Rangers deployed against hyenas


ENVIRONMENT minister Saviour Kasukuwere last week said his ministry had dispatched a team of game rangers from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management (Zimparks) to track down and capture hyenas that have reportedly wreaked havoc in Buhera.


This follows reports that the hyenas attacked livestock and three villagers since the beginning of the month.

“We have dispatched rangers to deal with the situation,” Kasukuwere said.

“We are aware that some hyenas have gone haywire, attacking domesticated animals such as cattle and goats. I am sure we will be on top of the situation.”

Last week, Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba pleaded with Parliament to find a lasting solution to the issue, adding that the hyenas had become a menace to both villagers and their livestock.

Chinotimba also appealed to public transport operators using the Harare–Buhera route to avoid travelling at night as they are exposing passengers to attacks by wildlife from the nearby Save Valley Conservancy.

Following the complaint, the Ministry of Transport immediately warned bus operators to follow their daytime timetables or risk having their route permits cancelled.


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      • to you to us he is delivering on his promise on issues that affect buhera community

        you hate him simply because he was vocal about our land reform program you people have no shame u see nothing wrong in the whole country being owned by 6000 people while the rest are squtters in unproductive lands
        and yes God is helping us

      • Peter Macklin, chinotimba uneducated as he is is making action my friend more than your Biti in their respective constuencies. there was a hyne attack he swiftly moved in and now rangers deployed to track them, he engaged the relevant authorities at ministerial level for the proffering of solutions to his constituency. transporters urged to travel during day time to minimise risk. what did Biti do to his Mt Pleasant constituency to alleviate the water challenges????? nothing other than boycotting parliamentary sessions. i would tell you Buhera is better off led by the uneducated baboon per se not by the chancer, evil, unrepentend morgiza. morgan is more poverty!!!!!!!!!! reason why chinoz win in Buhera they needed a person who deliver not who talk technical jargon for nothing.

      • Peter you are very wrong. What Chinotimba did is exactly what an MP should or MUST do. An MP represents the people and must address the people’s plight. He is the first MP to do this and I have never seen anyone like him before. Well done Chinos I wish u were an MP for my area. God bless you

  1. Mfana dzika kuBikita kune Nzou chaidzo plus usazotumira maRanger after a month unenge wanonokesa mfana tikazoti waida kune mari seZRP isingaendi pasina mari.Ndoterm yekuguma muOfice mfana.

  2. Chinoz has sparked a storm to most of our sophisticates, seemingly hyena threats as not worth talking about in parly, and yet Down Under, dingoes and jackals as threats to the sheep industry are discussed in their parly. Asika uko hakuna Chinoz.

    • @Kekule- Of course idhara! He is showing the mandarins who sit in parliament who pretend to know the score HOW it is done. Now everyone is beginning to see why the Buhera folk voted for this man and I bet many a constituency are wishing he was their MP. If he can do this in two days, imagine what ground he will cover in 5 years? Way to go good sir!

  3. well done mp chinoz. Well done minister Kasukuwere. Its not Buhera alone. These hynas are also a terrible menace in Wedza..Zviyambe farms & in Chigondo. Please act very fast & cleanse the area of these predators.

    • I do not think cleansing the areas of the animals is the solution. It would be a shame to see these beautiful animals disappear. Lets look into fencing, developing eco-tourism, Zimbabwe did well in the past with its CAMPFIRE programs. Animals and humans can co-exist. The true wealth of the nation is not diamonds and gold. Once we have dug those up they are gone forever. These resources will remain for our children and our children’s children. All that is needed is visionary leadership, and a shift in our thinking from short-term to long-term. Ngatisaite hunhu hwekudya mbewu…

      • they are going to fence the area but once an animal tasted human blood it has to go down! because it will strike again if u know anything about them you would known this.

        as for gold and diamonds

        please you cant tells us diamonds worth $800bln dollars and gold worth over 1trillion is less valuable to Zimbabwe than wild animals

      • by cleansing its not like they will be killed, no? they will be taken to protected areas. we cant have game reserves everywhere we need land to farm to do recreational activities and to built houses. so they will take them to their best home (game reserves.)

  4. Well done Chinoz for hightlighting the environmental threat caused by hyenas and wildlife in the rural areas. Shame to those mdcteaboy zealots who look down on the likes of Cde Chinoz. Urban based mps will bring to parliament challenges that are faced in urban areas such as traffic and road infrastructure.

  5. I dont see coments form the pple who were castigating Chinoz for bringing up hyena issue in parliament. I hope this new government will always act swiftly to all challenges affecting us as they have done here. All we want is good governence ragardless of who is ia charge.
    Thanks good start Minister

  6. That is basically what we are looking for from our MPs, keep it up Cde Chinoz. It makes little sense 4 us to start demanding other fancy facilities eg electricity yet our basic properties are under threat. From there we wl request4 more after satisfying preceding basic needs.

  7. Ma comments enyu vamwe tamasefa tikamaona ari echichinja chaicho.zvinhu Johno wobvunza asi haunzweri nyatso nzwera manyorero akaKasukuwere we MaGas. chichinja chaicho.

  8. hon chiku na hon chombo when are you going to deploy road sign markings mumigwagwa yaparadza anhu? ma island emuna josiya tongo ava urubvurubvu usiku haachatomboonekwi asi hamuna pendi muri kuiyeiko?


  10. Ko rwizi rwakavimbiswa kucherwa naHonourable Chinotimba rwakaocherwa here? Ndave nemwedzi ndambobuda muZimbabwe.

  11. saka muri kuti mapere ese aurawe here? or just ekuBuhera chete kune dzimwe nzvimbo achisiiwa. handisi kunyanzwa zvamuri kufara nazvo apa. mati Kasukuwere aite wipe out all hynas agoita minister of goats and cattle?

  12. Ini kumusha kwedu tiri kunetswa nenhunzi ,mapete nemakonzo. Honourable Kasukuwere ngavatumevo maranger auye kuzouraya mhuka idzi. Dai ndaivawo member yeparamende ndakatozvitaura paisita paramende. Vanhu vokumusha kwedu vaibatsirika.

  13. This Kasukuwere guy is a man of action. See how he is reacting just from listening to parliamentary debates. Already poachers have been arrested left right and centre; they have contained the situation in Hwange and a cleanup operation has ensued. Well done Saviour, the people and wildlife of Zimbabwe congratulate you. Now if only even stiffer sentences would be imposed for wood poachers and have a deliberate afforestation program in place, not just the ceremonial December one. Next we have to look a our rivers and soil erosion programs. Just visit America or Europe and see the amount of respect they have for their environment. Its only Africans who don’t respect nature. For if you respect nature & wildlife you respect God. That is the revelation we as Africans have missed, stewardship, and we are persistently punished with droughts and hunger. Again well done Minister you are a man of action, if only all other ministers could emulate you. Us of the elephant totem will certainly reward you.

    • this is a great comment observer. i thank and salute you for the non blinkered eyes. this minister is a man of action. see how he made things work in the hot indigenization ministry. the whole foundation is done and implemented Nhema would be monitoring progress only. now he moved to the Environment ministry still making headlines, Bulawayo water woes mitigated pending elimination, poachers received heavy penalties, the Hwange issue quickly resolved, the list goes on and on. it wont be surprising to witness a sharp decline in veld fires this season coz there is a man of action at the helm. Thank you honourable thank you comrade you are a real star par excellence.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kana vanovenga ngavavenge zvavo naivowo shall enjoy the fruits of that sweat either they are in denial or not!!!!

  14. we need results so Chinoz is the right men for the job.ZANU PF promised results to the peaple and he is doing just that.So Kasukuvere Zimbabwe yese makoronga awanda ,miti yava kupera,moto wapedza masango chimbotora action tichengetedze ivhu redu.

    • Thanks baba Chinotimba for hearing the cries of the people you represent.
      You visited those who needed attention in hospital,rangers have now been deployed to save lives and again you have caused action to be taken by the ministry of transport against transporters to stick to their time tables.
      According to me he is the first MP who took the fastest response to the plight of his people.
      Let us not look down upon him and others we think are not highly educated.What is very
      important is to deliver,let us support them and we will see the lives of the populace being improved. I am still positively expecting more from him now that some families need food aid.
      He has a heart for his people AND CORRUPTION HAS NO WAY in his leadership,keep watch.
      God bless you baba Chinotimba.

  15. Maita mauya comrade
    Zvamauya maita, tongai Zimbabwe!

    Pamberi naCde Chinos!
    Pamberi neBuhera!
    Pamberi naCde Chinos muParamende!

    Cde, tazviona munogona, you are a man of action, and hamunyepe
    We look forward kuti muzadzise promise yamakaita kumaerections yekuti muchaunza Victoria Falls KuBuhera, uye kuisa mombe dzose dzeBuhera manumber plates kuti dzisabiwe, mbavha dzarura semapere kuBuhera uku. Takamirira imi!

  16. He can be called by all derogative names but the fact is that he knows whats happenign on the ground. Chinotimba is one MP who walks and lives with his people.He even knows that if unscrupuls bus commpanies drop people at night people might be in danger of the wild animals. How MPs even know the names of the bus that ply the routes of their constituancies?. Unfortunately iam not in his constituency i was going to vote for him next elections not these so called educated selfish idiots.

  17. Hola Chinoz. I never thot one day i wld say anything good about you. Mandinyadzisa cde. Ndava wenyu. Newsday pliz keep us posted on every action chinoz takes. Chombo learn from Chinoz stop politicking and manage councils for the benefit of all. Energy minister rise up, finance minister kwamava hakusi kwema opinions ndekwe facts and figures start talking like a finance minister and know that we now live in a global village. We need investors in tis country not pple who dump their cheap quality products. Sort out this liquidity crisis asap please. Toke to Chinos he might be able to help

  18. Personally I think Kasukuwere was supposed to be the Minister of Energy. He is a man of ACTION. He was bad as a minister of Indigenization but in other ministries, except for Mines, he is good. Chinos was supposed to be the Local Government Minister. These guys have got energy.

  19. Saviour enda kunobata mapere uko..kkkkkkkk..hahahahah..Gushungo apa akagona..kwete zvako zvekuda kuti pwetere pwetere kutaura zve maBank.Economics unodziwa iwe?kasika kuno bata mapere uku..zimhazha!

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