Perform or be fired: Mugabe


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday said he is confident of his choice of Cabinet ministers which he said was based on provincial representation and the length of service in his party, Zanu PF.


He said he expected those chosen to deliver and put the interests of the people first, to improve their livelihoods, adding that non-performers would be fired.

Speaking to journalists at State House in Harare after the swearing-in ceremony for ministers, their deputies and provincial ministers, Mugabe admitted that corruption was a scourge in government, but said he could not punish individuals on the basis of unproven allegations.

“People expect me to act on corruption. They say so-and-so has emerged rich, has bought houses and is corrupt, without proving it. People are clever these days; they would say we took loans to acquire these properties. So how do you prove they stole? So the onus to prove this is on you the people that deal with them in these corrupt activities to come and tell me. We cannot victimise people because there is an appearance of a person prospering,” Mugabe said.

Back on the composition of his Cabinet,Mugabe said: “I am glad we have a team (of ministers) full of youngsters who will tomorrow, take over from us as long as they put the interests of people first.”

The new Cabinet comprises all old members who were either ministers or deputies in Mugabe’s previous governments with some having served from as early as 1980 when the country attained independence.

The President said he would have considered including the main opposition MDC-T for Cabinet positions, but could not do so because the party’s leader Morgan Tsvangirai had made public statements refusing to be part of his government.

Mugabe said his team would have a challenge to deal with the revival of the mining sector, agriculture and industry as well as the provision of basic services such as health, education, and infrastructural development.

Asked if his choice of Francis Nhema for the Indigenisation ministry, a man viewed as reserved and not so outspoken as compared to his predecessor, Saviour Kasukuwere, would not compromise the push for indigenisation, Mugabe said a book could not be judged by its cover.

“Nhema is an introvert, Kasukuwere is an extrovert, but don’t think that the one who talks a lot is the one who performs a lot. We expect all ministers to deliver. If the introvert goes to sleep, we chase him away,” Mugabe said.

The veteran leader said government would form mining joint ventures with foreign investors as long as they complied with the indigenisation policy. Government’s contribution, he said, would be the resources under the ground.

“We cannot be cheated any longer,” Mugabe said. “Our resources matter much more than their sophisticated equipment. Our contribution is what we have (underground). We have refused to add more capital. Digging does not make one the owner of the resources underground. Our resources are a possession that we would pass on as a legacy to future generations until Armageddon. We cannot deprive those future generations of what they are entitled by nature.”

Mugabe said the solution to keep the country’s economy afloat in the face of sanctions was hard work.

“Zimbabwe must just make progress. Sanctions, yes, we know they are there, but we must teach those sanctions people that no, Zimbabwe will never fall,” Mugabe said. “Yes, sanctions can be a predicament on us (but) we will find ways to make progress and we have other friends who really would want to work with us.”


  1. Zanu pf has proved beyond any
    reasonable doubt that they have
    absolutely nothing to offer and they
    are clueless and desperate.These
    guys are there to persue their own
    personal,political and selfish interests at the expense of the
    majority of Zimbabweans.The fact
    that they have recycled mentally
    retarded,, phsycologically exhausted
    and interllectually bankrupt
    individuals who are responsible for plunging our once promising
    country into economic quargmire
    clearly reveals the extend at which
    these Nikuv baked election victors
    are clueless.The most essential
    resource to any country or organisation be it publicly or
    privately owned is its human
    resource because this is where the
    issues of competency, proficiency
    and intergrity are taken into
    account. I have once mentioned how it boggles one’s mind that the
    real individuals who are gifted with
    the brains and the ability to craft
    and implement turnaround
    strategies for our country are
    relegated to the political terraces by a rigged election while the masters
    of corruption and neportisim are
    placed at the forefront.This cabinet
    does not have what it takes to
    restore our country to its place of
    pride as one of the giant economies in Southern Africa.This cabinet is
    presided over by the very same old
    men who are the chief culprits in
    relegating our country into being
    one of the poorest economies in the
    world. Somebody once said a problem cannot be solved by the
    very same mentallity that created
    it.To all those who voted for them
    and those who participated in
    rigging,,economic meltdown is fast
    approaching!!! You rip what you sow. Ungadyara mhepo unokohwa
    chamupupuri… Good morning

  2. This is an illegitimate regime which stole elections. Nothing will ever change that. Shameless crooks. Trying to bribe MDcs to accept the election fraud in return for cabinet positions. Zvinonyadzisa.

  3. Yes, your contribution to mining investments is underground, but you don’t even know how much of those resources are underground. It is the same foreign investor you are attacking who tells you how much is underground, because you lack both capital and knowledge to quantify the underground resource that you claim is yours. This is laughable indeed!

  4. Which friends? What have the Chinese done since the adoption of the look east policy? If looking West makes one (Morgan) a puppet, looking east makes you both a puppet and an IDIOT because nothing comes from the east other than short pple with funny faces. You looked west for the first 19 years and got economic support and registered growth. They withdrew support because of silly policies then u call the withdrawal “illegal sanctions”. Why call for the reversal of sanctions by the west when you are so stiff necked that u can’t look west? Truth is the west controls the global economy and you know it. Stop trash talking them and save this country from total collapse because this KANGAROO CABINET won’t take us anywhere without capital.

    • The Chinese are the source of Capital to Africa, even USA woes them 3,4trillion. Wake up to reality. What did the West bring over the last 13yrs? Sanctions off-course.

      • The USA owes China $3.4 T?. Fine. BUT how much does Zim owe China? I’m talking about Zimbabwe bro. To me reality means Zimbabwe. U have the figures so tell us how much is set for capital expenditure bcoz the gvt was failing to pay its own workers decent salaries last time I checked (2 minutes ago).IHow are they going to fund capital projects if they can’t even pay salaries which currently chew 70% of revenue? Also tell us how much Zim owes the West bcoz I’m told we have been failing to service the loans from the west. Why should they continue to give money to pple who can’t pay pedzezvo vorasa muromo. MaChina enyu iwayo akaitei mu 13 years dzauri kutaura??????? Pindura ipapo.

      • Pastsmats you are a joke. Yhe reason China lends the USA some money is simple enough even to a moron – they can gwt it back. China indeed lrnds money to countless countries but very little to Zim coz we can’t pay back. And by the way, the reason the Breton Wood institutions stopped lending to Zim since 1998 is that we defaulted on our loans.

  5. What is the difference between this cabinet and the then 2007 cabinet? They look the same, the mentality of self enrichment prevails, no effort has been taken to srub it off. ‘No accountability because of sanctions’ will very soon become the national anthem. As long as the national vision does not change nothing is gona change. Mwari ndivovanotichengeta, vakatichengeta, vanotichengeta and vacharamba vachitichengeta till judgement day, let’s not pin our hopes on these mortals who can desipate like mist anytime. Makorokoto vakapinda basa!

  6. karekare varoi taivanzwa nezvavo mungano,ikozvino vaakudonhedzwa ne maspiritual anti air,zvichireva kuti chinhu chese chakaipa chinoitwa pasi pano chine nguva yachinozobuda pachena.Evil will never triumph over good,the bright truth will shine upon the dark falsehood one day.

  7. The same cabinet that presided on 2008 genocide is back in office, Jonah to finish off what little space of democracy was left, now he can introduce draconian laws worse than posa, he can write more jingles for zbc/tv, talk of Chinamasa, now instead of foaming at the mouth when trying to defend the undefendable he can now even vomit vernom everyday and blame it on the west. The new cabinet is a recycled dead wood that would not add value to any institution let alone an ailing country. Retarded and incompetent minds have been brought for their patronage.

  8. “Nhema is an introvert, Kasukuwere is an extrovert, but don’t think that the one who talks a lot is the one who performs a lot. We expect all ministers to deliver. If the introvert goes to sleep, we chase him away,” Mugabe said.

    Mupfanha atukwa uyu.

  9. This is new old cabinet led by an equally new old president. If it was a football club it would like employing Bob lines to coach a team and recruits Moses Chunga, George Shaya, Shacky Tauro Brenna Msiska, Ephraim Chawanda, Mawiwi, etc and expect that team to beat e current Spanish national team. How many times have fired corrupt ministers? Only recently his police arrested ZACC officials for daring to investigate Kasukuwere, Goche and Chombo so how does he hope to get e evidence. He told e whole world that Thabo Mbeki named ministers who are using his name to bribe SA businespple who want to invest here but nothing was done to those ministers, not even a commission of enquiry was set to investigate them. Saka sure vanoba vese that’s y no action

  10. Mugabe says we must prove corruption before he can act?? Firstly Mr President you are the employer if you had a system in place to monitor these people you employee it would be very easy to see who is corrupt.
    MR President you are the one who is asleep they are stealing left right and centre under your nose, or is it the fact that you are turning a blind eye because you are so busy stealing yourself??

  11. Here is one example,if mr Pasi from Zimra is to be investigated Zimbabweans would get a shock of their lives how sly this man is,quietly ripping the country don’t judge a book by its cover.

  12. The ministries given to Shamu and Langa deserved those who are still young and able to run around.Look at what Chamisa did when he was in the ICT ministry.Computers,laptops and cellphones flooded the market thus becoming affordable.Langa is too old to head the Sports ministry.That ministry requires someone with a wide knowledge of various sporting disciplines and who still has the energy to run around.

    • I remember Obert claiming he got a $2million loan from Cbz akaispina thats why he is so rich. Its impossible to spin US$ that way.
      It would be a record and business schools around the world would clamour for his case study.

  13. To Rigger Robert,
    Can you just SHUT UP and start implementing some of your election promises, just one being economic recovery.
    As far as firing MP’s who fall asleep on the job, ie non-performers, if anyone should be fired right now, it should be you! Look in the mirror and you will see Zimbabwe’s No 1 NON PERFORMER!
    Too much noise and ZERO action.

  14. zimbabweans should wake up and smell the coffee, politicans are there for self interest, lool at tsvangirai he is getting a big fat mansion and many cars as a former minister.

  15. How can the world’s most incompetent President without even a national currency be expected to choose a competent cabinet? He admits he is a certified idiot when after 33 yrs of uninterrupted rule he
    has no system in place to prove corruption. Does this dinosaur even understand what his job is?

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