‘Tuku deserves diplomatic passport’

Oliver Mtukudzi

THE National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has implored the government to honour Oliver Mtukudzi with a diplomatic passport in recognition of his outstanding contribution’s as the country’s cultural ambassador and passionate developer of local arts.

Godwin Muzari

Speaking at a tribute dinner hosted for Mtukudzi by FBC Bank at Rainbow Towers Hotel on Thursday, NACZ director Elvas Mari said the widely-travelled musician’s immense contribution to the country’s cultural tourism deserved high-level recognition from the government.

“May I sincerely ask government ministers here present and the permanent secretary in our ministry (Sports, Arts and Culture) to take this message forward,” Mari said.

“I know our permanent secretary (Dr Thokozile Chitepo) understands what I want to say more because she was the chairperson of our (NACZ) board before assuming her current role.

“This man (Mtukudzi) has done a lot for our country. He has represented us extremely well on the international scene. He deserves serious recognition from the government. Our wish as an arts council is that he might be rewarded with a diplomatic passport.”

A diplomatic passport is a special travelling document issued to foreign service officials and their families for use on foreign assignments. It can also be issued to individuals conducting activities of high national value internationally.

In 2009 President Robert Mugabe rewarded athlete Kirsty Coventry with a diplomatic passport for her consistent outstanding performance at the Olympics.

Mari said Mtukudzi should be respected wherever he goes because he has made the country proud.

“Thank you Oliver for making NACZ proud. Thank you for making the nation proud. It is an honour to work with you.”

Many other speakers at the dinner described Mtukudzi as an icon and applauded FBC Bank for honouring the music legend in a big way. The musician thanked audiences at the dinner for honouring him while he is still alive.

“We are used to showering praises at people when they are dead,” Mtukudzi said.

“Thank you very much FBC for fighting this spirit of honouring people when they are dead. This event is like a party, but I take it as a lesson. I have learnt that we can only improve when we appreciate ourselves and throw away jealous.

“We should all understand that a neighbour’s success is our success. We have to be humble because humbleness brings success.”
Mtukudzi thanked his wife Daisy for supporting him in all his endeavours.

“I do not keep her behind me, but she is always beside me. Thank you for reminding me to carry on.”

Local and foreign musicians, politicians, businesspeople, music promoters and representatives from various embassies and non-governmental organisations attended the dinner, which was part of Mtukudzi’s 61st birthday celebrations.


  1. l could not agree with you more, Tuku deserves more recognition and high honour in the land for he has come of age unlike other confused personalities that travel with the wind the likes of Mapfumo, Trynos, to name just a few.

    • GOOD ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about celebrities, music or politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling solar panels to the people in rural areas/villages so they can have electricity easily and very cheap. Very interesting. Go to SOLARTECH [dot] CO, not [dot] com, to see the methods and companies she was using SOLARTECH [dot] CO, not [dot] com. Wake up Africans

  2. I dont care that hes made mistakes before,but this man has risen above it all.he deserves this honor big up yourself Tuku for respecting n loving yo wife great Words indeed n lesson for other artistsi:’i dont take My wife behind me i take her besides me’, it dont get better than this Samanyanga

  3. Hw much money was spent to do this bullshit dinner there is nothing special abt this lots of children are suffering no food,shelter,education and no health care FBC you now lost.

    • so dis dinner wazen supose to hapeen hw many dinners do u ve in a month do u urself think of da suffering and da poor com on reason up

    • How many dinners do you have every day? Have you ever given any left-overs even to a cat? How many weddings/birthday parties do you attend/have? Why don’t you drop them off and give that money to the poor. If you’ve got nothing sensible to say why not just shut the f*ck up

  4. madiro…. u don t think at all. tuku has opened an arts centre to help those who are willing, wat mo do u want frm him…give a man a fishing rod n teach hw to fish…that s wat he s done. pliz think b4 u show us how stupid sum of u r.

  5. Madiro you need divine intervention. Ko iwe chibatsira tione. Zvaunenge unongofamba uchutadza kupa kana 2 rand ku bofu raunopfuura mu street everyday

  6. Tinokutendai veFBC nekucherechedza mabasa makuru aSamanyanga. Ndinovimba rimwe basa reministry itsva ye Sports arts and culture richave rokupa ma merits kuvanhu vanenge vana Tuku, mbira dzeNharira, Chioniso nevamwe. Dai vamwewo vemakambani vapindira sezvaita FBC.

  7. Complaint: My comment has been turned down simply because I don’t agree with the content of this article. Please Mr Editor, why don’t you call this section something else, not ‘Comment’ because this is supposed to be a place for different or even opposing views which might not necessarily agree with yours. Editing should be different from censorship!

  8. The man is good, humble and industrious. I concur with him that there is a propensity by the natives for heaping praises when someone is late

  9. The man is good, humble and industrious. I concur with him that there is a propensity by the natives for heaping praises when someone is late.

  10. Zvese izvi tinozvirumbidza aNzou asi ndineshushukana nemabatiro ameita Selmar. Mwana wenyu aNzou,hazvenzvaho mufunge. Potei musimuvhumbamirawo azekuteterereiwo mangwana kuti Mwari akutendereiwo mupinde muDenga Dzvene.
    Zvendidzimba fani aNzou.Ndeezviziya kuti ndihwo hunhu hwedu veSamanyanga. Nzou potei musisomha mwanasikana wenyu.Ko ndimika vakuru vateetarisira hunhu, tsika nemagariro eChiKore Kore.

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