Tsvangirai vows to stay on


FORMER Prime Minister, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said he would continue to lead the party until the party’s next elective congress in 2016.


Addressing a Press conference at the party headquarters, Harvest House in Harare, Tsvangirai said he would not succumb to pressure being mounted by some elements within the MDC-T calling on him to step down, saying he would only step down if voted out at congress.

“I don’t intend to stay a day longer beyond my mandate, but I am not going to step down because a newspaper is saying I should step down or because Zanu PF is saying I should step down,” Tsvangirai said.

“If there is need for leadership renewal we don’t suppress it; we actually encourage it. But you don’t just walk up in the streets and say Tsvangirai must go. There are processes that should be instituted and there are forums that will make that decision and one of those key forums is a congress. I was elected at a congress of party delegates in 2011 and the next congress is in 2016.”

Tsvangirai’s remarks follow recent calls by some top party officials, including exiled MDC-T treasurer-general Roy Bennett, pushing for his departure on the


  1. Gukurahundi Tswangirayi, akuthule mani, you are now boring us. We have heard you, you lost elections – thula, susidina manje!!

  2. Morgan “Handiende” Tsvangirai. Like Mugabe Tsvangirai is staying put in his position for life. Tsvangirai is a failed politician. He is worse than useless. A waste of space. Wasting political space. A change of leadership in the sunken ship MDC-T (Concordia) will not change anything – ZanuPF believes in one-party state and they hope to govern forever by lying that they “liberated” the country whenit was us the ordinary pople who voted them into power in 1980.
    Tsvangirai does not understand the basics of the unique Zimbabwean politics. He regards MDC-T as his own property.

  3. If some one is speaking bad about you it’s best to keep quiet.you won’t lose your dignity through silence.Let them Bark,but they won’t bite.

  4. Look at this

    Mugabe i wont step down because the revolution is still on
    Tsvagirai i wont step down because the revolution is still on

    Pamberi ne MDC-n

  5. its time to go
    the beauty of democracy is the art of choice that it preaches.
    after three rejections at the polls, morgan, its time to throw in the towel and let some fresh air of leadership take up the challenge. there is nothing sacrosanct about 2016. learn from other climes and don’t get on to the stay-put train.

  6. In 1999, Chematama said that Gushungo must go. If you dont go peaceful, we will remove you violently. What goes around comes around. If chematama does not go peacefully then his followers will remove him violently

  7. These two-sides-of-the-same-coin, mabahambe – sebeyasinyanyisa la.

    Let the two gukurhundis go,hambani.


    batho ga bare batle, TSAMAYA!!!

  8. I have always agreed with Hon Biti that M. R Tsvangirai is the hero of the MDC struggle. However i have observed that African democracy is always allowed to evade real democracy in the MDC. We the people of Zimbabwe expect Mr Tsvangirai to play his part in ensuring that real democracy is given full chance. We do not care about Zanu PF because we all know that Zanu PF is not a democratic party. I think the MDC has lowered that standards of democracy which they sing everyday. Zanu PF has several times suppressed the will of the people and they can get away with it but not the MDC. The is no room for suppressing the will of the people in the MDC. What happened in Mutare is a clear indication of the people expressing their will against that of the executive. My personal opinion is that there is need for change of leadership in the MDC. Tsvangirai needs to do the honorable thing and see to it that the succession road map is clear well before the next election otherwise there wont be need for Zanu PF to rig in 2018. MDC might be incompetent by then. Please Mr Tsvangirai we do not want you to be in shame you have been ashamed and have sacrificed enough. We will need you to be campaigning for the next MDC president in the next national election. Ndatenda hangu Save. Jongwe ratiza kare zvaakutoda new blood to chase again

    • That is a problem in Africa. Institutions are deliberately individualized such that most ordinary people will find it difficult to separate an individual from an institution. There is need to separate MDC from Tsvangirayi and vice versa. If it’s a people’s movement as they say, let him leave and now.

  9. I’m seeing fresh presidential polls in Zimbabwe in the very near future.By near future, i mean, in less than 5years. In terms of the law it does not make any sense, but thus what I’m seeing. In these elections,Tsvangirai is going to win against divided Z.A.N.U. PF. But I’m not seeing Mugabe in these elections. Hint: I’m seeing South African flag half-way!

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