Police evict 300 Zanu PF farm invaders


MASVINGO — About 300 Zanu PF supporters who had invaded a farm near Masvingo town were last Friday left homeless after their makeshift houses were allegedly demolished by the police while scores others who resisted eviction were arrested.

Tatenda Chitagu

The invaders had moved onto Hungoidza Farm, about 45 kilometres along Masvingo-Mutare Road, after accusing fellow black farmers at the farm of under-utilising the land and being fronts for whites.

NewsDay visited the farm yesterday and found many families that had been evicted from the farm camped on the periphery of the property, where they are living in the open.

The families, most of whose children no longer go to school, however, vowed to stay put, saying they had nowhere else to go. They claimed to have voted for Zanu PF and could, therefore, not be treated in such a manner especially soon after the party’s resounding July 31 election victory.

“Even if they (police) burn our homes, we are not going anywhere. They even burnt all my belongings when I was away. It is better to be shot dead because it makes no difference. I have no option, I came here because I had no land to till,” said Prisca Chikomo, a widow who had relocated from Zaka under Chief Nyakunhuwa.

Some of the invaders said they had been on the farm since the beginning of the year.

Chikomo, who had yesterday set up a temporary shelter with fellow evictees, said they had been sleeping in the open since last Friday.

“We are exposed to the ravages of the weather. We are getting water for drinking from the river, while we use the bush to relieve ourselves. My kid has stopped going to school because I am afraid he will come back and find me displaced or arrested. Our livestock has strayed because of these disturbances,” Chikomo lamented, struggling to hold back tears.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero professed ignorance over the matter, saying he was yet to get the details.

“I have no comment at the moment. I am still to get the details and honestly I cannot comment over something which I am not privy to,” Zhanero said yesterday.

However, another victim, Kuitei Jerera, said armed police demolished their structures while they watched helplessly.

“I do not know whether we are still in Zimbabwe or not. They (police) came with guns and ordered us out and threw out our belongings. I am now old and I cannot go back to the hilly and rocky area of Bikita where I came from,” she said.

Masvingo provincial administrator Felix Chikovo, who is also the provincial lands committee chairman, recently said government would conduct a land audit to determine whether beneficiaries of the land reform were utilising the farms.

Chikovo said the farms would also be sub-divided to accommodate about 5 000 people who were on the land waiting list amid concerns that the province had run out of land for resettlement.


  1. Ahh he he he zhanu. Zhanga zhiri zhako zhazhangu. Kutotaura ne confidence kuti takavhotera zhanu. Manje vadzva. Maiti zvichasvikepi zhanu are short on delivery as proven by the last 33 years.

  2. Ndoinonzi rule of law manje.Thumps up vaChihuri.These people are not ZANU(PF) supporters,they are using party patronage to further their ill intentions.So you thought by voting zanu(pf) into power you will be voting for anarchy.I dont think that gentleman who was groomed by the British would allow such nuisance.

  3. kkkkkkkkkk ZANU PF haiitirwe dzungu. Mazvionaka kkkkkkkk yaa maifunga kuti kuZANU PF ndokunodiwa kusakwana. kwanai ndomessage manje. VaChihuri basa sebasa, mutemo semutemo vanhu vajaira. Rongeka kana urikudealer neZANU PF bvunzai vaTSvangirai vanokuudzai. ZANU PF haipaparikirwe zvaiva zvakare ikozvino kwakuuya zvitsva neZANU PF. Inga vaMugabe vakati kuumba Zimbabwe patsva Uwori kwete maiti kutamba. Hokoyo neZANU iweeeeee kkkkkkkkkk makanonoka kutora mapurazi maivepi kkkkkkkk musatisetsa zvedu. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Nguva yakwana. Uwori kure hokoyo kungoda uko nekumastands kkkkkkkkkkkkk Mdara ndizvo.

  4. another operation murambatsvina, why do they just remove people without finding alternative accomodation, it is them who actually put these people there for political expediency and now that they have finished using them they chuck them away

  5. ndozvinoita zpf izvozvo makaura ndokurohwa kwataitwa ne mapurisa ezpf chimbonyatsonzwai kuti zvinorwadza sei muchatsvukira

  6. “They claimed to have voted for Zanu PF and could, therefore, not be treated in such a manner”

    Voting Zanu is no ticket to lawlessness. Batai vanhu

  7. Are these people correct and zpf wrong? No, these people are wrong and there is no need to involve zpf here. We dont want people wanoshandisa musangano pasipo. Where zpf is wrong is their land reform which benefited them and their wives and children only. Robert, Grace, Bonna, Robert(jnr), Chatunga, Vana vaGrace vemusango 2 to make a family of 7. They have 8 farms. Ngavapewo vamwe minda iyi. Gushungo, Mwenewazvo, Highfield farm, imwe yepa mazowe iya, yekubanket iya, wekunorton, vekunyabira nevekwazvimba.

  8. Where are the NGOs, go and defend the people’s rights. These people can not be moved unless they are provided an alternative place to go. Where are you NGOs just because they claim to have voted for Zanu PF does not mean you can’t defend for their rights. Hmmmm NGOs are one sided

  9. Voting Zanu pf dopesnt grant people the liecence kuita madiro aJojina.Zanu pf ine vanhu varicivilised kwete nhubhu.I wld say good job well done to honourable Mr commissioner.rova dhongi newaya ndivovarikushatisa zita reparty ava.

  10. Our President is singing the song of resuscitating the economy and yet some idiots are still invading. Vana Forbes Magadu vakainvader Cow Bird Fram ine tannery wani apa matsaga ave kukwachura kwachura maparts emichina. The white guy chose to locate the tannery there because he wanted to provide employment to the Concession community and develop it. Where is the logic? I am fully behind Zanu PF but some of the goings on defy logic. H.E. should intervene; these people have always dragged his name into the mud.

  11. Vanoti havana kwokuenda, vakambobvepi vachiuya pa-Hungoidza Farm. Ngava dzokere kwavakabva, full stop.

    Voting Zanu is no ticket to lawlessness, ndovanhu vano shatisa party yedu.

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