Sex tape ‘most difficult time of my life’


RADIO and television personality Tinopona Katsande has said she is facing the most difficult time of her life following the leaking of her sex tape with an ex-boyfriend.

Silence Charumbira

Tintin, as she is known in social circles, sent an audio message to friends and relatives yesterday morning expressing her gratitude for their support.

“You have been so supportive and unwavering in what is probably the most difficult time that I have ever had in my 34 years,” she said in the audio recording.

“I have no words that can express the amount of gratitude that I have and love that I am feeling for you right now.”

The message starts in a jovial mood, then gets emotional towards the end.

“Hi! Good morning! Gotta get up and do something! Listen, I just want to say no words can express (my gratitude) — no words possible. I have looked in the dictionary; I have looked into my heart,” she starts off.

She goes on to say she hopes it is the last time that she feels this way and thanks God for the people around her.

“I hope it’s the last time, man! But I really wanted to say with my own voice that I am so grateful and I thank God that He has put people like you in my life and that you continue to uplift me, even where I go wrong.

“You so cleverly make sure that I come back into the right path and it came pretty clear to me last night actually,” she said.

“I was going through a phase when I couldn’t talk to God . . . I just felt . . . it was a bit heavy . . .”

At the end, she thanks her audience again and promises she will do the best in anything that she does and again tells the listener to get up and do something.

“Thank you so much for being there. May God bless you and I will continue to do the best that I can in anything that I do. I love you and I thank you so much.

Have a fantastic day.

“Come on, get up and do something!”


  1. We can now see clearly that the incident is deliberately designed by Tinoporn herself for her to gain popularity. If she is ashamed, she must have been quiet or she would have ran out of this world

    • Phil you talk like that but you are a sinner like her. You probably did a lot more than she did but your escape is in that there is no video recording for it but that does not mean “innocence” because you have it recorded in your mind what happened on that day.

      Listen this thing called sex and sexuality very very very very few people are innocent at least on Biblical criteria. Upombwe physically hwakabata vazhinji, upombwe cerebral hwune 99.999909%. Nokuti kunyangwe vatsvene vakatoita upombwe mupfungwa mavo even if it means those thoughts that bombarded you just a day before your wedding uchiti pandinongopihwa mudzimai/murume wangu chete hapabudi chakanaka. Asika wanga usati wapiwa. That is why the Bible says that if God was to mark inequity none of us would stand. That is also why the Bible says all our righteousness is like filthy rags before God. And that is why the Bible also says that we are saved not by works but by Christ who stand blameless before God and yet became sin he who knew no sin that we may become the righteousness of God. The forgiveness of sin or “paraptoma” in Hebrew, is premised on man’s irreparable failure to rise to the threshold of God’s righteousness and God had to extend his own righteousness through His Son, to cover the gap that man could never fill. Saka Phil seka urema wafa. Vamwe vanoti wakabereka sekera mudende.

      Kumwanasikana uyo akatarisana nokufumurwa kukuru, kunyangwe zvazonakidza sei, idzai kuitira pakavanda musingasiyi mucherechedzo wezvamaita, uye nemurume wako. Hazvina maturo chose kuchengeta mifananidzo yakadaro nokuti Mwari unenzira yokudzidzisa chisikwa chimwe nachimwe nezvekusangana kwavarume navakadzi pasina kuenda kuchikoro. The software is in human genetics. So keep your experiences in your memory data bank which is more tamper proof.

      I think the fact that you are worried about it means that you are a good girl. otherwise you would be saying “Who cares?”. And that means the spirit of God of knowing Good and Bad is within you but that you allowed alien desires to override it when you over indulged yourself. Now repent earnestly and God will take you back and even honour you. Let it not be just your pride that you are after to protect but the spiritual substance in you that identifies with God’s values.

      • Kudakwashe, yu r missing the point. How can yu justify tt nonsense. So why is it tt ladies of the nite ar taken to kot vakabatwa solicitin for sex muzvikona, if according to you everyone is havin sex it shld not be an issue. Kwana i m sure even thoz pple can have sex in first street wakatarisa nhaika. A sin is a sin hazvinei kuti yaitwa kangani, nani. Zvino unoti dai paririno rina majaji here, hanti urikuti no one is perfect. Phil wagona iwe..

        • Justice, you too have wandered off.Kuda justified nothing, but is trying to rebuke us from judging the motive of the leakage.Tin is apologising for her misbehavior, but Phil is brushing it away.Why can’t you stand with Tin just like Kuda did?Kuda is right, everybody sinned and no sin is small in the eyes of the Lord, for all sins are paid with death.You speak of judges, they are put here by us humans not by the kingdom to come the only basic rule of judgement is th law of God, not the law debated by humans.Thumbs up Kuda, and to yu Phil and Justice i think yu shud change the way you think,make reviews.Imagine if its your sisters sex tape that leaked.Tin, i biliv you are apologising wholeheartedly, and you are asking for forgiveness from God not man.stand up and do something of coz, dnt remain submerged in the grief of sin.Good day to you all

      • Iwe kudakwashe, we know all normal beings do that, but why take a video of it and worse still leaking it. It means something else like grandstanding, commercialising or some sort of trading. Do you take videos of your escapades? If so whats the intention?

    • I think zee fm made a big mistake in suspending tin tin, this is called publicity! the tape has leadm to tino becoming a celeb, and celebs sell!!! the fact that people are curios means that once she is on radio, listener ratings will shoot up, ie more money in their pockets… why do you think kim kardashian is famous… cuz people got curious and companies decided to make money off that! personally i wouldnt make money doing thast but why not take advantage of the situation…lol

  2. The Most Difficult time for us viewers of the video is your Poor Performance. Kunditengesa cd for 1$ kuti ndione kutungana kwembudzi kuya. Ivo blaz vacho wo futi tsvimbo yaitoitwa bata-murefu-bata-mupfupi ichisvotoka . nxaaaaa. Ndinoda dollar rangu Tino.

  3. Tinopona i think the best thing you should have done is mushonga wema konzo or just disapper from Dzimbadzemabwe bcz ancestors are not happy at all with what you did. How come you were not shaved and a lot of black spots like majuru this is pathetic baba na mai vano dzingwa mu dunhu neizvi ah ah ah ah zvaka oma your apology really doese not even help you and the nation this is bad news for you.

    Ah mabhonzo ega ega

  4. Mai vanokara zvinhu ava. Look how she keeps putting the small thing back each time it slips outside. Iko kuita zi danda kani. Zero action. That might be the reason why you were left. Go for some lessons from ponelo. She was riding stunner like a horse

  5. kudakwashe munenharo, u a very correct! vanhu ngavasaita sokuti ivo vatsvene panamwari. vehama chakaona hama hachisekwi, in one way or another mangwana zviri pamuriwo. siyai mwana uyu akadaro, instead mubatsirei like what kudakwashe said. vekubasa kwake ndinokumbirawo vamudzosere pabasa.

  6. munhu wose anopomba uyw munhu wese anorara nevasikana vavo bt yu were in full knowledge kuti yu being recorded . thats nt for public consuption itai musingaisi pa internet unonyadzisa tino yu shud b arrested for making yo private life public unopandutsa vana . yu are a disgrace

  7. we are all sinners & instead of comfortin her some pple just castin stones on someone.who knows maybe she has repented while u are busy mockin her.i like Kudakwashe’s coment he or she is encouraging.myself i dont want to watch da tape coz i wont gain anythin from it.i jus encourage da dj to be prayerful coz GOD is there for her.its a think of the past and if she asks for forgiviness unto GOD she shall be surely be forgiven.

  8. Inga musikana uyu ane nyaya. Isn’t she the one who was in the limelight recently after being beaten by a boyfriend for wanting him to wash the dishes, after she had gone to the guy’s place. Now it is her who lost the phone which contained this sex tape at a nightspot. She really needs to be serious with her life

  9. There was a 3rd person recording here. Its a stunt. So sad. They cud atleast have entertained us with a bit of action. nxaaaa mani

  10. No, Phil. Picture this: Tinzo was in love, and they took a souvenir movie. Not good or wise, but zvinowanikwa mukukura.
    Now the world calls her a whore and other unprintables, and the guy is as clean. Chero dei face yake yake yakaonekwa aingopunyuka – look at Stunner.
    Tino, simuka mwanasikana, tauravo your side of the story. Hausi bhora rechikweshe. U ARE THE VICTIM HERE.

  11. I do agree with what kudakwashe Munenharo said but my question is, what was the reason of recording and keeping that video?. Thats why vamwe vakufunga kuti Tino publish that sex video achiziva achida media coverage nezvisingaiti. Anywae agona kuti aona kukanganisa kwake, God is full of mercy.

    • In love you can be stupid Bla G. vangani vane maphotos evakomana/vasikana vavo mumafon?how many pipo take thei spouses vedios kana achifamba kna kudya? So if they are several, why cant two pipo in luv capture themselves doing wht they deem good in their eyes?

    • Tozvireva, i think yu are lost.Mvura haingatadzi kunaya nekuti chitema chabuda kune ruzhinji asi nekuti chaitwa.Dnt blame Tin for the mishaps that Lord may pour upon us.walk kuma avenues manheru, count how many whores you find and ask them how many men do they serve per night and multiply it by the number of their active nights. you get a number totalling the kind of acts that Tin was involved in.

      Also add to the number of phonications that ordinary people are involved in behind closed doors or mumasango (kumusha).you see, a lot of people sin in many ways and this attract affliction from God should He become weary of showing mercy to sinners.dont shame Tin for her sin but encourage her to return to God, and also make a step to the Lord yoself so that you may learn not to shame other sinners like you.

  12. days of ignorance God overlooks: for your sin(s) its not difficult for God to throw everything in the sea of forgetfulness, its very possible and evident.
    But I dont know if u will be able to erase this incident and forgive yourself Tino, that to me is your biggest challenge, especially having made the tape, you will be reliving that incident for the rest of your life. I pray you will get over it and repent.Shalom.

  13. The mistake she made is that she thought she had a fabulous body, but oosh she is just a heap
    of rubbish and the porn video is just a yawning case. its better to watch dogs than that video. We want quality. What a terrible misjudgement on her part. Before seeing the tape i always thought she was beautiful but thanks, i now know that its only her clothes but skin deep she is
    no better than a chicken.

    • I am surprised you are spitting vile on her coz th video was of poor quality.Does she run a porn production industry? if you want that go and watch Olivia winters and dont expect kti every beautiful girl you see is a good porn actor.Tin was entertaining her man and not you.Sorry if i had been harsh on you

  14. Its tru dat every1 z having sex,but da good part of it is they dnt publish it.imi vana kuda,Mosler,steve,Vhue muri kusympathizer ,zvamuri kukwirwa kana kukwira muri kuratidza nyika yese here kuti ndozvamuri kuita?handiti its your private stuff,so dnt be so silly and stupid kusympathizer zvehubenzi.i wonder you are maximum stupidity and minimum intelligenty.

    • hello Blackbadge

      this is not sympathizing but standing up with someone returning in the right way.Did Tin published the video or someone without respect in private lives of people did that? Did she had sex with her man muna 1st street mekuti munhu wese anoona? Hanti somebody published it without her consent? Don’t bellow out “SHE PUBLISHED IT HERSELF” without convincing evidence man.

      • which some body m sure this age and time mafone ane masecurity codes ekuti if flashed every data will be lost, this was deliberate and dai ari mface akaisa tiri kutaura mface but apa ndiye ega, aiwa takuonai anhuwe.

  15. Tino I call you my sister from this day.I`m saying to you and those in your world:
    ”Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing on ones own sunshine”.Iam not judging you:but your let your motives judge you and only then can you truly repent.May your conscience separate you from those guys who do it for fame.If we hear that such an act has taken you to BIG BROTHER its going to be a shame.

    ”You shall know the truth and truth shall set you free:if you abide in Christ”

  16. Come and experience climbing each other or sleeping each other or kukwirana zvausingakanganwi due to the sweetness and the way it is properly and satisfactorily done. Orgasm at its peak for you. Post “interested” and leave contact details ipapa. Safe and sweet sex.

  17. Guys, lets call a spade a spade. I am shocked by tino’s behaviour to say the least. ZiFM should fire her pronto for putting the name of the company into disrepute. No other radio station should employ her in future. As Zimbabweans we need to send a very strong message and condemn her and her actions even in the future the moment she appears in the public. This is absurd, no sane person would behaviour like this. Please spare us your shenanigans.

  18. honestly noone knows what was going on, in her mind when she made the recording. We are only left to speculate. For human beings, the act of sex has been private amongst all known societies. That is the general consensus. It is good that Tino has realised that her behaviour was not forthcoming. Only if she is sincere, The Lord will reform her. I wish her well in her life.

  19. I say “let anybody who has not commited adultery and fornication cast the first stone on Tin. Let anybody who hasnt sinned ever since judge Tin”

    i know nodody dared did that coz we all sinned.All sins lead to death, whether it is published or not. Vintas I agree with your xul of thought. lets not judge her, for the judgement we give is the same as we will receive

  20. Kana nekukwigwa kwose haagoni. Saka manje chaanogona chinyi Tintin??? Maboorangoma akasangana. Pathetic and absolutely sad. She is cheap ….

  21. Apologise,apologise for what ?you are so stupid ,foolish idiot ,You allowed him to film it in the first thinking it was for the archives now it has leaked because of your foolishness,this American life style you are trying to live in Zim is junk.You think of yourself as Nicki Minaj but you are not ende chi tape chacho chi rubbish,nxaa!

  22. If this video ws a publicity stunt then its realy a shame b’cause zvamakisa Tino. I havnt watched it bt nezvandanzwa i’m not interested eitha b’cause wat people are saying sounds bad. Who would honestly want people scrutinizing and insulting their privates and their performance? Kunzi haugone, unoda kugeza ne ku shaver and so on, mbiri yawaita hazvisi mfunge. Pane vaitombokutarisa zviri nani ko wafumuka now. I feel 4 you. Lesson kune vamwe izvi zvema sex tape zvinobvisa chimiro, betta vanhu vasazive zvauri!

  23. If this video ws a publicity stunt then its realy a shame b’cause zvamakisa Tino. I havnt watched it bt nezvandanzwa i’m not interested eitha b’cause wat people are saying sounds bad. Who would honestly want people scrutinizing and insulting their privates and their performance? Kunzi haugone, unoda kugeza ne ku shaver and so on, mbiri yawaita hazvisi mfunge. Pane vaitombokutarisa zviri nani ko wafumuka now. I feel 4 you. Lesson kune vamwe izvi zvema sex tape zvinobvisa chimiro, betta vanhu vasazive zvauri!

  24. Iwe Tino chinyarara mhani kana waausingade mbiri uri kuramba uchitaurei? U apologized and evn preempted this, zvakakwana. Enough! Please taakudawo nyaya svinhu mu bepanhau. zifm weldone 4suspending her. varikuti dai akagara pabasa zvaiunza ma ratings, mabofunga here the amount of flak the station wldve received frm disgruntled listeners calling in? Vakatogona damage control nekumu suspender. Dai ari mumwe atonyarara kuti nyaya iite blow over quickly maybe adzokere kubasa bt akuita like aakutsvaga mbiri.


  26. this sex tape is pathetic.. Tino even says wakurecordha and puts a big smile . she knew what she was doing as a result she should face the concequences of here actions…wakaura … she wants American system so it means you should not be ashamed of your actions… so tough luck….

  27. Tino did that deliberately ,she just wanted to show men how she does it .when are u going to release another thriller?,this time around with who? can i be on the list?

  28. varikuedza kuparidza you are wasting your time pano apa.hapana arikuteerera izvi.akati sex chivi ndiani.kubva kudenga hapana ariko kana ririko denga racho

  29. why do we always want to look on the negative side of people’s actions. We need an ABABAB aproach to issues if we want to come out victors. I wouldn’t like to think tintin in her right senses will do such a thing of filming herself having sex, I would want to think, this was a setup, and apologising doesn’t mean she is sorry of her behaviour, she could be saying sorry to the inhuman behaviour of who ever has leaked the tape. Everyone of us has sex and some of us are going to have it soon and some will continue having and enjoying it until death. The only ubsurb thing with this one is because it was filmed and later leaked, for what motive, we dont know. Maybe to fix tintin or else to shout on top of the voice “mission accomplished” now that tintin has been suspended from her job. After all, sex is holy.

  30. haah why dd u hv to tape the shit n e first place apa inotobhowa futi. ya pokelo inofaya manje. tough luck you lost my interest. l like u nomore

  31. jst looking at tintin one can judge what she is capable of doing why mese murikunetseka nehunhu wakadai,its who she is and noone can change that at least she never killed anyone.we have all done bad things only that we have done it in secret.ingori nyaya yekuti ndiTino chete,muma4n murikubuda zvakawanda,the biggest mistake was loosing it

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