President pledges to improve life in Harare, Byo


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe said his government will put in place mechanisms to upgrade water and sanitation infrastructure in urban areas especially Harare and Bulawayo to improve service delivery.

Chief Reporter

Mugabe said Harare and Bulawayo residents have endured perennial water shortages due to lack of capacity of local authorities and the poor state of sanitation and water-related infrastructure.

“I am pleased to note that disbursement of a $144 million loan facility from China for the upgrading of Harare’s water and sanitation infrastructure will commence soon,” Mugabe said.

“In addition, the city will, in collaboration with an identified partner, implement a revamped water service delivery plan. The plan will see the construction of three new dams and additional water treatment plants over a period of several years. This is expected to significantly improve water supply in the city. It is my hope that such turnaround initiatives will be replicated in Bulawayo and other cities.”

Mugabe said he was pleased the electricity supply situation had improved over the past years owing to expansion at Hwange and Kariba power stations, but added that his government would work extra hard to improve the power generation capacity of the country.

“Exploitation of the abundant solar energy will also be stepped up, following the receipt of over 500 mobile solar units from the People’s Republic of China,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe also said measures were afoot to introduce mandatory blending of petrol to the levels of E20.

“Such a move will ensure fuel efficiency and, more importantly, the project will trigger incremental job creation, thereby guaranteeing decent livelihoods for local communities and other citizens,” Mugabe said.

The Zanu PF leader also pledged to speed up the dualisation of the country’s highways, adding that the Zimbabwe National Road Authority would eventually take over collection of toll fees from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

revival of the industrial sector
funding agriculture and improving food security
improving the water and sanitation situation in Harare and Bulawayo
stamping out corruption in public and private sectors
presenting opportunities in the area of information communication technology
revamping of parastatals


  1. Is this a eureka moment for Mugabe? Suddenly he wants to improve the lives if the people in Harare and Bulawayo? Astonishing. This must be some kind of sick joke. After 33-odd years of mismanaging the country Mugabe now says he has new plans! It will be more of the same. Kuchembera zvakunoyita akomana! Yave hariyofanzirofa.

  2. as far as l can see what the president is saying is true, for the past 33yrs sure he was just reluctant because there was no competition now there is that chematama people now needs action not just promises remember 20 seats from manicaland province went to one part at once, the same can happen in 2018 if they dont perform.

    • @Mk

      You can tell from the gukurahundi’s approach, everything has to start with Harare and be replicated elsewhere?

      Typical gukurahundi mentality – why should Harare be the starting point of any projects in Zimbabwe, all the time? Why cant it be Masvingo? Gweru? Mutare? Bulawayo etc, etc.

      I wonder which planet this gukurahundi species comes from – they are so thick. To them, the capital city has to be the biggest city in the country because its the capital. They really dont know what Capital City means.

      The other day, he was busy prancing about, about the days he was a young man in Bulawayo as an industrial centre, far bigger than Salisbury. That its him who destroyed it and made it smaller than Harare and the sleepy town it is today, is totally lost to this ancient thug.

      People of a gukurahundi mentality cannot understand why Johannesburg is bigger than Pretoria, yet Pretoria is the Capital City of Mzansi. They cannot understand why everything seems to happen in Los Angeles (LA) and not Washington DC in the USA.

      They are narrow minded – this is why in Africa, there are no big cities, because all development is concentrated in the capital cities. All other so called are really villages to be precise.

      The only exception in Africa is South Africa!!

      • Nigeria

        capital Abuja smaller than lagos


        capital Lilongwe smaller than Blantyre


        capital Dodoma smaller than Da es Salaam

        UK,Mexico,Japan,South Korea,France Germany,Norway,Denmark

        all have their capital cities as the largest Cities

        point being that is not an issue which city is largest ,the issue is corruption and lack of accountability in this gvt all cities should have running water this is not even something we should be talking about

  3. Vanonyepa sekuru Mugabe wasn’t it recently when he said Harare and Bulawayo residents will get services from the party the residents voted?dont think kuti tese muZimbabwe takagariswa pasi pemuti kuBoarder Gezi

  4. that’s the advantage of competition this time he will make sure his men are to deliver coz chematama is breathing behind their backs, any slight mistake they will say goodbye to politics. itai zvenyu gushungo asi dai kutaura kuri kuita dai tiri mucanaan. all eyes are on your new cabinet GUSHUNGO!!!!

  5. He he he de zvakaoma zvekamuchembere aka. Is he aware that the same promises that are short on delivery are the same being made by chaina.??? Shame on how little we sell the country for.

    Nothing is goin to improve.

  6. Please forgive this old man. He is only trying to rebuild what HE destroyed during the past 33 years.
    Problem is he DOESN’T have the capacity coz he’s busy trash talking those who can help him out. This is a PR stunt meant to dilute the silly statements he made about HRE and BYO residents last month. What he is promising is so basic that its not worth talking about at this stage. Where was he when the country collapsed to this pathetic level? GOD forgive RGM, but please open the eyes of the foolish Zimbabweans so that they don’t vote another tyrant come 2018.

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