Tryson Chimbetu, promoter in near fistfight


DENDERA musician Tryson Chimbetu last week exchanged harsh words with promoter Chris Musabayana at a meeting held in the capital.

Report by Tawanda Marwizi

The meeting was attended by Musabayana, his former manager Francis Motsi, Patson “Chipaz” Chimbodza and some senior band members.

The two had a fallout after Musabayana had summoned Chimbetu to explain why he had decided to play late at his show held in Chitungwiza last Friday.

The Pahotera singer reportedly exchanged words with Musabayana after the promoter told him they were going to pay him half of the money they had agreed.

It is alleged that the fallout started off at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza when Chimbetu is said to have refused to perform before Peter Moyo, saying he was a bigger artiste than the Young Igwe.

Musabayana confirmed the incident to NewsDay saying he was surprised with how the artiste had decided to spit venom at him.

“We had called for a meeting to ask why he had refused to perform on the time we had agreed on and to chart a way forward, but he started scolding me,” Musabayana said.

Though the promoter tried to play down the issue, a source who attended the meeting said Chimbetu had no kind words for Musabayana.

“Had it not been for Chipaz who intervened, the two could have fought, but Chipaz resolved that Tryson be given the full amount,” said the source.

He added that Chimbetu started calling Musabayana names, accusing him of failing to pay a number of balances he owed the musician.

“The problem is Tryson is now abusing alcohol and he is drunk almost every time and that might be the cause of the fracas,” added the source.

Chimbetu had no kind words for Musabayana yesterday, saying he was trying to be relevant.

“The problem is he has spent a lot of time without being published in the Press, so he is trying to get in through controversy. I told him facts and he thought I had said something bad,” Chimbetu said.

He, however, confirmed that he was given his $700 performance fees in full.


  1. Tryson you must learn from your father Naison who was more tarlented than Simon but failed to go anywhere because of drug abuse. You have talent young man and you are destined for greatness but then look yu are abusing alcohol and even your live performances have not been that good since June. Leave alcohol and bronko you will see how you can excell in music.
    You have the tarlent but siya zvinodhaka mfana and move forwad.
    Haya Haya..tamba sababa tione…… pahotera…

  2. PA doro apa boy wakurasika. You got so much talent. I attended just one of your gig at harare gardens and the energy you have and flexibility is brilliant

    What do you gain in alcohol? Everyone who is a success in your business is of sober habits.

  3. Tryson. Who told you that u re bigger than Peter. Usashora vamwe iwe. Ndizvo zvaanaFungisai kuzvinyepera kuti she is bigger than Shingisai. IGWEEEEEEEEEEE.

  4. doro futi, but i heard Tryson in one interview saying he is a staunch member of Zaoga – fif.Akazorasika papi futi.Personally i think Tryson is lacking guidance.He is talanted but is a problem and is not organised.He is always looking for a fight with everyone.Let him mind his own business and play his own father’s songs to avoid qualms with anyone.Simon’s songs are an inheritance to Sulu and Naison’s to Tryson not kuti wada wada just because its all Dendera. Dai zvirizvo taiti Peter should also be entitled to dembo’s songs because vairidza zvakada kufanana. I rest my case

  5. Mfana igwe is still learning . Tryson dzikama , usapaparike u have got talent but put yourself together and be humble .

  6. Doro harina basa vehukama remember issue yeku harare grounds these a the same people vakamu tadzisa kuridza pa commemoration yasimon in stead of them building mwana they Are against him vakutora daka remhuri.Chipaz and Chris musavenga mwana pliz they are alot of promoters out there other than you kungoti mune mazita but you dont have to deprive varikutsvaga mari semiwo.apa we hav only heard from yo side let Try speak the truth first.Tsoro mbiri???????????????????

  7. Tryson is one person of sober habits,why is it that u promoters are destroying our artistes.u promote and u get money out of it and we are there to consume the musicians` products. mava macompetitors mumusic industry here imi mapromoters. Tryson dont be moved keep on the focus infact uchawana zvekuimba kubva mumabasa akaipa evavengi.

  8. tryson is more talented chero mukamushora chete acharinGA mberi iwas there kushow yekuAquatic complex Tryson paakana kukwira pastage zvakanzi. peter atogadzirira because he have onother show lined up ku Pamuzinda na sulu then TRYSON DR NERO CHIMBETU havana kuzokwora pastage because of that so you people mind your language Chipaz na Musabayana vakasubbotager vakatukwa nevanhu kuHarare gardens so now vakuda kugadzira zita thts why vakuburitsa nothing iyi kunyange mukatishora chete acharinga mberi gore rino ibhora mberi chete. ….haya haya

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