TN Harlequin Luxaire on recruitment drive


HOUSEHOLD furniture manufacturer and retail company TN Harlequin Luxaire Limited has embarked on a recruitment drive to enrol agents that distribute its products countrywide.

Tarisai Mandizha

In an interview with NewsDay Business, TN Harlequin chief executive officer Tawanda Nyambirai said to date,

1 172 people have shown interest and were going through the vetting process in different cities countrywide.

Nyambirai said this exercise was done to leverage on a sector that already had customers.

“This is a common trend that is emerging now. Manufacturers, in particular, are now resorting to the use of small and medium enterprises to distribute their products,” Nyambirai said.

“I think manufacturers have realised that it’s not necessary for them to be building shops all over, but what they need to do is to leverage on the informal sector because our economy is largely informal.”

He said the company was looking for agents to sell furniture and would soon launch another agents’ structure that would cover confectionary products, including bread.

With this exercise, he said, the company did not need to invest in construction of supermarkets, but would leverage on a section that already has a target market.

TN Harlequin Luxaire Limited has fast food outlets, customer’s grocery on credit and TN Harlequin Luxaire furniture.

The company had ventured into several other business entities, thereby diverting from its core business of banking and had delisted from the ZSE following an approval by shareholders.


  1. Recruitment drive my foot. pelhams staff have not been paid for more than two months, tn staff not been paid for a month. The once high and mighty tn have fallen. Museyamwa incorporated. Cronysim, nepotism barbarism, utsinyerism.

  2. so long as tn ichitengesa average furniture inodhura se ex-jap car hapana chinobuda!mogadzira furniture dzenyu nelocal raw materials bt wonzwa mubhedha 4500 usa,thats about 45000 rand unototenga furniture yemba yese kujoni pamari yomubhedha umwe mu tn imomo!moti hee we facing stiff competition from cheap imports hee this liquidity hee chii chii.go bak 2 ma normal net margins e 10 to 15% mosiya zvenyu zverobbery zvana 300% net margin

  3. the man need to open up for advise and constructive criticism if he is to get back to what he used to be. otherwise this agents recruitment drive was supposed to offered first to the current employees as retrenchment package, since the future of the company is certainly bleak with the current management of pretty ladies.

  4. Poor corporate governance in this organisation. If you pack the board with yes men and women you will always have them agreeing with your crazy ideas and lead you to bankrupcy. A clever business person surrounds himself/herself with people who are smarter than him/herself.

  5. This guy should have pefected on 1 shop especialy the fast food its needs a lot expirience when it comes to recipe and starndards,this os wr he lost it ,then after gaining the necessary expirience then he starts opening more branches,look @ chicken slice they started with one branch and opened others ,they are enjoying.Mr TN this industry is different for telecomunications

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