in in the same batch of 10 MPs.

10:24 – MDC-T members are keeping a low profile. Khupe, Biti and Chamisa are now back benchers

10:23 – MPs are already making noise in the house whilst others are taking their oaths, prompting Zvoma to tell them that members of the public will not take them seriously.

10:22 – Swearing in has started at the House of Assembly with Joseph Chinotimba already been sworn in.

MPs are taking oaths in batches of ten and those sworn in are going outside to make room for others due to space constraints.

After swearing in MPs, both houses will elect presiding officers.


    • I am revolutionary but still think we are crossing the line into the dark. We may end up as Pakistan, Egypt etc. There is need for morderation so that people of all orientation feel they have a say in governance. I will start investing in mature markets (democratic or those believed to be at least), my kids may face horror for our current celebrations.

      • Tibvire kumhepo iwe, before mdc kwakanga kusina Zimbabwe? It was actually a good country before them, mboko idzi. Read Job Sikhala’s facebook nhasi uone humwe humboko

  1. Why is itb that MDC mps attended? Isntt that they had promised to boycott all govt programmes!!!!!!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • VanaSizweeeeeeeeeeeee….seems likr u dont follow events in ths country. Zvinhu zvakasotaurwa karekare. Maybe u were with NIKUV pazvakataurwa. sorry hako

  2. It is sad that the likes of Biti and Chamisa had to come without Morgan, their father would have loved to run the country. Mpofu’s tears are tears of joy, I bet he was saying we almost lost the country but the almighty has heard us… there is honor in serving the country hats off to all MDC MPs who attended…

  3. Ko vanga vochemeizve Mr 2billion dollers,mbavha zvayo…apa vaya vasina brain vanenge vachingonwira mvura huku yadyiwa nembavha nemhondi idzi shame..

  4. Newsday is scared stiff off Zanyopf Inc! Now they even watered down Sad duck comments on elections. Ummmmmmmmmmmm

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