President Mugabe set to open Parliament

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will today officially open the first session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe, which analysts have described as the beginning of a new era following the end of the inclusive government.


Legislators from the MDC-T party have said they would boycott the ceremony in protest against what they allege was a sham election where Mugabe’s party, Zanu PF, stole the vote.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, political analyst Ernest Mudzengi said the significance of the new parliament was that it was dominated by Zanu PF.

He said Zanu PF now had leeway to adopt new policies that could take the country forward or not.

“Zanu PF now have a chance of coming up with new policies and whether the economy will improve or not will depend on the policies that they are going to adopt,” he said.

During the harmonised elections held on July 31, Mugabe won the presidential election with 61% of the votes and his Zanu PF party managed to get 160 seats out of the 210 National Assembly constituencies translating to more than two-thirds majority.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Charity Manyeruke said Zanu PF’s majority would make realignment of laws to the new Constitution easier because there would be consensus.

“I think it’s quite significant that tomorrow (today) Parliament will open with a two-thirds majority (for Zanu PF). Parliament will not have problems in synchronising the laws with the new Constitution,” Manyeruke said.

“There are various acts that have to go through Parliament so it makes it easier to synchronise the laws because people will have the same mindset. However, this is not to say the opposition is not important. They should continuously be contributing ideas in Parliament so that we have balance and vibrancy in terms of debate.”

There are dozens of Acts of Parliament that should be aligned with the new Constitution to avoid conflicting interpretations of the law.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora yesterday maintained that their MPs would boycott the official opening of Parliament today because they did not recognise Mugabe’s victory.

“We will not be attending because we don’t recognise President Mugabe as having been legitimately elected. This parliament was the product of a monumental fraud and we won’t bless the event by attending,” Mwonzora said.

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  1. Shame on you MDC-T guys, you campaigned for sanctions to be imposed on us the same people that you want to rule and you would us to subscribe to this kind of behavior. Come to your senses guys after-all we are all Zimbos

    1. Your lack of intuition is appaling my friend. You are a misguided missle that explodes in the face of the shooter. Cock sucker

  2. PK(Poor Kid) you are misguided my fellow zimbo.

  3. Boycot….typical Chinja language, only their victory is legitimate, no other can ever be….Hanya nani chidhoma chokwa Chivi. Hezvo vamwe vaakuvhotera ZANU PF

  4. The MDCs were campaigning for the lifting of sanctions against ZanuPF during the unity government when they were power-drunk what is their position now in view of the disputed election? What are they going to use as leverage now?
    My view, as a person who is not tethered to any of the political parties, is that sanctions should be WIDENED and TIGHTENED against the ZanuPF illegal regime until they stop oppressing other black people and stealing with impunity. We are now less free and sicker than we were in Rhodesia. A black government has been oppressing us since 1980 and our standard of living has hit rock bottom. MDC-T and Tsvangirai are clueless and have only succeeded in helping ZanuPF oppress us. It is difficult to tell the difference between MDCs and ZanuPF. There is a dearth of political leadership in Zimbabwe. There is no credible alternative to brutal ZanuPF. We are the ones who voted Zanu into power in 1980 but as ZanuPF they have turned against us lying that they are the ones who “liberated” the country and looking after themselves only.

    1. Gukurahundi upbringing

      Please leave the MDC green team out of all this.

      We have always been the sober voice in that useless unity government, warning against all the dangers of taking the gukurahundis too much into confidence.

      The MDC-T would not listen as they got too comfortable with teas and buscuits with the gukurahundis.

      As the smaller party to this, there wasnt much we could do, but we kept warning them – now we are all back to square one, with the looming threat of reversing all the constitutional gains through constitutional amendments brought about by the two thrids gukurahundi majority.

      They have already started by appointing provincial resident ministers – more is still to come!!

  5. Gukurahundi upbringing

    So the opening session will be a gathering of exclusively Gukurahundis only? Yi Zimbabwe ngempela.

    Babenqinisile abadala mabethi, kukhona abantu okuthiwa baloywa ngabafayo. Kambe lithi iZimbabwe lilizwe labantu abaphilile ngengqondo?

    Kuhlala kudonselwana njalo njalo. Into yonke yenziwa ngenkani, akukho give and take. Akukho ukuhloniphana, yisigukurahundi kuphela.


  6. Opening speech????? Wat transpired


  8. Mwonzora you risk losing relevance by going Biti route. You think you are the first and last borns of intelligence in Zimbabwe and anything that doesn’t involve you or Biti is not legitimate or reasonable. Was Nikuv responsible for poor turnout at Sakubva.Was he responsible for you losing Mayoral seats in councils you dominate. The three by elections where you were hammered by Zanu pf was it Nikuv again. Is it Nikuv who is causing you to approach wrong courts and lose court battle after court battle. The problem is you are too much into anger mode and have opened up yourselves to school boy mistakes and DENIAL.

  9. PK Chigas uridofo thats why you are brain washed .Zimbabwe is not on sanctions. It is zanu members who are on sanctions not real sanctions but travel bans. They are banned from traveling to the western countries for human rights abuses and for not respecting the rule of law. We are sick and tired of them crying about those travel bans.

    1. Takeiteasy Marcaves

      PK is very intelligent than you. He knows the truth. Which travel bans are you talking about when our President is always there in America and tell them the truth. ZIDOFO NDIWE matibili.

  10. Takeiteasy ndiwe ndofo rekupedzisira .chinotimba is far better than you. You don’t even know the meaning of sanctions. U are too myopic. Mugabe took our country as his grandmother’s back. There’s a lot of people who can rule this country better than him but he is still clinging to power.

  11. Takeiteasy you lack basic education ,you have been brainwashed by zanu s propaganda and you are ignorant, that makes your reasoning so poor and shallow. Zanu pf elite are on travel ban that’s a fact. Zimbabwe is not on any economic sanctions . You know nothing dofo Mugabe is always in America, you think Singapore is America..

  12. @gukurahundi – your green machine is even worse than MDC-T. Your MDC is a one-policy party – devolution. That is all they ever talk about, nothing else. What was their reason for joining the silly unity government with ZanuPF? I know why MDC-T joined because Tsvangirai wanted to do an “apprenticeship” under Mugabe but as for Welshman what exactly were his reasons for doing so because he didn‘t do anything of note?
    Welshman and people like Priscilla are much to young to lead people like me who have followed politics since the 1940s. They are lied to by ZanuPF and just accept lies. For example, on the 19 June 2013 at a SAPES meeting Priscilla clashed with Chris Mutsvangwa. She was told lies by Mutsvangwa that, “ …MDCs of being ungrateful to Zanu PF which he said founded Zimbabwe following a lengthy liberation war against the country’s former white rulers”. Mutsvangwa went on to lie that, “We come from statecraft; practical statecraft of making nations which can make her (Misihairabwi-Mushonga) become a minister so that she is (brought into office) by a vote which we sought; which somebody called Rhodesia had taken away”. And that, “All we did in Zanu PF is to give you this country which has made you ministers. This country was stolen, we gave it back to you”.
    I would have told Mutsvangwa off because it was us the ordinary people who voted Zanu into power but MDC’s Priscilla had no answer to these 33-year old barefaced lies. ZanuPF’s Minister Olivia Muchena was a Minister in Muzorewa’s government before we voted Zanu into power in 1980. Priscilla, because of her age, doesn’t know that.
    Olivia Muchena will verify what I have stated is true.

  13. Gukurahundi upbringing

    Its the Rhodesians who founded Rhodesia, the country between the two rivers. Zimbabwe is just a name given to this same country just to make you feel better and included as black people.

    Which black person attended the Berlin conference where the borders of Africa were drawn? Please give us a break – that country was founded by whites; its the whites who drew those border that you now treat so sacrosanct – reality check.

    In fact, where it not for the refusal of Rhodesian whites, that country would have been joined as one with South Africa as was once suggested and you blacks would have had absolutely no say at all!!

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