Police nab kidnappers


KWEKWE — Police in Kwekwe on Monday arrested three family members who allegedly kidnapped a local businessman’s four-year-old daughter last week and released her two days later after the girl’s parents had paid them a $40 000 ransom.

By Blessed Mhlanga

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident which happened during a
United Family International Church service in Kwekwe on September 8 this year.

“I can confirm that police arrested the kidnappers, but I will have to get all the details from Kwekwe police. So you can get in touch with me later,” Mahoko said.

A source in the Criminal Investigations Department said the suspects — Andrew Musarurwa (23), Donny (17) and Rumbidzai Chimimba (20) — from Mbizo suburb were arrested on Monday during a police raid at their hideout in Bulawayo.  The trio is expected to appear in court soon. The kidnapped girl is a daughter of Kwekwe businessman Eden Muguti. The source said following interrogation, the gang revealed that they had hatched the plan after watching a movie involving kidnapers who got rich.

It is alleged that after kidnapping the minor, Musarurwa, who is married to Rumbidzai, took the girl to their house in Gokwe from where they later contacted Muguti demanding $40 000 ransom.

The Muguti family, following orders not to alert the police, then arranged to drop off the money along the Kwekwe-Mvuma Road on September 10. The girl’s mother Wonai dropped the ransom at the agreed point after which Rumbidzai picked the money, counted it and later dumped the girl at a fast food outlet in Kwekwe.

A top police detective who declined to be named said the suspects were arrested after they went on a spending spree, buying expensive household furniture and cars including a BMW and a Nissan Caravan within a short space of time.

Police said one of the suspects, Donny, was shot and injured in the leg after he allegedly attempted to flee from the scene. He has since been admitted at Kwekwe General Hospital where he is being treated under police guard.

“We recovered the household property which was bought using the loot and $10 000 in cash because the other
$30 000 had already been spent in just three days,” said the police source.


  1. kikikikiki tinodya minana tofema minana zvinhu zvedu minana tinobhadhara chegumi woda kutamba nesu ndozvataka namatirakaizvi mwari makatendeka thank u God of my

    • @mawhani

      It is indeed possible to spend 30 000Usd or even 300 000Usd in three days.It is mentioned in the story that they went on a buying spree of household furniture and cars. However, I am not saying that it is true that they had spent that much because I am no privy to that information, but it is possible.

  2. Our GOD neither sleeps nor slumbers. The kidnappers didn’t know that tinobuda nepanemadoors akavharwa.. This life Acts 5 vs 19-20.

  3. People should be mature enough to distinguish between acting and real life behavior. You cannot simply practice a certain behaviour because you have read about it from a novel and you were fascinated or that a gun was used in away that excited you. The punishment should be very deterrent enough to those who were contemplating the same. We cannot create such an environment.

  4. I admire such things. I like worshiping a God like this who takes swift action to deliver his people. This is a clear message to those who look down upon God and his anointed ones. If you dare God He will rip you apart

    • thank you Lord Jesus for this deliverance.You are Gracious to us and you are faithful.Though trials,tribulations and persecutions come,you are faithful to deliver us.No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper.

  5. Tiri vana veminana and our God answereth by fire, if you touch any one of us you will burn Thats the God of my father.

  6. all glory & honour to the GOD of Prophet Emmanuel & Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa. you do not play with this kind of anointing. prophecy fulfilled

  7. They should definately get life in prison with no probation or parole. The child must have been so afraid, and the parents so worried.

    Thanks God she was returned alive and that these socipathic criminals were caught. No mercy if they are guilty!

  8. Movie style ! This is shocking. They must be sent to prison for a long long time to send a message to would-be movie watchers

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